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March, 1994
How to make beaded purses.  Introducing the professional doll makers guild.  Cover story:
Chaya by Frances Lynne.  Rare Jumeau sale.  The almond-eyed portrait Jumeau.  In a Victorian mode.  Emeralds for a Lady.  Doll costuming, doll sculpting, Composition dolls, Basics of doll crafting..
Pattern:  Dress, bonnet & bloomers for 22" - 24" doll.
$5.99   #321-DM
doll world magazine
October, 1982
Doll world
Commedia dell 'Arte Dolls,
The Masculine ILlusion, All
the Way to Heaven  -  A Short Story, Victorian Style Dress for Your Repro, Philadelphias Fascinating Doll Lady, Washington Dolls' House &
Toy Museum, Dolls in History,
High Fashion for Tiny Dolls,Full size pattern pieces for Personality Rag Doll,
Mystery Dolls, Girls & Dolls
of Yesterday......
$5.99    #322-DM
doll world magazine
june, 1981
Doll World
Ann Decker, Doll Artist.
Dollhouse Dolls, Wedding Belles, In Search of Beautiful Crissy, Pattern for 18" Amelia Ann and her clothing, Origin of the Pedlar Dolls, Doll Accessories, Article "Mystery Dolls".  Full size pattern pieces for "Just Precious" doll
clothing.  Porcelain head and hands for "Just Precious" available from Lee Middleton.
Full size pattern pieces for 13"
Patsy Doll clothing.  The Frog Prince Paper Dolls.
$5.99   #323-DM
december, 2000
doll crafter
Cover Story:  Christmas Knight.  Pullout Pattern:
16" Santa Claus (includes
Pants, Undershirt, Jacket, Hat, Bag, Belt and Victorian Coat).  Pages missing from 42  -  59.  Renaissance Angel.
Bobby-Soxer and Soda Jerk.
Miss Prim and Proper Petra.
Various Santas!  From the
Old World to the New World.
Sold As Is!  
$4.99   #324-DM
dolls magazine
August, 2001
DOLLS 2002 Awards of Excellence.  Delightful dolls
by:  Donna RuBert & Rustie, Sonja Hartmann, Alexander Doll Company, Sybille Sauer,
Ladie and Friends & much more.  Cover doll:  Natalie by
Julie Fischer.  Luck Be a Lenci Tonight.  Bello Bebes.  Profile in Caring:  Dolls Make Good Medicine.  The myth and
legend behind Chinese paper dolls.....
$5.99   #326-DM
dolls magazine
September, 2001
Magical marionettes.  Delicate wax one-of-a-kinds.  18th century beauties.  Festive jesters and harlequins.  Cover
doll, "Anna".  A Fairie's Tale.
Norwegian doll artists Bodil Saether and Tim R. shine with
their distinctive styles.
Sigikid's dolls.  Philip Heath's
$5.99     #327-DM
doll world magazine
JUNE, 1978
Doll World
Where to Find Dolls for Your Collection, Hansel and Gretel Museum, Doll Doctor, Paper Dolls, Enchanted Doll Houses,
Full size pattern pieces for Turn of the Century Bride, Dolls in My Heart,Mystery Doll, Around the World with Dolls, Paper Doll  Potpourri..
$5.99   #328-DM
doll world
October, 1970
doll world
Ms. Halloween pattern, Dolls on the auction block, Troll collection, Gay Nineties Bathing Suit, Molded face doll to make.......
$5.99   #329
doll world magazine
doll world
Pat Frey's Paper People.
Posable Porcelain People.
Home Gnomes.  China Shoulder Head Doll.  Riding Dolls.
Girls & Dolls of Yesterday.
More about Baby Wendy.  
Those Beautiful Revlons.
Pouring, Cleaning and Firing.
Mystery Dolls.  Pattern for male adult gnome.  Dolls in
History.  A Party Outfit for a
10" Doll......
$5.99    #330-DM
doll world magazine
AUGUST, 1982
doll world
As a Doll Artist, Ruth Ann
Eckersley is Making up for Lost Time, The Unenchantment of Inheriting a Doll Collection, Million Dollar Babies in Prison, Dolls with Strange
Powers, Around the World with Dolls, The Doll Family
Album, Classical Dolls with the
Look of Ages....
$5.99    #333-DM
doll world magazine
June, 1982
Doll world
Pat Frey's Paper People.
Girls & Dolls of Yesterday.
Bryon G. Klein, Master Restorationist.  Mystery Dolls.
All the World Loves A Clown.
The Marcy Street Doll Company.  Here come the Brides.  Paper Dolls.  Baby Doll
Sacque and Bonnet -knitted set for 24" Madame Alexander "Pussycat".  Pattern pieces
for Marjie, cloth doll.
Pattern for 20" Clown.  
