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tea pot
1-7/8" tall x 1-5/8" wide
porcelain teapot.  Lid does
not come off.  Very nice!
(Have 1)
$3.99   #107-MNK
Green basket full of berries.
Berries sign showing value to be  45 cents.  On red and
white checked cloth.  Size of basket:  5/8"  x  1/2"
(Have 2)
$2.25 each
Adorable teapot!
 1-3/8" tall x 2-1/4" wide
Lid cannot be removed.
(Have 1)
$3.99   #109-MNK
pepsi crate
Yellow Pepsi Crate with
3 bottles.  Bottles are 7/8" tall.  Twelve places for
1-3/4" long x 1/2" tall x
1-1/2" wide.   (Have 1)
$2.99   #110-MNK
4" tall  x  2-3/8" wide.  Wooden handle with red
hanging loop.  Broom straw
stitched with red threads.
(Have 8)
$1.25 Each   #111-MNK
Set:  Cookies, Cookie Sheet, Gingerbread Man, Heart and Christmas tree cookie cutters and spatula.  Cute!  You get them all!  (Have 2 sets)
  $3.99  Ea. set
pitcher and bowl
Pitcher and Bowl by
Enesco Corp.  My camera
made this cute pitcher and
bowl set look totally wrong.
The true colors are:  Pale
yellow with a shade of  federal
blue dots.  Inside of pitcher
throat is a shade of peach;
also inside of bowl.  Pitcher and bowl are attached.
Measures:   1-3/8" tall.
$2.99      #113-MNK
Tea Pot or Coffee Pot
Porcelain with rose design.
1" tall x 1-3/8" wide
$2.49    #114-MNK

1-3/4" tall porcelain pitcher
(Have 1)
$2.49    #115-MNK

Blue cookware.  1-1/8" x 3/8" stock pot with lid. Three sauce pans with their lids. Speckled pots and pans.     (Have 3)
$4.99   #116-MNK

Basket of corn
Basket is 1-1/4" wide x
1-1/2" long.  Add 1/4" in
height for corn.  
(Have 1 basket of corn)
$2.99   #117-MNK
Windmill Tea Service:
3-3/4" wide porcelain
 tray, 1-1/4" saucers,
1-3/4" tea pot with lid,
1-1/8" sugar bowl with lid, 7/8" creamer and
two 5/8' cups.
(Only have this 1 set)
$4.25   #118-MNK
tv dinner
TV Dinner 1 1/4" x 1".
(Have 2)
$2.25   #119-MNK

fudge cycle
1" x 1/2" Fudge Cycle
Flat back.  (Have several)
 $1.25     #120-MNK
1 1/4" Box of popcorn
and 1" book - "Cinderella"
No actual pages in book.
(Have 2)
$3.25   #121-MNK
potatoe chips and tv guide
1-1/4" x 3/4" Bag of
 potatoe chips and
7/8" x 5/8"tv guide.
$3.99   #122-MNK
orange cycle
1" x 1/2" Orange Cycle
Flat back
$1.25   #123-MNK
jolees boutique
"Picnic Time" for
scrapbooks (picnic table, kabobs, mustand,
ketchup, barbeque sauce,
chicken drumsticks,
hotdogs, hamburgers,
lemons, limes, hot sause,
grill, pitcher of lemonade,
watermelon, glass of lemonade...)jolee's boutique
$3.99   #124-MNK
condiment shelf
Wooden Condiment Shelf full of corked bottles.  Labeled bottles:  Salt, Paprika, Pepper,
and Sesames.  Measures:
1-7/8" long  x  1-1/4" tall  x
5/8" wide.      (Have 1)
$2.99     #125-MNK
  kitten cookie press
Two inch kitten cookie press.
the top has a 7/8" handle of sorts to hold on to while making your kitten imprint.
Very cute.  The top looks like Frankoma to me, but has a sticker that says Rycraft.
(Have 1)
$3.99     #126-MNK
rolling pin
1-5/8" long x 3/8" across, Rolling Pin
(Have 3)
$0.79   #127-MNK

apples and rolling pin
Wooden bowl full of apples
with rolling pin.  1-3/8" bowl.
Rolling pin is 1-5/8".
(Have 1)
$1.99     #128-MNK
Kitchen cutlery.  Blade is
approximately 1-1/8" long x
approximately 1/4" tall.
Handles are each 1/2" long.
(Have 1)  
 $2.25    #129-MNK

