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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

sheer ribbon
Sheer 1/2" red with gold
edging ribbon
Have two pieces.  In one
piece is 2 yds., 27".  In the other
piece is 8 yds., 8".  
$0.99 Per yd.
embroidered cotton ribbon
Five yds. of machine embroidered red, white and blue 1/4" wide cotton ribbon.
$0.99 Per yd.
corded trim
4 yds. of 70% rayon, 25% acrylic and 5% polyester
red and white corded trim.
Looks like peppermint.
$0.99 per yd.
3/8" Wide decorative ribbon
(3 yards available)
$0.99 Each Yard   #96-RB
satin ribbon
1/16" red satin ribbon
$0.29 per yd.
grosgrain ribbon
1 yard, 28"   x   3/8" Grosgrain
All for $2.99
satin ribbon
1/8" red satin ribbon
$0.29 per yd.
satin ribbon
1/8" black satin ribbon
$0.29 per yd.
metallic ribbon
 1/8" Gold and red metallic ribbon.  Described as jeweled.
(9 yards available)
$1.25 per yard
velvet ribbon
3/16" brown velvet  ribbon.
(Have 1-1/2 yds.)
$1.50 Per Yd.
nylon ribbon
White 3/4" nylon ribbon
"Minuet" - Ribbon with tiny
flowers.  Flowers could be cutaway if you wanted to use them separately.
 $1.49 EA. YD.
minuet ribbon
Pink 3/4" nylon ribbon
"Minuet" - Ribbon with tiny flowers.  Flowers could be cut away if you wanted to use them separately.
 $1.49 Ea. Yd.
metallic gimp
3/16"" wide gold gimp
48% cotton, 32% metallic
yarn, 20% polyester.
(Several yards available)
$1.49 Ea. Yd.
woven trim
3/8" wide red and white woven trim.  
(Eight yards available.)
$0.79 Per Yd.  
fun fur
 Violet #4392  "FUN FUR" - an
easy to use novelty eyelash yarn.
Lion Brand Yarn.  64 yds.
$4.99   #16E-RB
embroidered ribbon
9 yds, 33" x  1/2"of cotton
embroidered ribbon
EA. YD.  $1.75  
Metallic gold with red centers.  Measures:  3/8" wide.  (4 yards available.)
$0.99 Each Yard

narrow ribbon
Narrow reddish orange, yellow and torquoise 1/8" (3.17 mm) ribbon.
(2 yards available)
$0.89 Per Yard
plaid ribbon
3/8" (9mm) polyester red
 and green plaid ribbon.  
Feels like cotton.
(3 yards available)
$0.89 Per Yard
Set of 3/8" tall x 1" at widest width white sheer bows
with floral centers.  Color of centers:  Mint Green and Pink. In the center of each bow is a small clear bead.
(Have 1 set)
 $0.49     #165-rb
cotton ribbon
1- 1/2 yards of 1'2" wide
embroidered cotton ribbon
$2.25     #166-RB
White "Allure" Yarn.  So soft!
100% nylon.
2 Yds. for $0.79

antique metallic trim
3 yards of antique gold
 very nice 1/8"
Metallic trim.
$0.99 per yd.
metallic ribbon
 1/8" gold  metallic ribbon.    
(I have 95 yds. of this.)
$0.49   Per  yd.
sheer ribbon
5/8" sheer white ribbon
(Have 10 yds.)
$0.89 Per yd.
1/8" pink polyester ribbon
(Have 58 yds.)
$0.29 per yd.
sheer ribbon
3/8" sheer pink ribbon
(Have 15 yds.)
$0.79 per yd.
polyester ribbon
1/8" blue polyester ribbon
(Have 50 yds.)
$0.29  per yd. #168A-RB
1/4" pink polyester ribbon
(Have 19 yds.)
$0.29 per yd.  #168B-RB
1/4" blue polyester ribbon
(Have 50 yds)
$0.29 per yd.
Three 1/2" Embroidered Appliques     (Have 1 set)
$0.75    #168d-RB
1/16" Rattail in the color of
Old Gold.  
(Have several yards).
$0.59 Per Yd.
Three 1/2" Embroidered Appliques     (Have 1 set)
$0.75   #168F-RB
metallic trim
3/8" wide gold metallic trim
(Several yards  available)
$1.25  EA. Yard
polka dot ribbon
3/8" Sheer lavender polka dot
ribbon.  Very pretty.
(Have 5 yards)
$0.79 EA. Yard
metallic ribbon
A package of two silver  1/4" wide metallic ribbon bows with gold metallic ribbon roses in the center.  Three silver 1/8" wide metallic ribbon bows.
Two silver  3/8" wide metallic
ribbon  3/4" bows with a mock pearl in the center of each.   (Have 4 packages)
$2.25 EA package
1/8" Flat Silver Braid
(Have 10 yards)
$0.29 Ea. Yard

Set of 3/16" Tiny Buds
Color of Buds:  Pink, Blue, White, Lavender and Rusty Red.   (Have 5 sets)
$0.89 Ea. Set
7/16" (near 1/2") Machine Embroidered Heart Ribbon
(4 yards available)
$1.25 Ea. Yd.
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