LACE and Trims
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If everything is not in good condition, I
will  make  note  of  that  in  description
         For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.           

antique trim
Old (Vintage or antique) metalic/fine wiring trim. One inch wide.  I don't know to list this as lace, ribbon or trim.  I just know that I love it.  I wish the photo was better.There is a uniform pattern in one inch connected increments.  
The color is kindof a drab greenish brown with some gold tone metallic.  On its
back side you don't see the metallic.  I think that this is a real find!  (Have 5 yards)
$3.99 each yard #08D-L
Butterfly Yoke.  Black netting with copper tone metal beads.  Brass tone metal coins, sequins, and leaves, gold oval jewels, black beads and
black sequins and clear
rhinestone-like sequins.
Very pretty and unique!
Length of netting is 13".  Width is 8" at bottom.  Each side section is 3-3/4" wide.
New.         (Have 2)
$7.99 EACH    #08F-L

White doily.  Approximately
7" with the addition of
1 3/8" dropped lace pieces.
Has one break around edge.  Could be mended.
$2.99      #08E-L
Vintage lace cuff.  Beautiful!  1-3/8" wide, except for center.  There it is 2-3/8".  Ten inches circumference.  (Have 1)
$2.99      #00A-L

Unique eggshell tatting
with black stitchery.
1 yd x 26" long x  1" wide.
$12.99    #L2-L
Red 1/4" wide poly with a look of cotton.  Narrow lace.
  (Have 25 yards)
 $0.49 Each yard   #1029B-L
cotton lace
3/4" wonderful vintage lace.
Cotton lace.
 (3 yards available.)
$4.50 Per yd.
Two pieces of eggshell:
2" x 45" and 2"x1 yard, 11".  One piece of 1-1/4" x 19" varigated peachy-salmon.  
$2.99    #1029A-L
filet crochet
table cover
Table cover.  Bottom picture shows the color best, but top picture shows detail the best.  Pointed filet crochet - Longest points are 7 3/8" long.  Where go up,
before going to longest
points measure 4" long.  
Beautiful, perfect
filet crochet, is attached
to the same color of
 fabric.  If fabric remains
 this piece could cover a circular table.  The
fabric has holes in it.  
Measurement around
fabric is 76".
  $15.00   #11J-L

Vintage Collar with
large butterfly design.
$9.99   #11K-L

Close up viewMeasures
approximately 46 1/2"
around outer edge.  Hard to give measurements of this piece.  8" width at back of collar.  This is a lot of
beautiful tatting!  
$22.99   #11L-L
cotton lace
Cotton lace:  1/2" total width meaurement. If cut above
solid line over points, lace width would be 1/4".  Of course, since this is cotton, it could be dyed.
$1.50 per yd.   
rayon lace
1/4" rayon scalloped
white lace.  In two pieces:  
1 yard, 18"  and  
1 yard, 24 1/2"
$2.99     #11H-L
cotton lace
3/8", but when measuring the top the total measurement is 3/4".  Cotton pointed lace.  This could be dyed.  
$2.99 per yd.  
Beautiful handkerchief.
White with roses that
 have been stitched,
not just printed on handkerchief.  Roses on every corner!  
$2.99      #11M-L
How beautiful is this!  Excellent condition!
Beautifully done!  Measures
approximately 13-3/4".  
Not as yellowish as shown,
more of a light creme.
Has 24 flowers around edge.  Flowers are included in the measurement.  All flowers are the same size as one another.
(Have 1)
  $5.99     #11N-L
pink lace
Light pink 3/8" nylon
ruffled lace.  Measurement
does not inclued top binding.  It is an additional 3/16".   
  (13 yards, 24" available.  If you should buy all 13 yards I will give you the 24".)
$0.59 Per Yd.
Cream color -- 2 1/4" wide x
21" lace.  
#12B-L   $2.99

