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january, 1995
Angel Dolls - Antique to Modern.  Making Elegant Display Boxes.  Saving Sick Dolls.  IDEX International Doll Expo - January 13-15, 1995.
Santa Dolls/A splendid array of holiday collectibles created by artists and manufacturers.  Father Frost Matroushkas/Russian nesting dolls and the legend of Ded Moroz.  Little Women/Dolls and paper dolls from 1912 of 1955. ....
$5.99   #288-DM
doll crafter
May, 1994
doll crafter
Step-by-step articles on making porcelain dolls.  Showcase of stars featuring Conni Lynch.  Special Mother's Day Articles.  Cover Story
"Fairy Tells" by Gwen Ross.  
Clothing pattern for Romper or Dress (includes slip & panties) with collar variations for 18" - 20" doll..... (Have 2)
$5.99 Each  #289-DM
doll reader
April, 1995
doll reader
Preview of new dolls for 1995.  Analyzing the chemistry of Ginny, Jill, Barbie, Betsy McCall, Chatty Cathy and friends.  Care/Restoration.  Happy 100th, Madame Alexander/A Special Tribute.
1994 Doaty Public's Choice Winners.....  
$5.99   #290-DM
Feb/Mar, 1991
cross stitch
23 Gifts that say "I Love
You" for Valentine's, Easter, and Mother's Day too!
Super kite sampler.  Playful bear and tabby faces.  Spring message on perforated paper baskets.  Cross-stitch schoolhouse.  Cross-stitch
basics.  Designs for tin tops.
$4.99   #292-DM
March/April, 1994
cross stitch
Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
20 Fresh Designs.  Glorious Easter Egg and Bunny Designs.
"Lizzy's Cat."  "American
Beauty Roses."  Sport designs
for ball caps:  Football, Golf
Ball and Club and Basket Ball.
Wisteria floral designs to
adorn a dress or other.  Easter Tea Linens.  Sampler -
"Peter Cottontail Sampler."
Victorina Florals.  MORE!
$4.99   #293-DM
cross stitch magazine
Nov/Dec, 1990
cross stitch
Collector Plates, Tassels,
Paper Dolls...22 great
projects!  Holiday Hearth-Warmers - Fabulous fireplace accessories.  Cousin Maggie &
Friends Paper dolls to delight all ages.  
$4.99   #294-DM
doll crafter
July, 1998
doll crafter
Doll Clubs:  How to find, how to join, how to start one.  Useful Tips to repair no-fire clay.  All-night seminars.  Good business tactics.  Making dolls in Italy with Eva Benaglia.  Aubrey & Friends Cover Story,
Dolls to Salute America....
$5.99   #295-DM
May/June, 1990
cross stitch
Cross Stitch and Country Crafts.  32 Great Projects!
Fashion accessories for wardrobe and home.  "Harvest Helper" - A farm boy and piglet share chores.  Hanging
stars with angels.  Stitching
on Silk Gauze.  Hearts with
floral designs; decorated with
buttons.  Whitework Sampler.
Framed "Cottage Gardens".  Southwest, Victorian and country designs for bolo ties, belt and other trims.  
"Welcome" Sampler.  MORE!   
$4.99    #296-DM
february, 2000
doll crafter
Cover story Little Jessie, Dianna Effner's Gigi, Madame DuBarry Parian Doll, Introduction to Dollmaking,
More on:  Antique dolls, downsizing, vintage, garments, all bisque baby doll. Leggings,
Coat, Hat & Muff for 14" Toddler Doll, Gigi.  The Jumeau Sisters.  Sculpting
a preteen boy,...
$5.99    #297-DM
doll crafter
April, 1998
Doll crafter
Cover Story Carol Armstrong's Purity.  How to Make Doll Umbrellas.  Coordinate Spring Colors with Pat Dezinski.  Profile Sherry Stephens.  A Method to Clean Greenware in Six Minutes.  The World's
Most Beautiful Dolls for
Creators & Collectors.  Free Clothing Patterns Inside.....
$5.99   #298-DM
doll collector magazine
June/July, 1994
doll collector
Cover Story Julie Good-Kruger's Dolls, Wooden Inuit portrait dolls, Collecting celebrity paper dolls, Effanbee's elegant ladies of fashion.  Collecting black dolls.  Collectible pullouts:  Paper doll and doll poster.....
 $5.99     #299-DM
doll crafter
April, 1999
doll crafter
Easy Step-by-step Projects for Making Dolls, Pullout Patterns, Cover Story Genevieve:  Fearless, Walking Doll.  Featuring:  Doll Wigs.  How to Get the Most from Seminars.  Turn Socks into Doll Sweaters.  The World's Most Beautiful Dolls.....
$5.99   #300-DM
september, 2000
doll crafter
Cover Story:  Painting Newborn Angela, Angela's Layette & Presentation Box,Simple Tools for Dollmaking by Richard Creager, Decorative Painting Techniques, Doll Costuming:  Second Lives for 19th Century Garments.  Pullout Patterns:  11" Newborn Waggle Angele (includes layette and presentation box)......
$5.99   #301-DM
August, 2000
doll crafter
Guide for Making a Baby Doll, Doll Shoes Techniques & Patterns, "Juliette" as a Pierrot & Lady Doll, Cover story:  Kerry Lee Gone
Fishin', Pullout Pattern:
22" Kestner AT (includes
Dress, Bonnet & Undergarments).
