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doll reader magazine
November, 1994
doll reader
Hot, New Barbies.  Experts pick 25 most collectible Barbies.  Popular Toni Dolls
by Ideal, A Visit with the
Turners, Antique postcards from the turn of the century to the 1920s, Scrappy - A cartoon collectible, Native American Doll Exhibits, Bette Ball's World of Dolls, Article
about Dolly Dingle, Child
star - Baby Peggy - remembers the Baby Peggy doll and a real fantasy life in early Hollywood,
An 1840s rag doll returned home, The Hamilton Collection, Barbie's History
on Paper.....    (Have 2)
$5.99   #120-DM
doll reader
June/July, 1983
doll reader
Romantic Dolls from Gone with the Wind, In Praise of the Cloth Doll (Mr. Dooley, Dolly and Will-yum, Buster Brown with his dog, Strawberry Shortcake, Kris and Merry Kringle, Gnome family, Holly and Hubert, Holly Hobbie, Old Raggedy, Dolly Dingle, Kamkin, Lenci...), The Mernicke Dolls:  A German Doll Tradition Reborn, The Dolls of Sharon Lee Howard,
Judy Garland:  A Star is Reborn, William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy, French Toys 1880 - 1980, Trees and Toyland,
Schoenhut's African Chief,
Mechanical Maravels:  The World of Automated Toys,
Marilyn Monroe Arrives in Style....(Have 3)
$5.99   #121-DM
doll reader magazine
September, 1996
doll reader
Cissy by Alexander - New
Girl in Town, Sensation in the Southwest Santa Fe Doll Art,
Exciting Designs by Susan Wakeen, Chloe - a 24" doll created by Timothy J. Alberts,
Lleana Davison interviewed,
Pantin - The French Jumping Jack, Frozen Charlottes, Little Women Dolls and Paper Dolls:  1955 to 1989, Little Girl of Today by the Fleischaker Novelty Company in 1951, The Madame Louise Doll Commany, Doll Preservation & Storage..
(Have 2)
$5.99   #123-DM

doll reader magazine
August, 1995
doll reader
Introducing Gene, The "New" Glamour Girl, Dolls from the Fifties - Baby Boomer Favorites, Politically Incorrect Bouroir Smokers, Rare and Romantic French Fashion Ladies, Wigs - How to keep your dolls from having bad hair days, The Gentle Art of Shelley Thornton, Dolls Named Baby, Trade Cards of the French Bru Firm, Paper and Poupees, British Talent, Collector
Dolls of the Hilltribes of Thailand, Effanbee - Wahbergs draw on the past to recreate special dolls for the present...

$5.99   #124-DM
cross stitch magazine  
Sept/Oct, 1986
cross stitch
30 Great Projects in this
Cross Stitch Magazine
Designs for bread covers and
magnets.  Cross-stitch on knits.  
Apple designs on an adorable
little doll.  Wallhanging of Bride & Groom - "Count your Blessings".  Christmas cookies.  Holiday Tablecloth.  Framed, "Kitty Day Parade".  MORE!
$4.99    #125-DM
dolls magazine
March/April 1993
On the cover:  Violetta by Paulette Aprile for Seymour Mann, Linda Kertzman's Forest Folk,Toni and Miss Revlon Dolls of the late 1950s,
The Artists' Gallery, News from the Studios, Auction Report, Effanbee's 14" Lauren Doll, A Look behind the closed door of the doll world's biggest event - TOY FAIR, Dolls by Jan Garnett, Doll and Paper Doll - Camille, by Susan Stone Aiken, The Irresistible fascination of tiny things for sale by John Darcy Noble, Linda Kertzman's one-of-a-kind creations, Sampling of dolls seen at Bellman Production's 20th anniversary show  and sale.....(Have 2)
$5.99   #126-DM
dolls magazine
October, 1995
Exclusive Interview:  Bob Mackie's All New Porcelain Creations, Top Fashion Designers Dress Tonner Dolls for Charity Auctions, Part I of III:  13 Auction experts tell you what's hot(and not!), Profiles:  Kate Lackman, Cindy McClure and Linda Steele. Messengers
 of Goodwill at the Yokohama Doll Museum in Japan, French Crusaders in Cloth:  Part Two..