Wire whisk with wooden handle is 1-7/8" long.  Across
wire is approximately 3/8".
(Have 1)
$0.99   #130-mnk
2-1/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall wooden, stenciled,
"Country Kitchen" shelf
(Have 4)
$2.25   #131-MNK
cola bottle
7/8" cola bottle
$0.59  Per bottle

Wooden shelf is 3-1/8" long x
1/2" tall.  On top are 2 candles and a wooden heart.
Shelf has 3 knobs.  Black
metal hanging basket with
red apples measures 1" tall.
Black metal rug beater is
1-1/2" long.  Really cute.
(Have 3)
$3.25   #133-MNK
tea pot
Porcelain or China Tea Pot
made in Japan.  Lid can be
removed.  Pretty floral
decoration.  Measurement:
1-1/2" tall  x  1-3/8" wide.
   $2.49    #134-MNK

Set of 2 nice plastic pans.  Lids are removable.  
(Have 2 sets)
$2.49   #135-MNK
waffle cone
1-3/8" Waffle cone.  Looks like a chocolate dipped icecream cone.   Yellow stand is only to help with photography.       (Have 8)
 $0.50 EA.   #136-MNK
Popcycles.  Take your choice.
Measurement of each
popcycle:   1".  Have 3 green,
1 purple, 1 blue, 1 yellow,
1 orange and 1 pink.
Flat backs.  (Have several)
$0.75 EA.    #137-MNK
fish in skilletFish in skillet
Measurement: Pan  1-3/8".
Fish is 3/4".
(Have 2)
$2.99     #138-MNK
icecream cones
Icecream cones.  Take your choice. Measurement of
each icecream cone:  1-1/4"
These are actually buttons
with shanks that can be cut off
if desired.  Of course, you might want for your doll to have an icecream cone necklace, or actually use as a button.     (Have several)
$0.75 EA.    #139-MNK
crockery pitcher
Crockery pitcher with
floral design.  Very nice.
2-1/4" tall       (Have 1)
  $3.25     #140-MNK
iron and match holder
Set of 1/2" long  x  3/8" tall Iron and 1/2" tall  x  1/4" wide
 Match Holder.
(Have 1 set)
$3.99   #141-MNK
2-3/8" tall mop.
(Have 2)
$1.25   #142-MNK
1-1/4" tall painted pitcher
$2.25    #140A-MNK

Pico, Made in Occupied Japan,
porcelain plate measures
3" wide.  Two 3/4" tall
cream pitchers and 7/8" tall
sugar bowl.
   $1.99   #140B-MNK
Porcelain or china cup?
On bottom is stamped,
Japan.      (Have 1)
$2.99     #140C-MNK

milk bottles and carrier
7/8" tall Milk bottles and
 silver carrier.  Silver carrier
 is  1-1/8" wide  x  5/8" tall (without handle in measurement. The handle  is 1-1/8" tall)     (Have 2)
$3.99        #141A-MNK
muffin pan
Muffin Pan with muffins
Pan is 1-5/8" long x 1-1/4" wide
1/2" deep.       (Have 1)
$2.25      #141B-MNK

cup and saucer   
Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set
Pink rosebud with gold leaves
Cup is 7/8" tall  x  1-1/8" across
top of cup (handle not included in measurement).  Saucer
is 1-7/8" across.
(Have one set)
$3.25     #141C-MNK
Miniature Porcelain Tea Service decorated with
grapes and greenery.
Tea pot, with lid on, is 1-3/4" tall.  Cups are 1/2" tall.  
Saucers measure 1-1/4" across.   
$2.99    #141D-MNK
China or Porcelain Rose Plates that were made in Japan:
1-3/8"  and  1-7/8".
 $1.99     #141E-MNK
Blue Dishes
One plate, one mug, one
saucer and one pan.
Breakable, not metal.
(Only have this one set)
$1.99    #143-MNK