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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

bears pattern
Tea-dyed folk bears in two sizes:  16" and 23".  Clothing
patterns included.  
$6.99   #239-DP
santa pillow
Cross stitch Santa pillow pattern - Approximate sizes:
Santa, 3-3/8" wide  x 4-5/8" high.  Strawberry border,
1-1/3" wide  x  5-5/8" high.
 $7.99   #240-DP
boy and girl dolls
16" Easy to Make
Boy and Girl Dolls
with their clothing.
$8.99   #241-DP

31" bear, dress, hats and jackets.  (Have 1)
$6.99   #242-DP
teddy bear
12" Teddy Bear and Clothes
(Dresses, butterfly net, apron, headband and bow, skirt and  bonnet.  (Have 1)
$5.99    #243-DP
Raggedy and her Goose
Raggedy is approximately twenty-seven (27" tall).
Goose is approximately
3" tall x 5-1/2" wide.
$8.99   #244-DP
Pattern for Bears
$5.99   #245-DP
historical bear
Historical Bear and Clothes.
Bear is 13" tall.  Clothes:
Tunic and hat, shirt, knickers and hat.  Shirt and collar, knickers, dress and hat;
another dress.  (Have 1)
$6.99   #246-DP
flower pot dolls
Flower Pot Dolls
Ghost, Teacher, Turkey Reindeer.  These are very cute.  McCall's Pattern.
(Have 1)
$8.99        #247-DP
santa and goose pattern
Santa sitting on bike, holding
a goose.  26" Santa with Christmas Goose.  (Have 1)
 $3.99    #248-DP
cat and kittens
12-1/2" tall cat and 3 kittens.
$6.99   #249-DP
McCall's doll clothes pattern
for 18" dolls.  Robe, shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, tights, jumper, overalls, jacket, coat, hat AND dog.
(Have 1)
$7.99      #250-DP
McCall's twenty-three (23")
inch cloth dolls with clothing.
$9.99   #251-DP

Miss Daffodil.  Crochet a floral outfit for a 13" Music Box Doll, or a spray can cover using an 8" Pillow Doll.
$9.99   #252-DP

Stuffed 18" (46cm) pig dolls in really cute clothes.  Even
clothing for a bridal gown and bridal tucks!
$9.99      #253-DP
victorian crochet doll clothing
Crochet a lovely Victorian outfit to use with an 8" Pillow Doll or a 13" Music Box Doll.    (Have 1)
$9.99   #254-DP
crochet pattern for dolls
Miss Violet.  Sew a floral outfit for a 13" Music Box Doll, or a lingerie bag using an 8" Pillow Doll.
 (Have 1)
$5.99   #255-DP
crochet pattern
Miss Lily.  Crochet a floral outfit for a 13" Music Box Doll, or a cover for a spare roll of tissue using an 8" Pillow Doll.  (Have 1)
$9.99   #256-DP
scarecrow bunnies
21" and 24" Scarecrow Bunnies and Clothing.
(Have 1)
$3.99     #257-DP
Aunt Martha's hot iron transfers for lovely foursome Pillow Slips.  Each design good for several stampings.  For  embroidery, fabric painting, quilting, wearable art, needlepoint and other crafts.  
$2.79      #258-DP
Simplicity pattern  for
stuffed toys.  14" (35.5cm) long whale, 11-1/2" (29cm) high pelican, 12" (30.5cm) goose, 7" (18cm) high turtle.
(Have 1)
 $5.99      #259-DP
cross stitch alphabet
Aunt Martha's Cross Stitch Alphabet Transfers.  Also, numbers.  Aunt Martha Hot Iron Transfers.  Each design good for several stampings!  For Embroidery, fabric painting, quilting, wearable art, needlepoint and other crafts.      (Have 2)
$2.79  Ea.   #260-DP
McCall's Old World Santas
21" Tall.  Four variations.
(Have 1)
$7.99      #261-DP

McCall's Santa and Elves.
(Have 1)
$10.99     #262-DP

curtain pattern
Curtain pattern.  Cascade valance with contrast back, Fishtail valance with trim and rosettes, Double or triple cascade valance with contrast back.  Regal valance.  (Have 1)
$6.99   #263-DP
ducks pattern
Pattern for dressed duck dolls...The cutest quackers you will ever meet!  They are 12inches (30 cm) tall and come complete with clothes.
(Have 1)  
$4.99   #264-DP
waverly window treatments
Easty to do Waverly window treatments:  Valance, Jabot and Curtains.  (Have 1)
$6.99   #265-DP

  spanky's gang
Butterick's Spanky's Gang..
Patterns and instructions for four 12" (30.5cm) tall animal dolls with dried bean or doll bead filled bodies and fiber filled head and limbs.  Pig,
Bear, Bunny and Cow.
(Have 1)
$6.99       #266-DP
38" doll, a wreath and a wall hanging!  How cute are
these scarecrows!
$8.99      #267-DP
Flower Pot Pals:  Chick, Bunny, Granny and Kitten.
(Have 1)
$7.99    #268-DP

Aunt Martha Hot Iron Transfers for Baby Blanket.  18" x 24" sheet of designs.
$2.79       #269-DP
McCall's Doll Clothes (Pajamas and Robe) and
Accessories for 18" Doll.
Tote, Pillow, Sleeping Bag
are the accessories.
(Have 1)
$8.99     #270-DP
McCall's for family of cat dolls.  Patterns and instructions for making a large cat measuring 27-1/2" (69CM) tall and a small cat measuring 12" (30CM) tall.  This pattern has been cut and on the outside of pattern jacket is printed, "no clothes for small".   (Have 1)
$1.00     #271-DP
McCall's Rabbit Wardrobe Package.  Includes clothing patterns for a boy or girl rabbit doll 25", 20" and 14" tall.   Jumpsuit, Dress with bloomers and a ballerina dress and panties.  Pattern has been cut.  Instructional sheet with illustrations included.  Can't guarantee that all pieces are available,
but appear to be available.
(Have 1)
$1.00    #272-DP
santa wreath
Santa Wreath - 15" Victorian or Country Santa, Wreath and Toys (bunny and kitty).
(Have 1)
$4.99   #273-DP
cat pattern
12" Cat - "Catrina Catnip"
$4.99     #274-DP

Simplicity Holiday Windsocks:  Leprechaun, Bunny, Uncle Sam, Ghost, Turkey, Santa.  All
Windsocks are approximately 50" (127CM) high.   (Have 1)
$8.99      #275-DP
renaissance folk doll
"Lizzie Beth and Beebe"
 15" Renaissance Folk Doll and her Babe.  (Have 1)
$3.99    #276-DP
faith,hope,charity dolls
"Faith, Hope and Charity"
Three unique 15" Cloth Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' Folk Dolls.   (Have 1)
$4.99   #277-DP

Butterick Room Organizers with Iron-on Transfers.
Shoe bag is approximately 34" x 10".  Pajama Bag is approximately 30" x 19".  Toy Bag is approximately 22" x 35".  Cute pattern.
 $8.99     #275A-DP
McCalls Pincushions, sachets and magnets.  Cake, cake slice, cupcake, petits fours.
$8.99    #275B-DP
McCalls pattern for doll clothes for 18" dolls.  Six different outfits!  Blouse and poodle skirt, jumper and blouse, top and skirt, top and pants, raincoat, hat and boots.  (Have 1)
$7.99    #275C-DP