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For Your total usa order, we have a $5.00 minimum (before shipping is added); $10.00 minimum for internation order.  Thank you.

Vintage leather bound baby book -- 1922!  Wonderful,colorful drawings of children on each page.  Written in information about family children, along with actual photos, information for mothers on how to care for their children..lots of advice to mothers, drawings by children in photographs..just wonderful!
  $20.00     #02C-VN

Antique picture in antique frame.  Inset looks like real gold..not sure if it is.  Wooden frame and back looks like leather.  Measures:  2 7/8" tall x
2 3/8" wide.   
$7.99   #02B-VN
Wonderful vintage picture framed in vintage gold leaf oval frame.  Total measurement:
 3 1/4" x 4 1/2".   (Have 1)
$24.99    #02d-VN
Boy baby doll, Renwald #8
Part of a family set for a 1960's dollhouse.  He measures:  2-1/4" tall.  Arms and legs move, but not the head.   Plastic.  (Have 1)
$5.99   #10C-VN
Chalk Doll is in perfect condition.  She is adorable with her elbows braced on her knees!  I saw her at a doll show and she just had
to come home with me.
Eight inches tall (8").  
(Have 1)
$39.00   #10E-VN

Front of a page from an old catalog.
Back of the above page from an old catalog.  Page is preserved in sewn plastic.
Plastic could be easily removed.  Page measures:
7-7/8" wide x 10-3/4" long.     (Have 1)
$1.99     #09A-VN
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Vintage Pocket  
(Have 1)
$14.99   #10D-VN
Clown Music Box.  Good working order!  Plays "Bring in the Clowns"
$10.99   #09J-VN
Pair of Porcelain Angels
Angel playing horns is
five inches (5") tall;
angel playing strung instrument is four inches (4")
tall.  (Only have 1 set)
$6.99    #09C-GF
How cute are these little
vintage doll ornaments!
Molded hard plastic, I think.
So unique!  Each is 3-1/2" tall.   (Only have this set)
$4.99     #09E-VN
Front of a page from The Designer, March, 1911.
Back of the above vintage page.  It is preserved in sewn plastic. Plastic could be easily removed.  Page measures:
10-1/2" wide x 15-1/4" long.  
(Have 1)
$1.99     #09F-VN
A page from the Picturial Review, August, 1922
Back of the above vintage page.  It is preserved in sewn plastic. Plastic could be easily removed.  Page measures:  10-1/4" wide x
15-1/8" long.
(Have 1)
#1.99     #09G-VN
A page from The Designer,
March, 1911.
Back of the above vintage page.  It is preserved in sewn plastic. Plastic could be easily removed.  Page measures:  10-1/4" wide x
15-1/8" long.11-1/8" wide x
`16" long.         (Have 1)
$1.99    #09H-VN
disney dinnerwareDisney Dinnerware Set for 4
Plastic dishes, cups and saucers, sugar & creamer, tea pot with lid, spoons, forks and knives.  Thirty piece set comes to you in
16" wide x 16" tall see-thru
box.  Would be a thrill for any little girl to have.
Cups are 2" tall.  
(Have 1 set)
$19.99     #05B-GF
3 3/8" Brass key holder has three holders for keys.  Very cute!  (Have 1)
$4.99   #05BB-VN
clutch purse
Clutch purse.  Made in Japan. Faux pearl and glass beaded clutch purse. Five rhinestones across top.   5" tall x 8 1/4" wide.
Nothing missing.  Great condition!   
back of clutch purse
Back of clutch purse
clutch purse
Clutch purse open
$17.99    #05C-VN
sewing bird clamp
Sewing bird clamp.  Use as a third hand!  Clamp it to a table and you have extra help at hand!  You also have a pincushion!  Brass.  Measurement:  4 1/2" wide x 8" tall.  
$19.99    #05CC-VN
bridal couple
Cake topper, bridal couple, is 4 1/4" tall x approximately
3 1/2" wide and 2" thick.
Adorable!  (Have 1)
$3.99   #06A-GF
Camera has made this look
golden.  Outer matting is cream/off white.  Inner matting is gold.  Hard print is
wonderful!  Print size
(shown in matting) is
4-3/4" tall  x  6-3/4" wide.
(Have 1)
$4.99     #06B-GF
Vintage Shoe Pincushion made in Japan.  4-1/4" long x 1-7/8" tall.   Either bone china or porcelain?  Tatting not included.   (Have 1)
$5.99     #06C-VN

