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   HOLIDAY MINIATURES and Items for Dolls:  Seasonal
For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.
Christmas lot
Bells, package, wreath, apple and wooden sleigh and rider.   (Have 1 set)
$1.49    #330A-MNH

Panda Clamp On
This cutie may be clamped on a Christmas tree limb or elsewhere.  3-1/4" tall.
(Have 1)
$2.59   #330B-MNH
Christmas Stocking Frame Ornament
4-1/4" tall x 3" wide.
Plastic and much prettier than shown!  The photo opening measures:  1.5 in. x 2 in.   (Have 1)
$2.99   #330C-MNH
snowman ornament
7/8" tall  x  5/8" wide
Snowman Ornament
Red hat trimmed with blue.
Scarf is blue with white
polka dots.  Yellow star.
(Have 1)
$0.50     #330-MNH
angel ornament
3/4" tall  x  5/8" wide
Angel  Ornament
(Have 1)
$0.99    #331-MNH
Set of miniature Santa and Mrs. Claus in rockers.  Plastic and adorable!  1-1/2" total height.  Just noticed that Mrs. Claus is missing
an arm.   (Have 1 set)
$2.99     #332-MNH
3" tall Santa Ornament
holding a package.
Hard rubbery plastic.
(Have 1)
$1.49     #333-MNH
redbird on nest
3/4" tall  x  3/4" long
Red Bird on Nest
Pretty red and green glitter
$0.50   #334-MNH
toy box
Toy Box with Doll and Soldier
7/8" tall  x  1/2" wide.
Pretty red, green and blue
glitter trimmed.
$0.50   #335-MNH
7/8" tall  x  7/8" wide
Snowman Ornament
Pretty red and light blue
glitter.   (Have 1)
$0.50      #336-MNH
moose ornament
1" tall  x  3/4" wide
Moose Ornament
Red glitter outfit and on hat
(Have 1)
$0.50    #337-MNH

3/4" tall  x  3/4" tall
Blue and white scarf and white with red polka dot band on top hat.   Snowman Ornament.    (Have 1)
$0.50    #338-MNH
snowman ornament
7/8" tall  x  5/8" wide
Snowman Ornament
Green hat with yellow hat,
Red with white polka dot
scarf.  Two yellow buttons.
(Have 1)
$0.50   #339-MNH
reindeer ornament
1-1/2" tall  x  1-1/4" long Reindeer Ornament
This looks like the glass
blown vintage ornaments, but is plastic.  (Have 1)
$1.25   #340-MNH
  Toy Soldier
2-1/4" tall toy wooden soldier
ornament.  Color of jacket is
light blue.  Hat and boots are painted black.  Really cute.  (Have 3)
$0.99   EACH
snowman ornament
3/4" tall  x  5/8" wide
Snowman Ornament
Wears a top hat, has red gloves, yellow scarf and has
a Christmas tree at side.
(Have 1)
$0.50     #342-MNH
sleigh full of toys
5/8" tall  x  3/4" long
Sleigh full of Toys
More cute in person than in
photo.  Red, green and gold
glitter.  Doll wears lavender
dress.     (Have 1)
$0.50     #343-MNH
7/8" tall  x  3/4" wide Santa
Adorable.  Wears red glitter Santa suit and hat.  Wears green gloves and has a green glittered sack.   
 (Have 1)
$0.50   #344-MNH
snowman ornament3/4" tall x  5/8"
Snowman Ornament
Top hat has a white with
polka dot band, red and white scarf, three yellow buttons.   (Have 1)
$0.50    #345-MNH
snowman ornament3/4" tall  x 3/4" wide
Snowman Ornament
Pearlized snowman has arms
that look like sticks, wears
a blue scarf, has 3 yellow buttons.   (Have 1)
$0.50    #346-MNH
snowman ornament
Snowman Ornament
7/8" tall  x  3/4" wide
Wears red hat, red and
white polka dot scarf,
2 black buttons..  (Have 1)
$0.50    #347-MNH

1-1/4" tall x 1" wide
Snowman Ornament
Holds a birdhouse and broom.
Red and gold glitter vest and green glitter scarf.  Clear glitter on snowman.  Blue
glittered gloves.  Black
top hat with red band.  
(Have 1)
$0.50   #348-MNH
snow man
1-1/4" tall  x  1" wide
Snow man Ornament
Holds red and green glittered
packages, blue glitter gloves, yellow and green scarf and
black top hat.  Clear glitter on snowman.       (Have 1)
$0.50    #349-MNH

