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june, 2000
doll world
"Introducing Barb Spencer" and my dolls, Saralee:  An African-American Ambassador, An Italian Saga:  The FIBA Collection, Rubber Dollies, The Dress-Me Dolls of the 1950's, Carla Thompson's Memorable Dolls, Toy Fair 2000, Raggedy Ann Finds a New Home, Advertising Dolls, From Pleasure to Treasure:  Yesterday's Dolls...
$5.99      #0-DM
DEcember, 2011
Woman'S DAY Christmas magic
Holiday Gifts that Fit, Holiday Deck the Halls!, Holiday Branch Dressing, Holiday Your Stress-Free Holiday Guide, Etiquette, Money, The Power of Prayer, Merry Makeovers, The Gift of Christmas, Best-ever Holiday Cookies, Super-Cheap and simple crafts, Paper straw wreath, Quick cures for a food hangover...
$3.99     #00-DM

Insert patterns are missing, but this is still a great issue.  Color photos of dolls made by Barbara Willis, a write-up about Barbara; Instructions for making and illustrating cover doll.  Dolls and information about the Hoffman Challenge.  A write-up about designer, Connie Sherlock.  Article , instructions and illustrations for designing your own cloth doll's clothes. Costume Construction by Antonette Cely....More!
$5.99     #000-DM
Collectibles magazine
Flea Market finds.  Aquarium furniture, paper dolls, pull string talking toys, The Mood Ring swings again, Transistor Radios, ICON: Silly Putty, Space Race, Theater of the Absurd, Red, White and Looney, too.  Flea Marketing.  Treasure Hunting.  More....
$5.99   #04-DM
let's talk dollmaking
Summer, 1994
Diary of a Mad Dollmaker by Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer, Materials, Techniques, Products, Sources, etc., Perfect Touch Miniature Sculpting Tools,
Sculpting Heads of Cernit, NIADA 1995 Annual Conference, Memories of Robert McKinley......Has been highlighted and has some notes.  (Have 1)
$3.99   #22-DM
let's talk dollmaking
Let's Talk
no. 701
Spring, 1995
Diary of a Mad Dollmaker by Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer,
Photos from the 1995 Toy Fair, Dollmaking Technology by Jim WIner, Materials, Techniques, Products, Sources, and Resources for Dollmakers, Where to Find Almost Everything for Dollmaking at Retail or Wholesale, Mimi's Mailbox, Toy Fair 95 pictures...Has been highlighted   (Have 1)
$3.99  #06-DM
doll reader
February 1995
   Spotlight on 21 European
Doll Artists, Daddy Long
Legs Dolls, Rare Historic
Dolls' House Treasures, The Facts on Heubachs Antique
 and New, Wooden dolls by Sylvia and Helmuth Schmid, Swiss Wooden Dolls, Anna Alena Sloupova in her Studio......
(Have 4)
$5.99   #07-DM
let's talk dollmaking
winter, 1994/1995
The Rag Doll From Plain to Fancy by elinor peace bailey, Mimi's Mailbox -- Our readers write, Diary of a Mad Dollmaker -- Dollmakers Magic, Materials, Techniques, Products, Sources and Resources for Dollmakers, NIADA Conference '94....
(Have 1)
$3.99       #08-DM
dollreader magazine
November, 1995
doll reader
Seymour Mann dolls, Introducing Magic Attic Play Dolls, Charmin' Chatty, Who
Is Gussie Decker, It's Howdy Doody Time, What is Composition, Talentoy Talentoon Puppets, War Relief Dolls From Hollywood,
Amberg Toddlers and Their German Counterparts,
kyoko Nakanishi dolls
created from Washi Paper endure as a Japanese
Tradition....(Have 3)
$5.99   #09-DM
dolls magazine
December, 2001
Collector Cissy Dolls, The
Ashton-Drake Galleries,
The Jordache Look in Miniature, 2001 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Winners, Introducing Violet
Waters (the cover doll),
Alexander Doll Company's new Designer Series 2001 Collection, International dolls- The Naber Kids, Dolls
by German artist - Silvia Opderbeck, Dolls by Karen Fellema......
$5.99   #10-DM
Herrschners Classic Cross-Stitch
 A Needle Arts Collection.  Designs for
Graduation, Wedding and Mother's Day, Little Boy Blue, Metallic Threads in Monograms and Religious Symbols.
$3.99        #14-DM
Barbie magazine
$0.99    #15-DM
february, 1995
Patterns for Godey's LadyDoll Clothing and
for 11" Puddin' Paws Cat, Tammy's Turn (sharing Barbie's spotlight), Those Glamorous Miss Revlon Dolls, Darci, Introducing Victoriana:  Ladies of Elegance, Bru Bebe Bridget paper doll, Madame Alexander's dolls, Carol Spencer- The woman behind the Barbie doll's wardrobe......