Adorable print of girl with her 3 kittens and one dog.
Its back is wood.  Displayed
on silver tone unique heart
shaped frame.  Print is
5" x 7".  Frame is 7-1/4" x
6-3/4".    (Have 1)
$12.99      #04A-VN
Celluloid Doll
5" tall.  Head and arms move.  Legs do not move.
Eyes open and shut.  Silk,
or silk-like, clothing.  
$7.99   #06B-VN
Vintage child angel on half moon.  2-3/8" tall x 2-1/4" wide.  Hard plastic.  Looks Italian to me?  Unique.
  $3.99      #04B-VN
Set of vintage black suede bow shoe clips.  3-3/8"
long x 1-1/4" tall.  
  (Have 1 set as shown)
$1.99      #05A-VN
Porcelain pig dish scratcher holder.  Approximately 8" long x approximately 4" tall.
(Have 1)
$3.99       #04C-GF
Celluloid Doll
4-3/4" tall.  Arms and legs
move.  Black felt clothing,
white sleeveless shirt and
red felt cumberbun.
Eyes do not open and close.
(Have 1)
$7.99     #06A-VN
Card Holder
This is truly adorable!
7.5 inch (19.0cm)
Wooly fleece, rick rack, embroidered eyes, cheeks and mouth.   (Have 1)
$2.99     #03A-GF
Little Miss Muffet by Maude Humphrey (Bogart) hanging picture with sheer ribbon.  You could hang as is, or framed.  Print is on heavy cardboard material.  Very nice.  (Have 1)
$2.99      #03B-GF
Set of 10" Long  Wooden Rolling Pin Recipe Holder
with 20 Recipe Cards.
This is really cute!  In photo holder is holding one of the  lined recipe cards.  New.  Comes with shown box.
Camera caught light on rolling pin.  It doesn't have a flaw.  Also, lines on cards are solid.  (Have 1)
   $2.99      #03C-GF
maxine ornament     
Maxine ornament!  She and her dog hold a sign..."This is as merry as I get".  Holds a peppermint stick in one hand.  3 1/2" tall x 2 3/8" wide.   (Have 1)
$2.99    #04B-VN
Cat Pitcher was made in Japan.  So cute!  Approximately 3" tall.  
Photo does not do this piece justice.     (Have 1)
$7.99    #04D-VN
Gift Sack with cute picture and gift tag.  Measures:
4" wide x 5-3/4" tall.  Glossy finish.  (Have 1)
$1.49    #10B-GF
Beautifully done ornament topped with 4 kneeling and praying angels.  Trimmed with tiny pinned pearls and gold foiled designs.  Larger pearls and gold tone chains at the bottom.  No hanger.  From top of angels to bottom of red ball (syrofoam covered in something red?)
the measurement is approximately 4-3/4" tall.
(Have 1)
$4.99      #04A-VN
brass frame
In box, solid brass double heart frame measures
1-5/8" tall x 2-5/8".
(Have 1)
$0.99    #05A-GF
brass pieces
  Brass pieces.
$2.25   #05B-GF
This is really nice!  Can be a cross body or shoulder purse with it's matching coin purse.  Both are lined.  Strap is approximately 44" long.  I don't know the name of the texture of the black purse..looks like crocheted cording?  Very nice.  Purse is 7-1/4" tall x 7" wide.  Coin purse is 3-1/2" with zipper closure.   (Have 1 set)
$14.99     #04C-VN
Angel Trinket Box.  Approximately 2-3/4" tall with lid on box.  Porcelain.
(Have 1)
$2.99   #04E-VN

Metal Rocking Horse
2-5/8" tall  x  3" wide
Pencil Sharpener (Have 1)
$7.99     #01-VN

Coca-Cola Tin Pencil Sharpener.  Tin opens.
Excellent condition.
5-3/4" tall x 1-7/8" wide.
(Have 1)
$3.99     #05DD-GF
Humpty Dumpty Teapot
How cute is this!!!!
Spots on hat are only reflections from my photography light.  Perfect condition.  Cap removes.
Approximately 7" tall x
8" across.  Approximately
4" deep.  
$12.99      #02-GF
Old Hair Comb  (Have 1)
$0.99     #02A-VN
China Basket measures
2-3/4" tall  x  2-3/8" wide.
Made in Japan.
(Have 1)
$2.49       #03-VN
Past adorable kitten!  
It has a hanger to be used or not.  It is like the old blown glass ornaments.  I don't know if it is glass but I don't know.  May be plastic?  I just bought because I couldn't leave it behind!  Wears a beautiful collar that makes it appear like the dark lace is filled with rhinestones to match its bow and nose!  Measurement:  5 inches tall x approximately 4" long.
(Have 1)
$7.99   #03AA-GF
picture frame
Metal picture frame is
5" tall x 4" wide.  Nice picture of train included.  New, but made to look antique.  2 3/4" x  2 7/8" opening for picture.  (Have 1)
 $2.99      #04-GF
Movie Buff Trophy
Plastic and is 6-1/8" tall.
(Have several)
$0.99 each      
oriental bowl
Small Oriental Bowl.
3-3/8" tall x 4" wide.
Very nice.   (Have 1)
$2.99   #06-VN

thread caddy
Thread Caddy
Wonderful Thread Caddy.  
Works like a ferris wheel!
It is in perfect condition.
Includes 19 wooden spools of thread. Measurement is:
 8" long x 6-1/4" tall x 4" deep.  Old Plastic or Celluloid? (Have 1)
$24.99   #07-VN

