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cloth doll magazine
Fall/Winter, 1994
cloth doll
The Cottage Garden Doll by Joanne Burkhart.  Fiber Facts.
Razzle-Dazzle, The Fashion Fairy Pattern.  Accessories
for the Peddler Doll.
 Advanced Needle Sculpting.  Creating a Workable
Skeleton.  The Dolls of Dianna Jackson.....
$5.99   #361-DM
cloth doll
Spring, 1994
cloth doll
Cloth Doll by Jackie Casey.  
Dollmaking with Judi Ward.
Pattern for Making a Mannequin Doll by Colette Wolff.  Drawing the Skeleton
by Lisa Lichtenfels.  The 1993
Gypsy Challenge. Sweetheart
Angel Pattern by Elizabeth
$5.99   #363-DM
doll world
1980 Christmas Annual
Includes Rose Violet, Nutshell Doll Houses, Shirley Temple
(A gift from beyond),
Crochet Straw Doll Bonnet.
The Dolls of Christmas.....
$5.99   #365-DM
doll crafter magazine
July, 1994
Doll crafter
Cover story:  Lovey as a Cowboy by Pat Dezinski.  The Gallery Goes Western.  Make a Cowboy Hat.  Profile:  G. Schoepfer, Inc.  Instructions for maing a patchwork quilt.  Queen Anne Marie by Jan Cady.  Introduction to painted eyes.  The Creations of Francois Gaultier.  Sculpting a pretty face.  Pattern:  Western outfit for 36" doll (includes bra, blouse, jeans and boots)....
$5.99      #369-DM
doll crafter magazine
September, 1994
doll crafter
Showcase of Stars featuring Elaine Campbell.  Cover story:
The Impish Morgan by Linda Wimpee.  E12J Camille by Carla Snels.  Then and Now - a Middy tie, beret and briefcase.  Alexia and Wanda, Sister - Friend by Robin Miller.  The World's Play Dolls.  Miniatures from heirloom handkerchiefs.  Wig making  Making doll wigs with the natural mohair onding technique.  Lavender and Lace.
Pattern:  Recknagel antique doll pattern (includes dress, slip, panties, hat and shoes for 18" doll).....
$5.99    #370-DM
doll crafter magazine
October, 1994
doll crafter
A Santa Gallery.  Titania, Queen of the Fairies.  Cover story: Abby by Vickie Anguish.  E.J. Jumeau.  A '90s Schoolgirl.
Titania, Queen of the Fairies.  One-Hankie dress for Elsbeth.  Schmidt's sad one by Mildred Seeley.  Sculpturing and mold making.  A traditional Santa Claus.  An Elegant Santa.  St. Nicholas of Medieval Times.  Make a One-of-a-kind Santa.
Pattern:  Peignoir & undergarments for Elizabeth, a 36" doll (includes chemise, underpants and robe)....
$5.99    #371-DM
doll crafter magazine
September, 1995
Doll Crafter
Easty step-by-step projects to make porcelain dolls.  Cover story:  Bess by Rose Pinkful.  Showcase of stars featuring Jennifer Esteban.  Innovative bodies for modern dolls by Peggy Hancock Curtis.  An unusual mechanical doll.
Pattern for 28" lady doll victorian wedding gown.
A beaded purse for a medium size doll. Wig making.  Antique dolls.  Doll costuming.  Basics of doll crafting....
$5.99    #378-DM
doll crafter magazine
October, 1995
doll crafter
Cover story:  GiGi at the Beach.  Through the Eye:  The elements of good design.  heirloom dress and petticoat for angel, an 18" modern doll.  Shoemaking.
Vinyll dolls.  Delcroix, the unknown dollmaker.  Sewing for dolls.  Attaching the bendable legs to a three piece torso.  Father Christmas in a Victorian box.  Doll sculpting.  Antique dolls.  Vinyl dolls....
$5.99   #379-DM
doll crafter magazine
November, 1995
doll crafter
Embroidery Techniques, An Angelic Gallery, Cover Story:  Aubrey, a Delightful Two-Year-Old, Basics of Doll Crafting - Bisque Firing, Selecting Pattern and Fabric Appropriate to Period and Style, Angels: Mandy, My Christmas Angel, Mandy as a Snow Angel, Aureole (Radiant Angel), Innovative Bodies for Modern Dolls - Preparing the Arm Attachments, Pattern for Dress and Bloomers for Angelica a 22" Doll, More.
$5.99    #380-DM
doll crafter magazine
december, 1995
Doll crafter