$5.99   #127-DM
January, 1993
On cover - Oriental Bru,
Circa 1885.  Inge Enderle's doll children.  The 1992 Dolls Awards of Excellence.  The Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art.  German artist Inge Enderle and her dolls.  Original paper doll by Robert Neuenswander:  Milly.  Postcards of the Past.  Lewis Sorensen's St. Nicksat the McCurdy Historical Doll Museum.  Printed cloth dolls
from the turn of the century.
Dolls in the Land of Kiwis.  Beautiful Barbies.  Former actress Mona Freeman and her dolls.  Linn Dolls.
$5.99   #128-DM
dolls magazine
June/July, 2001
Doll-A-Rama:  Fashionable Ladies, Cuddly Cloth Dolls, One-of-a-kind Beauties, Magical Wizards and Fairies.
Karen Williams Smith's dolls,
The newest collection from Rotraut Schrott, Jackie Austin and her creations, Little Souls,
A Community of Dollmakers
(River City Dollmakers), 15th annual DOLLS Awards of Excellence Nominations.....
$5.99   #130-DM
doll reader
August, 1994
Doll Reader
New Dolls by Linda Mason, Helen Kish and Sonja Bryer.  Collectible Black Dolls.  Queen Victoria's Legacy.  Rosalie Whyel's Antique Beauties.
An interview with Linda Mason.  Door of Hope Dolls/
Well-known author Pearl Buck helped teach Chinese girls needle skills at mission.  Doll Quilts of Dys Gone By/When
scraps of material reflected the fabric of life.  The Idiosyncratic Wax-over Dolls of England.....
$5.99   #131-DM
Winter, 1997
Volume 46, No. 2
Dolls of Jules Nicolas
Steiner, Rarities and Curiosities, Dressing our Babies, Up-Close and Personal with Gail Cook's Beautiful Children, The Schoenhut Doll Mystique, Disney Down Under, Toydonia:  Or the Land of Toys, Part 3.  Doll Dressing in Sonneberg.  Special exhibit by Rosalie Whyel.  A Remembrance of Evelyn Jane Coleman....
$5.99     #132-DM
doll reader magazine
August, 1993
doll reader
Forever Children by Alice Lester Leverett, Seymour Mann's New Goals, Ideal's Shirley Temple Dolls, 2
Patterns for doll clothes,
 Breathing Life into Clay Dolls, Dolls & Figures in Fashionable Costume created by the French, A dolls' house for 70 year old English miniatures, Dollmaking:  Paris, 1899, Profile of  Susanna Oroyan and her sculpted characters, Dolls by Margaret Hickson, Dolls by Alice Lester Leverett, Pete Ballard's Fashion Plate Dolls, The Big Heart of Little Souls (Little Soul dolls), Small German All-Bisque Dolls, Well-known doll collectors talk about their favorite dolls.. (Pages 225 thru 228 are
missing; Pages 193 thru 202 are missing..this is still a huge magazine full of wonderful articles)
$5.99   #133-DM
doll reader
April 1994
doll reader
Preview New Dolls for '94.
Those Aristocratic Parians.  In Love with Lucy.  Paper Kewpies/Rose O'Neill's beloved cherubs.  The Bebe Phonographe Loiret and Jumeau manufactured a "talking" doll over 100 years ago.  Daruma!/After 1400 years, Japanese Daruma still tell a story.  Oldenburg Originals.  Dolls by Susanne Oroyan, Maureen Carlson, Linda Gill and Ellen Poitras.