$5.99      #16-DM
doll reader
June/July 1987
doll reader
 Includes Barbie Brides,
Paris Bebe Dolls, Chinese
Nodders, 1830's to 1960
Dolls with original
wardrobes, Steiff's
Mechanical Exhibit,  
Photographs Taken Inside
the Jumeau Factory, Dolls
 of the Post-World War II
Era,Cloth Dolls, The Sasha Morgenthaler Museum in Zurich, Switzerland,British Dolls, 700 Years of Ladies'
$5.99   #18-DM
let's talk dollmaking
Let's Talk dollmaking
No. 601
Spring, 1994
Selling Your Dolls by elinor peach bailey, Diary of a Mad Dollmaker, Dollmakers' Community College 1993 Seminar Report, Materials, Techniques, Products, Sources for Dollmakers, A Note From Your New Editor Ruth Swayse, Reviews by Mimi -- Robert McKinley's Dollmaking Workshop on Video, Mimi's Books and Patterns Catalog.......
$3.99      #19-DM
doll castle news
July & August
DOll castle news
Original Pattern for 7" doll -
Amanda's Pantsuit (crochet
pattern), Article - "Ken - He's a Doll!" Chatty Cathys, Ginny Dolls, "Those Mysterious China Heads," Patsy Cizan's Naughty Senior Citizen Dolls,
Bear in Space paper doll to
color, A Houseful of Dolls in Rural Mississippi, Patterns for Swim Trunks & Beach Jacket for 12" male dolls,
such as Ken, theriault Auction Prices Remain Strong, JS Designs, Alice Lester's "Forever Children" series....
$5.99   #20-DM
contemporary doll magazine
November 2000
Issue includes:
Cover story Jack Johnson, Alexander's New Fashion Doll, Alex, Transformed Tonner Fashion Dolls, Puppets by Elizabeth Wadsworth, First Day of School Dolls, Toni's Cousins, .........
$5.99   #28-DM
doll world
April, 1983
doll world
Museum of Fascination.  The "Happy Babies".  Historic Doll Costume, The Teague Quintuplets.  Christening set for 10" Bye-lo.  Dutch Baroque doll to make.  Dress for 8"
Toddler Doll.  Theresa Thompson's Historic Costume Dolls.  The Wonderful Jumeau Doll and a Jumeau paper doll
with clothing........
$5.99   #25-DM
doll reader magazine
July 1995
DOll reader
  Exclusive interview with Marie Osmond,
Man of the Hour, Lloyd Middleton, Antique dolls with
secrets, Creations from artist Adnan Karabay, Monkeys in fancy dress and elegant settings, John Darcy Noble, Margit Gieszer recreates dolls of the Bru dynasty/Kurt Palka, Bride dolls by artists and manufacturers, DOTYdolls,
The little elf: Jump-Jump....
$5.99   #26-DM

January/feb-ruary, 1996
Barbie Magazine
$0.99   #27-DM

doll world magazine
June, 1991
doll world
Meet the Dolls from U.N.C.L.E.  Dolls & Books:
Anne of Green Gables and Bobbsey Twins.  1994
Convention Highlights - Barbie.  Wendy Lawton's Childhood Classics.  Bobbsey Twins & Friends.  Prince Edward Island's Anne.
The Raggedy Ann Festival.
Doll Patterns:  Patriotic Pam,
Little Miss Muffet.
Enlarging and making permanent patterns.
$5.99   #31-DM
july/august 1995
doll artisan
Cover is bent, and some of pages.  Contents:  The
Annettes, All bisque Forget Me Not, Jasmine, Gibson Ladies Jewelry, Dollmaker's Worksheets, Bumble Bee
Georgie, E.J. Camille, Jumeau Body Pattern, Fast and Easy Eye Cutting, A Mohair Wig for Buttercup, The Spidery Eyelash Syndrome, More...
$5.99     #32-DM
collector price guide
autumn, 1994
price guide
Barbie Dolls.  Fabric care - How to restore and repair cloth, Cloth Doll Companies
from A to Z.  The Raggedy
Ann Story.  A Gene Harris Auction.  New dollmakers continue the cloth-doll traditions of Lenci, Kathe Kruse and Georgene Averill...
$5.99   #34-DM
October 1989
cross  stitch
23 Projects in this Leisure Arts Magazine!  Special Selection:
Noah's Ark - A shipload of delightful animals fills this whimsical sampler (shown above..terrible photo because of fabric).  Halloween Fun.  Make-Ahead Christmas Projects.  Sampler Sweater.  
"Popcorns and Puffs," instructions for aftgan.
Cross-stitched Borderlines Bibs, MORE....
$3.99      #35-DM
June, 2000
doll crafter
Cover story "Hat Box Babies",
Sculpt a Woman with Modeled Hair, Reproduce An E. Barrios Fashion Lady, French Fashion Doll, Miniature Doll Scene, Pattern
for Alex, Gown, Headdress, Veil & Bouquet for Modern Bride Doll 15", Six Minute Greenware Cleaning Method,
Painted Eye Chart...
