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For Your total order, we have a $5.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.  e-mail your order to me instead of going thru PayPal and I may be able to save you money on shipping; I will invoice you if you prefer over using shopping carts.  Or, place your order using PayPal
peace bracelet
Peace Bracelet.  1" around with 1/16" rhinestones.  One missing.  Double rounded elastic wrist band.  (Have 1)
$0.99     #188A-J
Black beaded silver tone rosary.  25" of beaded chain to Mary..she is 1/2" x 3/4".  Beading and cross another 6".  Cross measures
1" x 2 1/4"
$7.99      #188B-J
rhinestone necklace
Two rows of black rhinestones glued to rawhide necklace.  Approximate 14" neck opening.   (Have 1)
$0.99   #188C-J
cat earrings
Cat earrings are silver tone metal.  Pierced.  Size:
1 3/8" wide x 2 1/2" long.  Light weight.  (Have 1 pair)
$2.99       #186A-J
New pierced turquoise and rhinestone sets on silver tone metal.  (Have 1 pair)
$1.25   #186B-J

pieces of jewelry
Pieces of Jewelry.  1 3/8" x rhinestone bird pin, 2" x 5/8" hair pin with floral center surrounded with rhinestones, 1 3/8" x 1" golden flower with leaves --
has 2 red rhinestones, and screw-on red rhinestone earrings.  One stone missing on one of the earrings.
$2.99    #186C-J
cat earrings
Silver tone metal cat earrings.  Pierced and light weight.  1" wide x 2" long.
Fish hooks not in measurement.  (Have 1 pair)
$2.99     #185A-J
Set of six beads on broken chain measure approximately 5/8" across.  Photo shows seven, but now there are six.   (Have 1 set)
$0.50   #185B-J
Large 1 5/8" clear bead that measures 3" in circumference.  Black suede
15" cord that is 1/8" wide.  Nice silver tone closure.
(Have 1)
$0.99      #185C-J
photo frame charm
3/4" x 1/2" (measurement includes the loop on top)
antique silver tone photo frame charm.   
$1.25 EACH     #185-J
screw on earrings
1/2" Old screw-on earrings
(Have 1 pair)
$1.99   #186-J
Double chained beaded necklace.  You get bronze/brass tone chain, 6 metal round beads,many  dark opague reddish brown and gold tone crystal like tear drop beads,  Chains are
13" each; 7" of beads.  Each bead is approximately 5/8" long.  (Have one necklace)
 $2.99        #187-J
20" gold tone chain.  As you can hopefully see there are 2 kinds of chair.  The second chain is an extension chain.  Both together measure 20".
The pendant, including its loop for chain, measures 1" tall x 5/8".  Has a beautiful black stone and one rhinestone.   (Have 1)
$1.99     #187A-J
panther brooch
 Panther brooch is
1 3/4" tall x 1 5/8" wide.
Enameled.  (Have 1)
$4.99    #187B-J   
Silver tone necklace is adjustable.  Total measurement is 2 strands of rope chain that measures 33" each.  Vintage looking.  May just need to be polished?  Quite unique!  
(Have 1)
$1.49   #187C-J
Three pair of small pierced earrings.  On left enameled white and gold, center are balls of 5 golden rhinestones and on right, gold tone bows.  Very nice.  You get all three.
(Have 1 set)
$2.99      #189-J
These pierced earrings match the necklace shown above -- # 187-J.  5/8" long beads are dark opague reddish brown.  Metal is bronze/brass.  (Have 1 pair)
$0.99       #188-J
pierced earrings
Pierced silver earrings with tortoise color dangle beads.  Total measurement: 1" wide diamond shape x  2 1/4" long
$4.99   #190-J
cameo pendant
Cameo pendant measures 5/8".  If you want the ring in the measurement...the total measurement would be 3/4".  Just waiting for a fine chain.
(I have3 of these.)  
  $1.35  EACH   #192-J
flag pin  
New beautiful gold tone metal flag pin has tiny rhinestones between the red stripes.  Measures
2 1/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide.
    $3.99   #191-J
zebra pin I don't know if this little
zebra pin is sterling.
 It is very nice.  Measures:
1-3/4" tall x 1-1/2" wide.
$3.99   #193-J
dog earrings
1"  x  1"  Dog Earrings
#194-J    $2.99

beaded heart
Beaded Heart.  The red bead
at the top has a dark thread
running through it.  Measures:
1-1/8" long  x  7/8" wide.
(Have 1)
   $1.49     #196-J
Jewelry lot:  Brass tone, with beading, pierced earrings, pineapple charm with rhinestones or diamond chips?  Christmas tree charmTiny gold tone pierced earrings.  Extra beads...  (Have 1 lot)
$2.99    #197-J
Broken chains.  You get all shown.  
$2.50   #197-J
This bracelet has a lot of missing sets, but does have three black oval sets and a couple of round sets.  The bow looking metal mainly needs center sets, but does miss some of the smaller sets.  If you have sets to repair, would be nice.  If you are a doll maker, the metal bows would make great belt buckles.  Bracelet is 7 1/2" long x 3/8" wide.  Black sets are 1/2" x 5/16".    (Have 1)
$1.49    #198-J
Four broken chain groupings:
Chain in front is a box chain that measures 18 1/2" x 1/16".
Going back, next chains with peeling pearls measure 6"
long.  Seven chains - 3 with pearls.  Clasp, with 2 larger pearls, is 7/8" x 7/8".  Next one, to the right measures 8 1/4" x 1/8".  Last chain
measures 25 1/2" x 1/8".
$2.75    #199-J
Black enameled earrings.  Pierced and light weight.  
1 3/8" wide x 2 1/2" tall.  
(Have 1 pair)
$6.99    #200-J