Advertising Dolls.  Faceless
fashion figures depicting various eras.  A Molded
Lace Hat for your doll.
1993 Doty Public's Choice Awards.  Deanna Durbin Dolls.
Victorian Shell Dolls.  Meet
Harriet Flanders - Creator of Little Cherub....
$5.99 #135-DM
doll reader magazine
October, 1992
Doll reader
Oscar Hitt's Dolls with Googly Eyes, The World of Lawton Dolls, Wenham Museum Displays Native American Dolls, American Composition Dolls,Peterkins, Shirley TempleLook-Alike, Sebastion Dolls -Mod Models, Dolls at
Denmark's Legoland,Wooden
Doll Soldiers, Kristena West
creates Myth Makers,
Interview with Gisela Sorenson, European & Oriental Dolls, The Dolls of Thailand Part 1, Chubby Kids with Roguish Eyes, Lawrence  elk's
$5.99   #137-DM
doll crafter
September, 1998
doll crafter
Doll Wreaths for Holiday Decorating, Paint & Dress Theodore in an Early 1900s,
Boy's Suit Pattern, Basics for Understanding Low-Fire Products, Showcasing Dollmaker:  Catherine Cannivet, Easy to Make Doll Gloves & Mitts, Emile Jumeau
Cover Story, The World's Most Beautiful Dolls....
$5.99   #146-DM

collectors price guide
Spring, 1996
price guide
Auction Reports - Steiner, K R, Lenci, Barbie Dolls, What you need to know about insurance, Specialty Dolls - Advertising and Personality Dolls Find Favot, How to Manage your Collection, Collectible Barbie Dolls Travel to the Riviera Kachina Dolls of the Southwest, Personality Dolls,
Fascinating Facts About Our Favorite Fashion Doll, Barbie..
$5.99   #147-DM
doll crafter
August, 1998
Doll crafter
For Creators & Collectors.  Easy ste--by-step projects for makign dolls.  Oldies but Goodies:  Vintage Hat Styles, Smoking, Bru Styling.  Zelma Painted Eye Chart.  Pullout Patterns:  A Fairy Dress, Dress & Underwear for Zelma.  Antique Reproduction, Marsha's Remarkable Body Design Cover Story.....
$5.99   #151-DM
February, 2001
Eye Cutting Techniques.  Painting Fun - Cat & the Fiddle (China Painting Diagrams).  Step-by-step eyebrows.  
Cover doll:  Elena - one of the new dolls in Seeley's Ultimate Collection.  Costume for 30" Debbie doll- full size pattern pieces.  Valentine fans.  Artist Profile:  Valerie Trerice....
$5.99   #152-DM

doll reader
September, 1997
Doll reader
60 Years of Gerber Baby Dolls. French Fashion Dolls and Their Fabulous Bodies.  Kammer and Reinhardt Character Dolls.  Gene Autry Terri Lee Doll.  Getting to Know Zwergnase.  Fairies, Fantasy & Froud.  The Baseball Kids.  Unique Deanna Durbin Dolls. ...
$5.99   #154-DM
doll reader magazine
November, 1988
doll reader
Chatty Cathy, Ken, Barbie's Friend.  South African Dolls:  The Brensend Doll. Terri Lee Pattern. The 39th Annual UFDC Convention.  1880's Dolls.Fabulous Maud Tousey Fangel.  Joan of Arc Paper Dolls from France.  Tiny China Dolls.  Dolls in Original Packaging. Dolls and Death.
Catalog Advertising for 1928.
Japanese Kamo and Kimekomi Dolls.  The Collectables - "Made with Pride in America."
Legoland Doll and Toy Fair.
Paper doll by Pat Stall - "Candy and her Christmas toys and Clothes."  Doll Celebrities,
Mainly French:  Part II.....
$5.99   #155-DM
doll house magazine
Colleen Moore's Doll House
The story of the most exquisite toy in the world
$0.99    #157-DM