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doll crafter magazine
April, 2002
doll crafter
Dollhouse bride doll.  Instructions for making cover
doll - "Let Freedom Ring" -
by Kathy Gloudemans.  Doreen
Sinnett shares how to assemble a lovely "Celeste" lady and dress her as a bride.  Instructions for
making a picture frame for "Celeste."  Instructions for
making and painting "Brett" -
a handsome groom doll.  Making 4 Petite dolls in a box.
Instructions for making "Humpty, Dumpty Sat On a.."
Making and painting girl doll
"Cherry Ripe".  Dolls made
by John and Elaine Banicki.
Pattern for a 12" doll's bunny
suit and instructions for making the 12" doll.
$5.99   #87-DM
national doll world
doll world
Collectable Dolls, a calendar
full of beautiful dolls.
It is for the year 1988.
National Doll World.
Articles included:  "I am
a Collector of Old Dolls".
"Doll Collector's Clubs".
"My Antique Doll".  On the
back is "Bear Facts!"

$5.99   #88A-DM
dolls magazine
July, 2002
American beauties from:
 Susan Wakeen, Virgina Turner and Helen Kish.  New series of books with matching dolls by:   Wendy Lawton, Emily Garthright, Berdine Creedy and Linda Murray.
16th annual DOLLS Awards of Excellence nominations.
Tyler Wentworth Fashion Show.  Artists United Exhibition in New York.  Crazee Doos - The Boyds Collection Ltd new line of play dolls.  The Belle Bleuette - a little French charmer.  Paper doll greeting cards........
$5.99   #88B-DM
bean bag world
October, 1999
Vol. 2  No. 12
bean bag world
Beanie Baby Collectibles
$5.99   #88C-DM
doll digest
September-December, 1987
Bear Facts for Teddy Bear Lovers.
Bear of the Year Competition,
The Magic of Rupert Bear,Collecting Heubach Character Dolls, Movie Star Paper Dolls, A Teddy Bear Pattern, Restoring a Traditional Marotte, Doll's Dress Pattern, Travelled Joy-Toys.....
$5.99   #88-DM
doll life magazine
august, 1993
Doll life
Heartwarming Little Girls by Marilyn Bolden, April Devlin's Fanciful Fabric Sculptures, How to Market Your Dolls, Ruth Treffeisen's Romantic Children, Dolls at Toy Fair '93, Paper Dolls, Miniature Amish
Lady, The Cabriolet Bonnet...
$5.99   #89-DM
collectors' showcase
America's premiere pictorial magazine for collectors (also shown in BOOKS on this website).  This issue:  November/December 1985, Volume 5, Number 2.  Features:  A Country Christmas, Personal Profile -- Dave Bausch, Personal Profile -- Yanolkos, Dresden Ornaments, Half-Dolls, Ad Characters.  Beautiful photography!  
(Have 1)
$4.99   #91-DM
doll reader magazine
November, 1997
doll reader
Virginia Turner's Newest Creations.  Back to the '50s, Mary Hartline Mania!  The Campbell Kids Lead New Horsman Classics.  Mary Hartline Collectibles of the 1950s.  A Rare Toy from the 1820s by Darcy Noble.  Beatrice Perini Brings Her Dolls to America.  Decades of Dreaming:  Barbie celebrates Mattel's billionth doll.  The Friendship Dolls - Ambassadors of Goodwill Celebrate 70 Years.  A unique World War I cloth doll surfaces.  The charm of Nippon baby dolls.......
$5.99   #92-DM
doll world magazine
February, 1998
doll world
Sasha Doll Festival.  Ruth Treffeisen's wonderful dolls.
Jolly Playmates, Raggedy Ann, Forever Friends.  Kimono Paper Dolls.  Millie Wilcoxson.  Maria Szabo's
elegant woman and dog and
her profile by Bonnie Boots.
Children & Dolls Friends Forever.  The Barbara Ann Scott Skating Doll, reliable toys (1948 - 1954).  Canadian
Winter Athletes as Dolls....
$5.99   #93-DM
dolls magazine
January, 1999
Barbie's Birthday Bash - Fabulous at 40.  Angel Keeper's
Third Annual Doll Show & Sale.  Gene Marshall's"Broadway Medley" dolls.  DOLLS magazine One-of-a-Kind Classic nominees.
Corolle's Fashionable Children.