$5.99      #36-DM
sumerset studio
JAN/FEB, 2006
Somerset Studio
The Art of Paper and Mixed-Media.  150 samples of artwork.  The Amazing Journals of Dan Eldon, Tinnies - Whimsical Embellished Tin Cans, Lynne Perrella's Paper Doll Assemblage, Must-Have Crafting Products, Artist Portfolio: Melissa Zink, Free
Artists' Papers and Clip Art Pages....
$11.95   #37-DM
dolls magazine
July, 1990
Annette Himstedt's Dolls
(Her porcelain Sita is
on the cover), Germany's Engel-Puppen, Rare
decorated bisque heads,
Lencis dolls, British
dollmaker- Vina Cooke's -
collections and creations,
Dutch Treats - doll
 collections in two Holland museums....
(Have 2)
$5.99   #40-DM
dolls magazine
May, 1989
Royal Dolls of Britain
Before World War II, The Llandudno Doll Museum,
Tiny 20th-Century Black
Dolls, Lifelike miniature characters, Paulette Aprile's romantic porcelains,
Little Lizzie on the cover -
A tribute by John Darcy Noble, Artistry yesterday and
today.....(Have 2)
$5.99   #42-DM
cross stitch magazine
March/Apr, 1988
cross  stitch
25 Great Projects!
Country Welcome, Birth Announcement.  Needle Lace.
Button Covers.  "Give Me the
Simple Life" Sampler.  Framed
"American Barns".  Valentines.
Pocket Pals:  Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf and Reindeer.
Framed Fox......MORE!
$4.99   #44-DM

doll reader magazine
April, 1996
doll reader
Sonja Hartmann Originals,
Artist profile of Gillie Charlson, Photo essay of the latest exhibit of the British Doll Artists' Association, Schildkrot - 100 years of dolls,
Early dolls from the
19th century, Celluloid dolls, Moving picture dolls,
Patti Playpal and her family, The 1995 Sasha Doll Festival, The Amelia Earhart doll, Doll collecting on the internet....
(Have 1)
$5.99   #45-DM
doll artisan
May/june, 1994
doll artisan
"Paris 1994 - Kaleidoscope of Doll Worlds Reflections on the World Congress," World
News.  D.A.G. Instructor Lourdes Toro-Rosas recalls her first trip to Doll City Doll Show in 1992.  Mary Ann, a Child of Yesteryear.  The All-Bisques, Petite Joys.  Decorating the Victorian Shoe.  Brushes for the Dimensional Doll Painting
 $5.99   #46-DM
collector's price guide
Winter, 1991
price guide
Romance and values of Boudoir Dolls, The Collector's Guide to Madame Alexander Dolls, Hundreds of Current Price Listings for Antique & Modern Dolls, First Anniversary Issue.....
$5.99   #47-DM
April/June, 1992
The Cloth Doll
Insert pattern of cover doll and frog missing.  Pattern available:  Katie's Kitten by Susan Dunning,  Making Glass Eyes for Cloth Dolls by Antonette Cely, Dorit's Soft Sculture Doll Techniques, Adding Glass Eyes to a Cloth Doll Face, Cloth Doll Face makeup, Tressa and George Mabry, Isolde Hathaway a Dollmaker Who Seeks Meaning in Her Dolls.......
$5.99       #48-DM
HOLIDay issue
of SDA
Note that the cover has been
cut and and one page showing my Christmas Hitty has been removed (needed for my
scrapbook).  Otherwise,
in this issue you get:
Santas by Cheryl Breener and Deanna Brenner.  Dolls by Sharon Scofield, Mary Durbin and Sharon Scofield.  Doll and Teddy Bear Expo 2004.
Wish Upon a Star with Brenda Starr.  Dollmakers debut some cute kids in
 winter wear.  Elves' Night Out - paper doll by
Elizabeth Richards.  Baby dolls by Berenguer.  Kestner:  
The Man, His Factory and the Dolls They Purchased.
$3.99   #49-DM
dollreader magazine
August, 1994
doll reader
New Dolls by Linda Mason, Helen Kish, Sonja Bryer.  
Collectible Black Dolls.
Queen Victoria's Legacy.
Rosalie Whyel's Antique Beauties, Wax -over Dolls of England, Doll Quilts of Days Gone By.  Door of Hope Dolls.
Royal Reflections, Antique
Doll Theft......
$5.99   #50-DM
doll reader
July, 2001
doll reader
The magic of Jan McLean, Hildegard Gunzel, Peggy Dey's dolls, Travel Doll Delights, Sonneberg's Doll Museum, Sweet Sue Sophisticate - a 50's favorite, Celia Ashton and her daughter's clothes for their new line of vinyl dolls, Parlez Vous Petitcollin, Antique
bride dolls, Museum in Sonneberg, Germany, Krey baby doll company, The Ashton-Drake Galleries...
(Have 2)
 $5.99   #51-DM