Set of six broken chains (one is a grouping).  The grouping to the left measures
 5" x 1/16" - 9 chains.  
Largest chain measures
30" x 1/8".  In the circled
chain is a chain measuring
8 1/2" x 1/8".  Other with
2 ball beads is 4 1/2" x 1/8".  Chain to back right measures 11" x 1/8".  Chain to the left back measures 15" x 1/16".  (Have one set)
$2.99      #201-J
noahs ark pin   
Bright silver-tone
Noah's Ark Pin with the
word "Jesus".  Measures:  
2" long x 1-1/4" tall.
(Have 1)
$2.49   #202-J
Set of broken chains.  You get all shown.
$4.00   #203-J
Set of broken chains.
$4.00   #204-J
Gorgeous bronze tone metal brooch that is loaded with hearts, beads, stars  and hearts!  Measurement:  
2 1/8" wide x 4" long.  
$5.99     #205-J
1/2" x 1 1/8" Colorful pierced earrings -- fish hooks not included in measurement.  I believe that these are collectible, but not sure.
(Have 1 pair)
 $3.99    #206-J
Vintage buckle.  Each of the two sections
measure 1-3/4"
$7.99   #208-J
garden charms
Four silver tone "Garden
Charms."  3/4" Butterfly,
1/2" Flower, 1/2" Frog
and 3/8" Dragonfly.
(Have 1 set)
$1.99   #207-J

vintage earrings
Vintage clip-on silver tone earrings.  Measure:  3/4" long.  (Have 1 pair)
$3.99   #210-J
Pink Flamingo Pierced
Earrings.  Flamingos each measure 1-1/4" tall.  Pink metal bells and colorful beads.
 $2.99     #209-J
Vintage screw-on enamel earrings measure: 1 1/4".  If you do not want the earrings to be screw-on's, we will change to posts or clip-on's.
(Have 1 pair)
$3.99      #211-J  
Silver and charcoal tone
clip-on earrings.
(Have 1 pair)
$0.99   #212-J
heart hat pin
Heart hat pin has roses on mother of pearl..covered.  Measures:  3/4" x 2 1/2" long.
$3.99     #213-J   

elephant earrings
Elephant pierced earrings are 1 3/8" tall x 1 3/8" wide.
Gold tone metal, light green, green, pink sets; black rhinestone eyes.  Fish hooks
$3.99   #214-J  
western charms
Set of Three hollow metal western charms.
(Have 2 sets of the 3 charms)
$0.99  For set of 3
christmas pin
Gold tone small Christmas pin. Bells, ribbon and springs of cedar.  Measures:
 1-1/8" long  x  7/8" wide
$1.99   #215-J
heart bracelet   
Unique Heart Bracelet
1-1/8" Heart looks like mother-of-pearl with a light blue rhinestone center.  I think that it is plastic.  A little
larger than 8-1/2' around.
(Have 1)
$1.25   #217-J
Not a very good photo
of pink pendants.  Prettier pink than shown.  Sold
separately.  Each measures:
approximately 1/2" (a little less) long  x  3/8" wide.
Have one hole at top.
(Have 9 pendants)
$0.25 EA pendant.    #219-J
Set of Three 5/8" Faceted Pink Plastic Pendants.  Have one hole at the top.
(Only have this one set)
$0.25     #218-J

Beige pendants. Sold
separately.  Each measures:
approximately 1/2" (a little less) long  x  3/8" wide.  Have one hole at top.
(Have 10 pendants)
$0.25 EA.   pendant.

cuff bracelet
Hinged cuff bracelet that is full of gorgeous jewels.  No missing sets.  Brushed gold tone metal.  Magnetic closure that works well.  Inside measurement for wrist is approximately 8".  Bracelet is 1 1/4" wide.
$7.99     #222-J
Black beaded necklace
with adjustable closure.
Many rows of wonderful
black beads,  Fine black
chain connecting the beads.
(Have 1)
$2.50      #221-J
bee earrings
So pretty!  Look like bees!  Large clear rhinestone at the back, pink rhinestone for the head and light green rhinestone for wing.  Gold tone filagree body!  Size:
5/8" wide x 7/8" long.  
$3.99     #223-J    
1 1/4" beautiful white and gold metal clip-on earrings
with pearlized centers.
(Have 1 pair)
 $6.99     #225-J
rhinestone pin
Rhinestone pin is 7/8" long x
3/8" wide.  Silver tone metal.
$0.99     #224-J
Rhinestone pendant necklace.  Pendant is 5/8" x 1/2".  Chain is 16" long.  Silver tone.  (Have 1)
$0.99    #226-J
Silver tone dragonfly necklace
Necklace is adjustable in length.  Chain is 18-3/4" long. Has a bear claw closure.    #227-J     SOLD!
Silver tone dolphin bracelet
7-1/4".  Some of the dolphins
are singular; some look like
mother and child dolphins.
(Have 1)
$2.99    #229-J
Brass tone dragonfly necklace.  Necklace is adjustable in length.  Chain is 18-3/4" long.
Has a bear claw closure.  Photo does not make them look like brass...sorry!  
(Have 1)
$2.99      #228-J
gingerbread pin
Gingerbread Pin
Cute as a Christmas Pin or anytime. Textured plastic
Measurement:  2" tall  x
1-3/8" wide.
$1.25     #229-J
bow pin
1-5/8" x 1-3/8" gold tone metal bow pin.    (Have 1)
$2.99     #230-J
Cute bear pin.  Resin, but bear looks carved.  Love Conquers All.      (Have 1)
$1.25     #231-J
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