Wood-carver, Paula Hemsley and her sculpted characters.
Dolls by George and Carolyn Harlan.  Doll Collecting in Cajun Country - The United Federation of Doll Clubs' national convention held in New Orleans.  Dolls by Tom Banwell, Ethel Loh strickarz, Julia Rueger, Sandra Lamb and Karen Loccisano......  
$5.99   #95-DM
doll reader
November, 1996
doll reader
Jackie - Special edition from the Franklin Mint.  Waltershauser:  186 years of excellence.  Artists Steve & Angela Clark.  Barbie Convention Highlights:  Rockin' and Rollin'.  Mr. Charisma:  The Man in the White Suit.  Home Shopping Network celebrates 4th annual dollfest.  Native American Dolls.  Frankfurt Doll Art.  
Recreating 19th Century Bodices.  A Short History of Rabery-Delphieu Production.  Ginny's Fashion Heritage.....
$5.99   #96-DM
doll reader magazine
May, 1997
doll reader
85 new dolls for 1997, Danel's Paris-Bebe - Scandal & trial, Ginny, Muffie & Alexander-Kins price guide, Baby Boomer Dolls, Miss America by Sayco,
Lee Middleton's adorable babies, Mad about Madeline,
Heide Ott's vinyl Faithful Friends, Fantastic dolls' house furniture from the past, The
evolution of collecting, Paris Bebe, The Ideal Face of the 1960s, Ginny's Contemporaries,
Unique provincial dolls
of France....
$5.99   #97-DM

doll reader
August, 1997
doll reader
The back cover is missing and
there are pages missing.  Things listed below are definitely in the magazine:
Sante Fe Highlights (competitive exhibit), Baby
dolls, Article about Sandi McAslan, her dolls & photos,
Early Effanbee Babies,
Ruth Treffeisen's dolls, Doll auctions, Antique questions &
answers, "Mysterious Origins" - comparison of 2 antique dolls,`Eloise Wilkin &
baby dear...
$5.99   #98-DM
collector's price guide
Summer, 1992
price guide
Discover Current Prices on Dolls:  Vinyl, Hard Plastic, Compo, Bisque, Celluloid, Cloth & More.  Learn How to Price Your Dolls from the Experts, Rising Prices Celebrity & Character Dolls...
$5.99   #99-DM
doll crafter
OCtober, 1990
Doll crafter
Includes 10 dolls to make, Gallery of Ethnic dolls, Wooden dolls, Miniature Knotters, on cover -- Samurai Warrior, Doll sculpting, Antique dolls, Basics of doll crafting -- more about molds, Small dolls, Mystical clowns.......
$5.99   #100-DM
doll reader magazine
May, 1985
doll reader
All Bisque Dolls.  China Half-Figures.  Snow White Outfit.  
German Dolls and World War I.  collectible Upstate New York Commercial Cloth Dolls.  The Columbian Doll.  Variations in Kiss-Throwing French Bebes.  Collecting, Preserving and Displaying All-Bisque Dolls.  Mama and Baby Dolls, Identification Aids.  Play Dolls at the 1985 Toy Fair  Miniatures:  Strike Up the Band!.  Paper Dolls:  Harlow and Tonette.  The Distinctive Doll Artistry of Lita Wilson.  Doll shoes and socks.  Wnow White Outfit for a 14" Mary Hoyer Doll.  Fancy needlework, A Costume Guide to the 1938 to 1939 Sub-Deb.........
$5.99    #102-DM
doll reader
April, 1984
doll reader
Fantastic magazine!  Madame Alexander interview, China Dolls, Toy Fair 1984, A Tribute to America's First Ladies, A Sampling of Barbie Family Fashions 1959 to 1965, The Penny Doll and Her Contemporaries, large color photos of dolls appropriate for framing, The Dolls of Queen Elisabeth of Romania, The Beautiful Ballerinas of the 1950's, Advertising Dolls and much more!   (Have 1)
$6.99   #103-DM

dollmaking magazine
Spring, 1990

$5.99        #104-DM

doll artisan
March/April 1994
doll artisan
The Problem Solver:  Slip and Casting by Helen Schaeffer.  World News.  Melissa by Michele Severino.  The Swan
by Pamela Lembo.  Profile of Pamela Lembo.  Magical Musical Mechanical Brigitte.
Pretty socks and shoes for Brigitte.  Buckles - a necessity and an accessory.  More children by Georgina.  
