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doll crafter magazine
November, 1992
doll crafter
Step-by-step articles on making porcelain dolls.  Projects for Christmas:
Bearding a Santa and the all
purpose angel.  Meet the ladies who sculpt in New Zealand.  Anita Ruic presents the many faces of Merlin.  Cover story:  Nicholas, by Canadian doll artist Tom Francirek. Lady
Eugenie, An elegant French fashion doll.  Antique dolls.
Lori, A German baby.  Ioka, Little Eskimo Girl.  Pucker-
Up.  Sculpting and Mold Making.  Pattern for dresses for 6" lady doll missing.
$5.99   #52A-DM
People Magazine, November 17, 2008
Barack Obama
Election Special 2008
All of magazine is in wonderful condition.  Even pull-outs still inside.
(Have 1)
$10.99   #52B-DM
May, 1995
doll reader
Dolls by Lisa Lichtenfels, Robert Tonners, Little Orphan Annie, Little Orphan Annie
paper doll, article about Sasha Dolls, The Heirloom dolls of
The Franklin Mint, The Metals in Plastic Dolls, American Character dolls, Nuremberg Toy Fair, The Miss Ginny dolls,
Betty Bronson's Cinderella,
Exciting new Sashas...
This issue has a few missing pages, but all articles listed are in the magazine.
 (Have 3)
$5.99   #54-DM
Winter, 1992
The Cloth Doll
Insert pattern for cover doll, 18"Southwest Santa is missing.  Pattern available for Candy Cotton and Her Quilt technique clothing, Instructions on how o make yo-yo's, Cloth Doll Face: Programmed Machine Embroidery.  Shoe making for Cloth Dolls.  Dorit's Soft Sculpture Doll Techniques showing wire structure for body, Article about elinor peace bailey by Leta Bergman....
$5.99   #57-DM
cross stitch magazine
May/June, 1991
cross  stitch and
country crafts
Twins Sampler.  Blackwork.  Beaded Jewelry.  Happy as Kings - A banner to inspire wonder.  Friendship Memories - Get the whole gang involved in this keepsake project.  Focus on Evenweave - Quaker Cloth teams up with luggage tags and key chains.  Christmas Corner:  A mix of bells, ribbons, and cross-stitch.  Collector's Series:  The Stitcher's Primer invites you into the garden.......
$5.99   #59-DM
dolls magazine
August, 1999
DOLLS issue:  40 artists celebrate romance, Alexander ladies walk down the aisle, Monika's musical interludes,
Sandra Tachihara's ode to Oprah and Kathi Clarke's cotton cutie-pies.....  This magazine is kindof crinkly from bathtub steam, but is a wonderful magazine.
$5.99   #63-DM
April, 1995
"Splashes of color bring Spring to your life!"
Oils --In the Beginning, Color
in Perspective, Window Shopping --Brushes, Brush Cleaners, Fabric, Basic Strokes, Seminars Around the Country, Painting Plus, Papier-Mache Bag (cover),
Bear Painter Brush Caddy, Transferable Designs....
$5.99   #64-DM

let's talk dollmaking
Let's talk dollmaking
NO. 501
November, 1992
Using Creative Paperclay by Bob McKinley, NIADA, Selling Your Dolls by elinor peace bailey, The Magic of Dolls by Gloria Gunther, Dollmaking Technology by Jim Winer, The World of Dolls, Dollmaker's Community College, Mimi's Mailbox......
$3.99   #68-DM
doll world
December, 2001
doll world
Seymour Mann's Special Angels, Madame's Little Angels, Annalee Mobilitee Dolls, Barbie Dolls, New Dolls for
Christmas, "A Christmas to Remember," "Learning Curve Welcomes Madeline,"Lee
Middleton Original Dolls for the Holidays, Paper doll - "The Angel of Roses," A Christmas Treasury of Toys and Dolls...
$5.99   #70-DM
doll world magazine
April, 1988
doll world
French Fashion Dolls, The Skookum Indian Doll, Discover a Unique Sarah Bernhardt Doll Creation,
Early 1900 China Headed Dolls- "Pet Name" Dolls, 8" dolls from the Ape movie, 14" Baby doll clothes pattern, 12" Mongolian Herder body and clothing pattern.
Pages 31 - 35 missing (These
pages had paperdolls).