wooden box
Vintage Wooden Box
There is correspondence inside of box with the date 1924.  This wooden box is a real find! The same design on the outside of the lid is on the inside of the
lid!  Perfect condition with the exception of a chip on edge.  You do not notice until the lid is opened and you can see it on the right edge.  I don't know if this is a handkerchief box?  
13-3/8" long x 6-1/8"
wide x 1-1/4" deep.
(Have 1)
$24.99   #08-VN
rocking horse
Adorable vintage rocking horse.  Plastic or celluloid?
Measurement:  3" long x
2-1/4" tall.  Also, shown in miniatures.  (Have 1)
$9.99  EA.  #09-VN

rocking horse
3 1/8" x 5" metal rocking horse ornament.  (Have 1)
$2.25    #10-GF
Really sweet chalk doll.  In
her lifted skirt she holds
flowers, exposing her ruffled
sleep.  Doll stands approximately 9" tall.  1920's!   (Have 1)
$19.99     #11A-VN
Vintage plastic doll made in Japan.  1950's or older.  
2-3/8" tall.  Wears silk clothing and a silk bow on her head.  (Have 1)
 $4.99   15A-VN
Japanese Doll.  Very cute.  On the bottom is printed, "Japan".  4-1/4" tall.  
$3.99       #11-VN
Japanese Doll is 4-1/4" tall.
She is either china or porcelain. I can't tell.  All I know is that she is very cute.  On the bottom is printed, "Japan".        (Have 1)
$2.99     #12A-VN
Red beaded purse measures 6-3/4" tall x 5-3/8" wide.  Beads are black, green, pink, blue, yellow, orange.
(Have 1)
$7.99    #14A-VN
draw string purse
Draw string purse.  Pink and green.  
$29.00   #12-VN
cat shakers
Adorable cat shakers!
Set of salt and pepper shakers. They stand 5
 inches tall.  Did have voice boxes that worked..they are there, but don't work.  These are clay --collectible.
 (Have 1 set)
$29.99   #13A-VN
draw string purse
Draw string purse.  Brown and peach.
$24.99      #13-VN
Winnie the Pooh Plush Slap Bracelet. Lavender velvet.  Disney's Winnie the Pooh.  
Embroidered on bracelet is "Sweet Stuff".  Very cute.  (Have 1)
 $2.99     #14-GF
Porcelain white and black
salt and pepper shakers.
Each little pig has a molded
pink bow.  Pigs are not connected.  Just have one
leaning on the other.  
Very cute!
(Have this one set)
$3.99     #15-GF
Fishing buddies --Bear with his cat.  On figurine is printed, " It's the company
we keep, not how many fish we catch".  Has fish on line, worms in a can and cute cat looking on.  Resin.  4-5/8" tall.  4-3/8" wide and 3-3/8" deep.    
$2.99       #17-GF
beaded flower
Beautiful vintage beaded
flower - 4" x 3 1/2" across
flower head.  7 1/2" wire
stem covered in green floral
tape and partially
covered in green beads.
Green beaded leaves.  
$5.99  #19-VN
celluloid box
Wonderful vintage hinged
soft tone of yellow -- plastic, or celluloid, square box with painted beautiful yellow roses and greenery.  Could be used for your pins, needles, etc.  Measures 4" x 4" x  2  1/2" deep.
$8.99   #18-VN

 avon bell
3" tall adorable
 Avon Bell.  Mother and child.
Inside is dated:  1988   
(Have 1)
Another Avon Bell Doll is
shown in the Doll Section of this website...
$6.99    #18A-GF
Black velveteen clutch bag
Real gold and silver threads.  
Snap closure.  Great condition!  
    $10.99     #18B-VN
vintage glove
Single Vintage Black Glove.  
Perfect condition.
See close-up ....
black glove
Close-up of single black glove.
$5.99    #18C-VN
 Three angelic children - one with songbook, another holding a star and the 3rd holding a lantern.  Holds
3 golden candles.  
5" tall x 5" wide
Candles are 2-3/4" tall.  
(candles not in measurement)   
(Have 1)
 $5.99   #48B-GF
vintage angel
Vintage Angel.  Stands 4-1/4"
tall.  Plastic or Celluloid.
(Have 1)
$4.99   #18D-VN
angel bells
These are fantastic!
Four Porcelain angel bells!
4" tall angel holding the
initial N and gold bells.  
3-3/4" tall angel
holding the initial O.
3" tall angel holding the
initial E and a gold star.
2-1/2" tall angel holding
the initial L.  
(Have this 1 set only)
Will also be shown in the Vintage section of website.
Also shown in Holiday Miniatures.
$29.00    #48E-VN   
4-1/4" tall Doll made in Japan.  Little boy with his book under one arm.  He is holding
possibly a pencil in his other hand.  His hair at
the back of his head is in a bowed low pony tail.  He is either china or porcelain?  Nice.       (Have 1)
$2.99      #48F-VN
Round tin.  Lid is shown.
Boy with rabbit
$2.25    #48H-GF
Made in Japan, hand carved and painted wagon drawn by a horse.  Celluloid man and woman sit on wagon bench. Wheels roll.  Wagon is 2" tall x 2-3/4" long.  Horse is 1-5/8" tall x 2" long.  Stamped on bottom that it was made in Japan.  Very cute!   (Have 1)
   $4.99       #48G-VN


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