Puerto Rico, The Isle of Enchantment.  A Bonnet for Baby......
$5.99   #105-DM
February, 1995
Fashionable Ladies!  Tammy, Darci and Lovely Miss Revlon.
Victorian Elegance!  Dolls True to the Era.  Inataerview with the Barbie
Fasion Designer.  Dolls From the
Haystack.  Production Dollmaking.
A Cat Lover's Purr-fect Doll Pattern!
Puddin' Paws is an 11 inch bean Bag
Doll.  Godey's Lady's Book 1852 Fashion Doll Costume.  The Manteca Quilters 1994 Claoth Doll Show.  Bru Bebe Bridget inspires beautiful paper doll.  Madame Alexander's dolls, Highlighting History.....
$5.99   #106-DM
doll world magazine
April, 1999
doll world
"It's Springtime for Barbie!," Tiny Dolls, Big Miracles, Denise Van Patten's Miniatures, Dollhouse Divine, Wee Lynn Dolls, The Lilliputian Dollmaker, For Sale:  A Very Little House, A "Little" Family Reunion,
Mouse Couture II, Ann Geddes Collection, Raggedy Ann Finds
a New Home, Super Advertising Dolls of the '70s,
Introducing Kelly Lynn Smith and her dolls..
$5.99   #107-DM
doll crafter
May, 1990
doll crafter
Includes 11 dolls you can make.  China and Bisque doll gallery, How to pour, clean and fire porcelain dolls, How to make paper-clay dolls, How to scale lace patterns, complete baby doll outfit, Cover story -- Lady Grace, Bru's masterpiece by Janice Cuthbert, Victorian elegance.....
(Have 1)
$5.99   #108-DM
doll world
Jan/FEb, 1987
doll world
Valentine's Day Issue.  Kabuki
Dolls - Japanese Character dolls, Beautiful O-Sen, A Japanese paper doll, Kathe Kruse Dolls, Effanbee's Honey Walker......
$5.99   #109-DM
dolls magazine
November, 1988
$5.99  #110-DM
doll crafter
December, 1990
Doll Crafter
Includes 8 beautiful dolls you can make, Using your kiln, Christmas gallery, Tom Banwell makes dolls in resin, Mildred Seeley starts a new series on Jumeaux, Wigmaking for dolls, Old World Santa, Doll sculpting, Custom dressing dolls, Basics of doll crafting casting and preparation of doll heads, Dandy as Super Santa or Smiling Elf by Mary Ann Beeler......
(Have 1)
$5.99   #111-DM
soft dolls and animals
July, 2006
soft  dolls  and animals
Needle Sculpting.  5 Complete patterns including cover doll:
15" Coyote Jester by Jesse Chandler,  
15" Molly & Her Button Dolly,  24" Andre, Pirate, Bethany the Primitive Doll and Open Guy.  30 Things to make!  Idex 2006.  Clothbroads Challenge Results.  Wachtanoff Gallery Exhibit.  Altered Book Challenge.  The Bank Doll Show...
$5.99   #112-DM
doll crafter magazine
February, 1998
doll crafter
Doll Costuming - Working
print fabric.  Profile Canadian Doll Artist Uschi Ringleb-Mastrodascio.
Pull out pattern - Fits Popular 18" - 19" Dolls.  Includes dress, underwear & 3 detachable collars. Cover Story:  Bailey, A Precious Baby by
Elaine Campbell.  Dolly Story - A saga of making it to the show.
Basics of doll crafting - stringing bodies.  Doll sculpting. Reproduction doll.  Antique dolls....
$5.99   #113-DM
dolls magazine
January, 1998
(Fantasy  issue)
Farewell to a True Princee:  Dollmakers Honor Diana, 1998 One-of-a-kind Award Nominees, Fairy Tales & Fairy Castles, Elves, Gnomes, Mermaids, Pixies, Sprites,
Silvia on cover by Marilyn Stivers, The Fairy Castle of silent-screen star Colleen Moore at Chicago's Museum
of Science and Industry,
Bonnie Penet's spiritual figures, Pam Gray's dolls, Sonja Jorgenson's dolls, Dolls by Christopher Malone, Fairy Children Dolls by
Delight Sporre...(Have 1)
$5.99   #114-Dm
dolls lmagazine
September, 1998
Then & Now:  The latest from Hildegard Gunzel, Annette Himstedt, Susan Krey, Maryanne Oldenburg, FayZah Spanos, Linda Steele, Virginia Turner, Susan Wakeen, Nancy Wiley, R. John Wright and many many more.  Collector's Commemorative Album.  