vintage collar
Front points of collar are 8 5/8" long.  Measurement Around the bottom
of the collar is
approximately 51".  
The neck opening
measurement is 18 1/4".
This may be Bobbin
or Needle Lace?
Whatever it is
beautiful and in
perfect condition.  Came
out of an estate.
#12B-L   $32.00
Beautiful and finished on all edges.  Measures 6 1/4" x 6 1/4".  Unique!
#12C-L   $3.99
Six inche doily.  Colors:
Off white, green, lavender and yellow.   (Have 1)
$2.25    #1029C-L
lace cuff
Vintage Cotton Cuff -
10-3/4" x 3-3/4".
$4.25   #12D-L
This is a beautiful piece.
It is a cotton  eyelet table runner that is 1 yard, 3"
long x 13-3/8" wide.  Eggshell in color -- not yellowish as photo has made it to appear.  It has four 1/4" holes in it.  Scalloped on all sides.  My photo does not do it justice.  Would be wonderful for doll slips and doll clothes.  (Have 1)
$5.99    #12E-L
lace maker
Lace Maker set:  Baset is 1 5/8" tall x approximately 5" long x 2 1/2" wide.  Wooden thread holders are each
2" long.  Padded roll is covered in burgandy cloth.  Paper with start of lace heart.  Think this is just a novelty ...something cute.
Total height is approximately 4" tall.
(Have 1)
$7.99       #12F-L
1" Venice White Lace
Openings at top will hold 3/16" wide ribbon.  
(5 yards available)
$2.59 Each yard
Cotton linen piece with royal blue and gold cross-stitching.  Tatted edges.
7-3/4" wide x 10" long.
Add to this measurement,
3/8" royal blue tatting around the four edges.
(Have 1)
$2.25    #12G-L
irish crochet
The lace top off of a lady's dress includes both sides - front and back, plus short
sleeves.  I think this is
chain stitched mesh with picots (frequently
used in Irish crochet).  
Very nice.  Years ago,
I used this type of lace
to cover velvet
cushions.  It is beautiful
and really highlights
projects.  Pointed area
is 6 1/2" long.  Sleeve
is 5" long.  
Neck opening is approximately 46".
$24.99    #11B-L
Light salmon, light weight
(almost sheer) linen.  
Delicately embroidered.
(Have 1)
$0.99    #1029F-L
Linen dresser scarf with crochet appliques.  There are 14 appliques.  Each
measures 3".  Scarf is 1 yard, 17 inches long and 16" wide.  Scarf measurement does not include the measurement of the appliques.  Color is
$15.00         #11C-L
2 5/8" wide in places and in two places is 4 1/2".  Length
is 17 1/2".
$2.99    #1029E-L
black lace
Lace yardage:  5/8" Black cotton/poly blend lace     
  (21 yds. available)
$1.29 PER YD.
38-1/2" wide x 15" long
beautiful table runner.
Matches two doilies above,
#L1-L.  Two smaller table runners match on the next page.
      $17.99     #08D-L
Vintage ecru lace is 1-3/4" wide.  A light weight lace.  Very nice.  One yard, 3".
(Only have what is shown)
$4.25      #11E-L

Eggshell tone polyester lace is 3/4" wide.  Have three selections:  11 yards, 10 yards and 11 yards.  Thirty-two yards in all!  Buy it all, or buy by the yard.
$0.25 Each yard #11F-L
antique lace
Antique lace.
Measures:  7-3/4" long
Measurement to the front:
Width is 3".  To the back:
1-3/4" wide.   (Have 1)
$3.99      #0000-L
corded roses
5/16" wide tiny
corded pink roses with
aqua underlayment. (Other colors shown in ribbon section.)
$1.50 Per Yd.  #11J-L
Color:   Eggshell.
Measurement:  4" wide  x
2-1/4" tall.  (Have 5)
  $1.99 Per vintage Applique  

corded roses
5/16" wide tiny
corded red roses with
dark green underlayment.
$1.50 Per Yd.
venice lace  
1 3/4" white Venice lace.  I think that it is a mixture of cotton and polyester?  Pretty.
$1.25 per yd.   
Dresser Doily
 $4.99     #08B-L
Center is 7" long.  Neck opening is 18-3/8".  Around
bottom is approximately
38" (1 yard, 2").  
$12.99       #08C-L

lace yardage    
Eggshell color new lace yardage.  It is
3/4" wide  x  9 yards long
$0.49 Per Yd.

black lace
Really neat 5/8" black lace.
Black dots.  Poly/Cotton
lace.  (6 Yards available.)
  $0.79 per yd. #02B-L

sleep cap
According to a book of lace that I have, this is late 1800's - Early 1900's!
Roll stitch (Bullion)
and Clones knot stitch
sleep cap.  Perfect
condition.  Bought from
an estate sale.
$32.00    #02C-L