$5.99    #381-DM
doll crafter magazine
March, 1993
Doll crafter
How to Cut Doll Eyes, Easter Projects:  Beaded Baby in the Egg, French Bebe Bonnet and Crochet a Basket.  Cover Story:  The Shades of Becka, Kabrina the Fairy and the Variation for Pan, The Appealing Bebes of Thuillier, A Bonnet for Your French Bebe, Sculpting a Doll Head in Super Sculpey, Madonna's Dolls.  Pattern:
Dress and Hat for A11T, 20" tall.  Seeley's Major Doll Event in San Mateo, California, More.
$5.99   #382-DM
doll crafter magazine
May, 1993
doll crafter
Showcase of Stars featuring Lindolley's.  Meet the Dollmakers of Mexico, Doll
Costuming Tips.  Cover Story:  Shena, The Contemporary Girl.  Learn how to make Porcelain Dolls - Easy-to-follow instructions.  Making Pleated Trim.  Instructions for making
Baby Crystal, a 14" doll.
Costume and Lace Draping Technique.  Shaping a Career in the Doll Industry.  French Sewing by Hand or Machine:  Dress and Mob Hat for 16" doll.  More.
$5.99   #383-DM
doll crafter magazine
June, 1993
Doll Crafter

$5.99     #384-DM
doll crafter magazine
July, 1993
Doll crafter
Step-by-step articles on making porcelain dolls.  Jumeau dolls set record sales prices.  Doll business:  From hobby to income.  Fourth of July doll parade.  Boy dolls and clothes patterns.  Cover story:
Tribute to two brothers.
Profile of Francis Goes Fancy.  Dolls:  From hobby to income.  Doll sculpting.  Patterns for
summer outfits for 16" modern dolls.  Antique dolls.
$5.99   #385-DM
doll crafter magazine
August, 1993
doll crafter

$5.99   #386-DM
doll crafter magazine
september, 1993
Doll Crafter
Easy step-by-step projects to make porcelain dolls.  Showcase of stars featuring Jamie Englert.  Profile designer John Burbidge.  Cover story:
Corky and Sophie.  Pattern for clothing for 31" lady doll.
What you need to know about doll competitions.  Doll sculpting.  Antique dolls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
$5.99   #387-DM                                                                                                                                                                      
 doll crafter magazine
April, 1993
doll crafter
Learn how to make porcelain dolls.  Easy-to-make porcelain dolls.  History of the new clays.  Pressed cloth doll.  Counted cross-stitch and embroidery ideas.  A gallery of pretty girls with step-by-step insturctions.  
Pattern for 20" tall doll - body and clothes.  Basics of doll crafting.  The mystery of the Kestner XI, Taking Dolly to Market.  Fashion leaders of the Ancien Regime.  Rococo to Neoclassicsm....
$5.99    #388-DM
doll crafter magazine
June, 1994
doll crafter
For creators and collectors.  Easy step-by-step projects to make porcelain dolls.  Cover story:  The Leading Lady.  The annual June gallery of Bride Dolls.  Pattern for 27-1/2" bride dolls' wedding gown
that includes petticoat, corset, pantaloons and veil.  Making a bridal shadow box.  Antique dolls.  Profile:  The crochet artistry of Boncia Originals...
$5.99   #389-DM
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