$5.00   #71-DM
doll world magazine
October, 1983
doll world
The Teddy Bear..America's Favorite, Timeless Dolls of Egypt, Paper Doll Contest, Girls and Dolls of Yesterday, Pretty Doll Hats, The Joy of
Collecting Composition Dolls,
Patterns, Legend of the China Poblana, Around the World with Dolls, Paper doll, Comic Capers, Pattern for Honey -
the Little Bear, Collector's Dolls and Books,Victorian Worktable Companion, Advertising Dolls, More...
$5.99   #72-DM
stampers sampler
June/July 2005
Stampers Sampler
More than 250 Samples!
My copy and it is like new!
Free template inside.  Stamping Clearly.  Guest Artist:  Paula Dion.  Stamping with Dress
Forms.  Hats Off to Red Hats...
$10.95    #73-DM
Vol. 21, NO. 23 - 1995
250 Merry Ideas for your best Christmas Ever:  Angels, Stockings, Stars, Wraps, Wreaths and Recipes.
Giant Holiday Issue.  Free
36 Gift Tags.  136 Pages.
$5.99   #74-DM

Spring, 1994
The cloth doll
Cover doll is Jackie Casey's Pickin' Flowers.  Pattern missing.  Other patterns included.  How to make a Mannequin Doll by Colette Wolff.  Pattern, instructions and illustrations included.  The 1993 Manteca Quilt and
Cloth Doll Show.  Sculpting and Painting a Baby or Child Doll Mouth.  The 1993 Gypsy Challenge Winds to a Close.
Bonnie Boots develops her characters.  Creating a Workable Skeleton.  More patterns....
$5.99      #75-DM
doll reader magazine
June/July 1980
doll reader
Jumeau Family Album I,
A Kestner Portfolio, Fortune Teller or "Fate Lady" Dolls, Doll Hunting in Germany, Some Unusual Babies of the "Patsy Family", Compo Corner, American Military Uniforn Dolls - Part 2, Mozart by Lenci, Doll Artist Dolls by Susanna Oroyan, Rose Sullo and her "People Figures), Eugenia, A Lady of Quality - Part III, Wedding Party Remembrances
(Including pattern for 10 1/2" bridal clothes), Dress Pattern for 18" Victoria, Advertising Paper Dolls ....
$5.99   #76-DM
doll designs magazine
July, 1991
doll designs
$5.99   #77-DM
doll world
June, 1985
doll world
Bonnet Head dolls, Dunham Dolls, Queen of Hearts, Hummels, The Schoenhut Toys,
Time Saving Shelf Mold,
Clown Dolls, Calender Girl, Dolls from around the worls..
(Have 2)
$5.99   #79-DM
doll world
April, 1986
doll world
Pages 49 and 50 missing.
Early Compos, Anecdotal Dolls, Rebecca, Christening Set, Ballerina Dolls, Vanta Baby, Collecting Dolls on Stamps, The Pope's Vataican Guard, Waxing Poetic,
Ginger - Darling of the Doll World....
$3.00   #80-DM
collecting figures
March, 1998
collecting figures
The Hottest New Collectibles
Star Wars Beanie Buddies.  Harley-Davidson Collectibles.
Meanies.  The new Britannia Beanie Baby from Ty Inc.,michael jordon collectibles, Sports Figurines,Vehicles and playsets.......
$5.99   #81-DM
doll reader magazine
May, 1996
doll Reader
85 New Dolls for 1996!
On the cover - "American Girl"
of today.  Article and pictures -
American Girl dolls. Spectacular Santa Barbara Museum of Art Doll & Toy Exhibition.  Amberg Dolls.  English Bisque War Dolls.  Phoebe Preble and Hitty from the Childhood Classics II Collection.  "High Society" - Wax over papier mache, china,  bisque, bronze statuettes, meallions, busts -   lady dolls.
Star Wars dolls by Kenner. Article and photos - The Sunshine Baby by Louis
Wolf & Co. Betsy McCall
Makes a Comeback. Original
characters by Canada's Martha Boers and Marianne Reitsma.
Cleaning Tips for Vinyl....
$5.99   #85-DM
doll reader magazine
July, 1996
doll reader
Ideal's 15" Revlon Dolls,
BRIDES from the Strong Museum (including
cover doll - Grace Kelly),
Dolls of the Year, Barbie Trends, Restoration of treasures from the 1950's,
Cleaning Doll Clothes,
Mechanical Composition Dolls,
Britain's Sunny Jim Doll,
A fond look at a nostalgic toy from the Deep South -
The Old Folks at
Home (dolls)........
(Have 2)
$5.99   #86-DM