$5.99    #302-DM
doll crafter magazine
December, 1998
doll crafter
Christmas Tulip Jasmine & Poppet Fairy, H-Doll Angel with Pattern.  Celestial Sisters Cover Story.  Kay McKee.  Audrey Hamann.  Ali Hansen.  Enter Doll of Your Dreams Contest. ...
$5.99   #303-DM
doll crafter
November, 1998
Doll crafter
Make Dolls for Holiday Gifts!
Nutcracker Doll.  Kwanzaa Doll.  Toddler Dolls.  Miniature Doll.  Painting a Simon & Halbig 1279 & Antique Coat Pattern.  Wig
Styling for Lady Dolls.  Doll Costuming:  Leather Sandals.  Miniature Doll Outfit.  Evening Dress & Shoes.  Free Patterns Inside:  Christmas Outfits.  Birdie on Christmas Morning Cover Story.  Two Dolls from One Mold....
$5.99   #304-DM
May, 2000
doll crafter
Cover Story:  Marissa.  Pattern Pullout:  24" Liz
(includes Dress, Pantaloons & Headdress). Instructions to Paint Liz.  Create an Authentic Japanese Kimono.
Painting a character doll:  Painting Grandma Flossie.
Doll sculpting:  Sculpting a Preteen Boy, Part 6.  Doll of Your Dreams:  Reverie at the Masquerade Ball.  Reproduction doll:  The Wide-Eyed Heubach.....
$5.99    #305-DM
July, 2000
doll crafter
Make an Unusual Stand & Armature, Earthenware Clays:  Charisse & Philippe Faraut, Colleen Allen.  Cover Story:  Oriental Jumeau.  One Pattern
in Pullout:  Ayanna - 14"  All Earthenware Doll (includes
Dress Bodice, Dress Skirt and Slip).  Sculpting a Woman's Bust in Earthenware Clay, Part 2.
Christina Marie A Southern Beauty - a fresh vision turns an existing mold into a collector's dream doll, A Pensive Jester.....
$5.99     #306-Dm
april, 2000
doll crafter
Cover Story:  My Little German Boy.  Pullout Pattern for 24" Antique Reproduction - Bru Jne
(includes Dress Bodice, Skirt, Bloomers & Slip).
Sprigging Silk Flowers on Porcelain Dolls, Easy to Do Smocking & Pleating for Child Dolls.  Several Pages missing from 38 to 55.Tom Sawyer as "My Little German Boy".  Sold As Is!
$4.99     #307-DM
christmas cross stitch
 Christmas Cross Stitch Magazine.
23 Trims & Gifts.  International Santas.
  Holiday Angels.  Jewelry.  Belt Bags.  Stockings.
$3.99    #308-DM
November 1999
Boots Tyner's New Baby Doll.  Father Christmas.  Kestner Painting & Pattern.  Sculpt a preteen boy with Melissa McCrory.  Cover Story:  Jester on a Vintage Spool.  Pattern
included for dress, pantaloons, slip, hat & Purse for 18" Kestner doll.  Reproduction
Doll:  Amanda, The Kestner K12C.  Heubach Die Schwester & Bruder Argerlich.  Making
Father Christmas doll.
Making Shay & Her Wee Dolly.  A leather body for an exquisite lady doll......
$5.99     #309-DM
December, 2003
Winter Wonderland Charmers by:  John and Angela Barker, Neva Dolls, Tonner Doll Company, Seymour Mann, More.. Tips to spot antique gold.  Diamond Award Winners.  Shirley Temple
Dolls of the 1970s.  Cover:
Joan Blackwood's Starlight.
Simon & Halbig doll from the late 1800s journies home.  Martha Chase:  Mother of Invention.  The Dolls of Charlene Westling.  Double
Vision - Unique two-of-a-kinds, twins Jane Bradbury and Joan Blackwood share their dolls.......
$5.99     #311-DM
doll crafter
July 1997
Doll crafter
Coordinate Summer's Colors.  Reviving the Rochard Technique.  Cover Story:  Malena by Barbara Harrington.
Pattern included for 25" American Madonna's clothing.
Painting the American Madonna.  Modeling or Sculpting a Baby, Part 8.  Decorative Doll Boxes.  The
China Dolls, Part 12  Dollhouse Size Chinas.  Achieve pleasing coordinated color schemes....
$5.99    #313-DM
doll reader magazine
October, 1994
Doll reader
Madame Alexander and Disney Magic in the 30's.  Princess Elizabeth Dolls to Treasure.
Beauties by Ruth Treffeisen, Vogue Doll Company, Lady dolls, Modern doll accessories.  
Fashion dolls.  Hitty, a paper
doll.  Hitty's Legacy....
$5.99     #317-DM
May/june, 1995
$0.99   #318-DM
doll crafter magazine
February, 1994
doll crafter
A gallery for Midori Hana Natsu.  Special report on Armatures, How to sculpt eye expressions.  Cover story:  A
Vicotrian Angel by Pat Allen & Darlene Lane.  Pattern:  Bebe Louvre dress for F.B.14, an 18" doll.  My Funny Little Valentine by Pamela J. Lembo.  Armatures.  Doll accessories.  
A woman of the Japanese Imperial Court by Jenifer Stipp.....
$5.99   #319-DM
soft dolls and animals
July, 2003
soft dolls and
40 Things to Make.  Altered Herstory Doll - History is re-written with an innovative "herstory" doll.  Pattern included.  Stress Toys - Relieve stress with Huggable-Buggable, Sqeezaplease, Screamer, Betterfly and Stretcher.  Instructions for creating your own dollmaking work space.  Mohair dyeing with Kool-Aid.....
$5.99   #320-DM