$5.99    #334-DM
doll world magazine
doll world
ODACA at the Beginning, The State of Kentucky is Collecting Dolls, Marthat Heller & Dolls, Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls,
Guatemalan Dollmaker - Benjamin Garcia, Polish Dancer Doll, Jack & Jill, Nancy Ann
Storybook Dolls, Dressing a Schoenhut Doll.....
$5.99   #335-DM
doll world magazine
February, 1982
Dolls of the Future, Marjatta Lamminen Collection.  The Doll Doctor.  Julia Hills' Dolls and Workshops.  Wizard of Oz
Collectibles.  Pattern Making and Clothes.  Around the World with Dolls.  Rapunzel Paper Doll.  Dancers of the Word.  Heroine Costumes.
Replacing Rooted Hair.
Pattern pieces for Amelia Ann's
costumes:  The Empire (1805) and the Victorian.....
$5.99   #336-DM
doll world
december, 1981
12" Night Before Christmas Dolls.  Doll restoration - 25 tips.  Pattern for a cradle.
Girls & Dolls of Yesterday.
Around the World with Dolls.
Little Red Riding Hood Paper Doll.  Making Your Own
Doll Wigs.  The Hospital
Baby Dolls.  The Doll Family Album.  Betsy, a historical cloth doll.  Holiday Poupards
(Dolls without legs).  Girl and
Boy Doll Patterns...
$5.99    #337-DM
doll world
April, 1981
doll world
Pattern pieces for Joey, a 16" Boy Doll, Those Old Cloth Dolls, Jared Paper Doll,Costumes for Boy Dolls,
Girls & Dolls of Yesterday, The Poor Little Kabuki Dolls,
Kaethe Kruse Dolls, Mr. &
Mrs. Easter Bunny, Tillie The Tilting Doll, Paper Doll Potpourri, Rag Doll Faces,
$5.99   #338-DM
doll world magazine
February, 1981
Doll world
Girls & dolls of yesterday, The Dolls of Beverly Port, The Bebes Jumeau.  Trego..a transition doll.  Doll proportions.  Paper Doll -
Dolly Valentine.  Pattern
 pieces for Baby's first doll.  Cinderella Paper Doll.
Papier Mache Dolls 1800-1860.
Pattern pieces for 7-1/2" Troll
$5.99     #339-DM
doll world


$5.99   #340-DM
cross_stitch magazine
cross  stitch and
"Sugar Plum Fairy"
Jammed packed with 48
patterns:  Teddy Bear Pillow, Stuffed Bears, Bunting Clowns, Blankets, Bolsters, Bassinets, Crib Sheet and Pillowcases, Lamp Shade and  MORE!!!!
$4.99      #341-DM
doll world magazine
august, 1994
doll world
Summer Doll Dresses!  Top Designers Dress, Mattel's Barbie Doll,
$5.99   #342-DM
doll world
June, 1979
doll world
Bridal Party Dolls, Moutian Babies, The Dolls of Malta, Polly & Peter Rag Dolls,
Bridal Party Dolls, Doll Accessories, Wax Doll Heads,
Melanie Paper Doll, Aileen's Petite Fashions, Doll Shoes, A
Visit to a Storybook,
There's Something About a Rag Doll, Collecting Dolls.....
$5.99   #343-DM
doll world
February, 1995
doll world
Fasionable Ladies!  Tammy, Darci and Lovely Miss Revlon.
Victorian Elegance!  Dolls True to the Era.  Pattern Review, Production Dollmaking, Dolls from the Haystack.  Interview with  Barbie Fashion Designer.
Advertising Dolls of the Past.
Godey's Lady's Book:  Your Guide to Victorian Fashion.
Introducing Victoriana:  Ladies of Elegance.  Pattern for Puddin'Paws (cat).  The
Manteca Quilters 1994 Cloth
Doll Show....
$5.99   #344-DM
doll news magazine
Fall, 1978
doll news
Fair and Rare - The Jumeau.  How to String a Doll.  American Doll Artist Bridge,
S.F.B.J. Paper Doll, One Hundred Years of Hairdos.  BisQue Head Name Dolls.  Concerning Abegail Greiner.
Polly Cologne's letter.  French
Bisque twins....
$5.99    #345-DM
doll world magazine
August, 2000
doll world
Fashion Dolls forever!  Recapture the Beauty of the Past:  Cissy, Coco & Cissette.  Miss Revlon, Sweet Sue, Barbie, Gene and Liz.  On Tour!  
Around the World with Paul Crees & Peter Coe.  Tyler Wentworth - The latest and Loveliest from Robert Tonner.  Learn the best kept secrets of french fashion!  Introducing
Nancy Lassiter.  The Poetic
Costumes of Dolls....
$5.99    #346-DM
paper doll and paper toy
Fall, 1980.
Paper Doll & Paper Toy Quarterly Bulletin.
 Vol. 7,  No. 4.

A new antique Jenny Lind.
Spotlight:  Baby Nancy.
Prince of Wales.  Disney Masks.  Baby New Year.
Tuck's Gentle Gladys.......
$5.99    #347-DM