Cover doll - Amy by Marian Jasper for Pittsburgh
Originals, Mondo Media -
Part V, Lawan Angelique's needle-sculpted figures,
Dolls by Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen, Midge celebrates her 35th......
(Have 1)
$5.99   #115-DM
doll world
October, 1994
doll world
Hummel Dolls Part 3 - Prized Porcelain, Bobbing Head Dolls,
Skipper Turns 30!, Cabbage Patch Dolls - The Fantasy Continues, Barbie Celebrates 35 years as America's Darling!,
Paper Dolls from the 1930s - '40s, Betsy McCall in both paper and hard plastic,
Doll pattern for 2 commplete outfits- School Days Outfits for a 10 1/2" Fashion Doll, Dolls from Northern Germany, Charming family by Mattel, Halloween Doll.....
$5.99   #116-DM
doll reader
July, 1994
doll reader
Madame Alexander's Beautiful Brides.  Treasures from the Franklin Mint.  New dolls by Julia Rueger.  1994 Doty Dolls of the Year - Public's Choice.
Fashion Fit for A Queen - The Mystery of the Miniature Dress.  Flueler-Tomamichel
A Passion for Doll Making.  Marcia Backstrom's Miniature Dolls.  Patriotic Composition Dolls.  The Mystery of the Suffragette Dolls.  Pockets from the simple to the sublime.  
Dolls for the Boys........
$5.99   #117-DM
doll reader
July 1997
doll reader
85 Nominees for Dolls of the Year.  Edison's Dollphone 1889 Invention.  Classical Ballerinas by Alexander.  Personality Pla-Mates & Friends.  The Dolls of Shelburne.  A Remarkable Raynal Doll.  The Sun Rubber Company.  American Doll
Showcase.  The Blushing Brides.  Artist Profile:  Gabriele Bothen-Hack.  How to Join a Doll Club........
$5.99    #117A-DM
doll reader magazine
May 1994
doll reader
Introducing New Dolls for 1994.  Madame Alexander Victorians.  Boudoir Dolls to Collect.  How to Evaluate Compo Dolls.  Les Marottes/A unique doll-related collectible for today.  Parians with Head Coverings.  The Old Doll and the Sea/Divers shout "Eureka" while salvaging china dolls from an 1888
shipwreck.  Putnam's Elusive Fairies,
dolls' house dolls and a tiny wax Bye-Lo.  Early American Rubber Dolls.  Beautiful Boudoir Dolls.  Composition Dolls.  Bing Replica Dolls.  Peaches - A Patsy Look-Alike Doll by Georgene Averill......
$5.99    #117B-DM
doll world
August, 1998
doll world
Paper Dolls, Doll Artist Spotlight:  Rustie, Gwen
McNeill and Nellie Everink.
Antique Dolls of C.M. Bergmann, Dolls as Mirrors of Humanity, Barbie Dolls and McDonald's -- Successful Advertising Combo, Full size
pattern pieces for Sleepy Thyme Angel Doll....
$5.99   #117C-DM
dolls magazine
July, 1997
The Best of the West:  45 Rootin' - Tootin Creations, The Greatest Dolls Ever Sold - Part 2, Stampede of Winners:  On-of-a-kind Victors, Awards of Excellence Countdown,
Reach for the Sky:  Sherry Housley, Rose Pinkul, Kent & Mar tha Melton.  Cover doll:
Dusty by Cindy Shafer for Paradise Galleries, Fairies by Linda Kertzman, Once Upon a Dream - Behind the scenes of the classic 1959 Disney Film Sleeping Beauty, 1800's china heads and papier-maches,
The Doll Hit Parade - Part II (Raggedy Ann and Andy, Shirley Temple, Madame Alexander, Howdy Doody...
$5.99   #118-DM
doll world
February, 1990
doll world
Learn Ginny's Place in Doll History, Smart advice on buying ethnic dolls, Alexander paper doll, Costuming a 9-inch china doll, A Cozy Lady comes to tea - Her skirt warms your teapot, The Lost Dolls - Collectors rediscover abandoned dolls........
$5.99   #119-DM