1-1/4" tall  x  1" wide
Snowman Ornament
Clear glitter on snowman.
Black top hat with red band.
Red glitter scarf, blue glitter gloves, green glitter with gold vest.. Holds lantern.
(Have 1)
$0.50   #350-MNH
1-1/2" tall  x  1-1/8" wide
Santa Ornament
Really cute red glittered suit
and hat.  Clear glitter on white
trim.  String of gold stars.
Santa wears green gloves.  
(Have 1)
$0.50   #351-MNH
1-1/4" tall x  1-1/8" wide Snowman Ornament
Holds birdhouse and red bird.
Clear glitter on snowman.  Green and yellow glitter stripe
scarf.  Two yellow buttons.  
Blue glittered gloves.  Black
top hat with red band.
(Have 1)
$0.50     #352-MNH
1-1/2" tall  x  1" wide
Santa Ornament
Santa holds a gold star.
His suit is red glitter, as
is his hat.  He wears green
gloves.  Has 4 buttons
down front.   (Have 1)
$0.50    #352-MNH
train ornament
1-1/4" tall  x  7/8" long
Train Ornament
Red, green and gold glitter.
(Have 1)
$0.50     #353-MNH

snowman ornament
3/4" tall  x  3/4" wide
Snowman Ornament
Cute arms..look like sticks.
Black top hat with yellow and red band.  Three red buttons.   (Have 1)
$0.50    #354-MNH
train ornament
5/8" tall  x  5/8" long
Train Ornament
Red and green glitter.
(Have 1)
$0.50   #355-MNH
christmas tree ornament
5/8" tall  x  1/2" wide
Christmas Tree Ornament
Gold star on top of green
glittered tree.  Has candy
cane and gold ornaments.
(Have 1)
$0.50    #356-MNH
teddy bear ornament
7/8" tall  x  7/8" wide
Teddy Bear Ornament
Red glitter heart.  Red hat
trimmed with white.
(Have 1)
$0.99    #357-MNH
christmas wreath ornament
3/4" wide  x  7/8" tall
Christmas Wreath Ornament
Green and red glitter.  Two
gold balls.   (Have 1)
$0.50    #358-MNH
soldier ornament
7/8" tall  x  1/2" wide
Soldier Ornament
Blue and red glitter.  
White beard.  Red and gold
hat.  Black boots.  Gold trim.
(Have 1)
$0.50    #359-MNH
snowman head
7/8" tall  x  1/2" wide
Snowman head with scarf
Red glittered scarf.  Also, has clear glitter and green glitter.  Black top hat.  
 (Have 1)
$0.50     #360-MNH
snowman ornament
3/4" tall  x  5/8" wide
Snowman Ornament
Red and green glitter trimmed.  Black top hat.       (Have 1)
$0.50    #361-MNH

fish bucket
Fish Bucket with shown fish.
Measurement:  1-1/4" tall  x
1-1/4" wide.  Resin, but looks
like wood.       (Have 1)
$2.25    #362G-MNH
Two strung fish.
2-3/4" long  x  1-3/4" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.49    #363A-MNH
fishing boots
Fishing Boots
1-3/8" tall  x  1-1/8" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.25   #364B-MNH

Resin basket work look
Creel for holding fish.
Measurement of ornament:
1-1/2" long  x  1-1/2" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.25    #362A-MNH
Oars.  Resin but looks wooden.
Measurement:  5-5/8" long  x
3/4" wide.  Other handle is
not shown but is there underneath...     (Have 1)
$2.25   #362B-MNH
fishing hat
Fishing Hat.  Resin.  Measurement:  1-7/8" long  x
1" tall.         (Have 1)
$1.99      #362C-MNH

Christmas Ornament
1-1/4" long angel  x 1" tall,
two  1-1/4"  flowers,
 1-1/8" long x 1" wide cross and
1-3/8" long  x  3/4" tall white
dove.  You could call these porcelain charms on a 5-3/8" long wire.  Each could be
removed to be used differently.
Bent wire - approximately
3-1/4" from one hooked end
to the other hooked end.
Love this!  Unique!
(Have 1)
$1.99    #362D-MNH
Corn Doll.  How cute is this!
Doll is holding a Christmas tree.  If you do not want the Christmas tree to show,
it can be taken to the back of the doll or removed.  
3-3/4" tall and the connected
pieces of corn that represent
legs, are each 7/8" tall.
(Have 1)
$3.99    #362E-MNH
Hallmark Christmas Wooden
Teddy Bear.  2" tall.
(Have 1)
$1.99  #362F-MNH
Santa Mug
(Have 2)
$1.99  each
Santa Teapot.  Santa sits on stool.  Holds a rocking horse
and has a train and packages in front of him.  Santa's head comes off
as a teapot lid!
2-3/4" tall  x  2-5/8" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.25      #363B-MNH
Resin Elf with
and present
1-3/8" tall  x  2" wide.
(Have 1)
$1.79   #363D-MNH
Two elves beside a figure that looks like he is in a soldier's attire?  The soldier's head
comes off to expose a hollow place (like a teapot).  
2" tall  x  2-1/4" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.25     #363E-MNH