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Dollmaking, Crafting and Other Supplies
For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

Two pieces of cotton fabric:  Concord navy blue with flowers is 1/2 yard long x 45-1/2" wide.  Piece to the right is 20" x 16".  It is mauve with small pink and light blue flowers.
$1.99    #210A-CR               
Cross Stitch Fabric
I believe these are 18 Count
The fabric to the front is more dark than it really is.  The actual color is more of a wheat color.  These were
sold to me out of packages,
so because I can not give exact information I am pricing this extremely low.
Both pieces have a
wooly feel to them.  The creme color is 20-1/2 x 17-1/2". The darker piece is
 20-1/4" x 12-1/4".
$2.25     #210B-CR
fabric lot
Fabric Lot.  Three pieces of cotton fabric:  Concord navy blue with flowers is
16" x 42".  Mauve with tiny eggshell flowers is
 17" x 44".  Eggshell with squares of mauve and tiny blue hearts.  Measurement:  16" x 20-1/2".
$2.99     #210C-CR

suede lacing
1/8" Red Suede Lacing
(23 yds. available)
$0.89 per yd.
suede lacing
1/8" Medium Brown
Suede Lacing
(24 yds. available)
$0.89 Per yd.
suede lacing
1/8" Beige Suede Lacing
(20 yds. available)
$0.89 Per yd.
Four Quilt Blocks
Top left:  The Tale of
Pigling Bland.  Top right:  The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.
Left bottom:  The Tale
of Tom Kitten.  Right bottom:  The Tailor of
Gloucester. (Have 1 set)
$1.99    #214A-CR
Iron On Doll Face Transfers
Deluxe full color
2 designs, 3 face sizes and 6
face transfers.  Large size for dolls 20" to 24".  Medium size for dolls 16" to 20".  Small size for dolls 14" to 18".  Complete easy to follow instructions are inside of package.  Free test transfers are included so you won't make a mistake.  
(Have 2 packages)
   $2.99 EA.package
plastic rings
25 Plastic Bone Rings.  5/8" 16MM    (Have 6 packages)
$0.89     #214C-CR

rubber stamps
"Cutie Stamps"  
1-1/4" Rubber Stamps for decorating your creative projects - 4 cat stamps; Ink pad.  
(Have 5)
$2.99   #207A-CR
rubber stamps
"Cutie Stamps"
1-1/4" Rubber Stamps for
decorating your creative
projects - 4 school related
stamps; Ink pad. (Have 2)
$2.99   #207B-CR
rubber stamps
"Cutie Stamps"
1-1/4" Rubber Stamps for
decoraing your creative projects - 4 dog stamps;
Ink pad.  (Have 2)
$2.99   #207C-CR
craft eyes
Craft eyes set of 15 m/m red/pink eyes for
stuffed animals, or dolls.  
(Have 4 sets)
$0.69   #207D-CR
rubber stamps
"Cutie Stamps"
1-1/4" Rubber Stamps for
decorating your creative
projects - 4 Dinosaurs;
 Ink pad.  
$2.99   #207E-CR
animal nose
18 mm Red heart shaped animal nose or doll nose.
 (Have 2)
$0.79   #207F-CR

sewing kit
Compact and convenient Sewing Kit includes:  Needles, tape measurer,
needle threader, 12 colored threads, foam needle holder, mini scissors and thimble.  
Case measures 2- 1/2" tall.
$2.25   #206A-CR
Set of two copper tone bells.  One on its side shows clanker.  Each bell measures 1.25 in
(3.17 cm).  Sometimes called cow bells.
    (Have 6 sets)
$1.49    #206B-CR
Green cotton fabric has tiny white and peachy toned flowers with greenery designs.  22-3/4" wide x
34-1/2" long.
$1.50    #206C-CR

Grouping of purple
flowers with stems.  
Pretty for red hat
decorations, or
 other.1/2 " flowers  
 (Have 3 groups)
$1.25 Ea
linen string
Wax covered linen string
$0.20 per yd.
Grouping of red flowers
with stems.  Pretty for red
hat decorations, or other.
1/2" flowers
(Have 3 groups)
$1.25 Each group  #208-CR

wooden spools
16 pcs. - Mini Wooden
 3/8" x 1/2" x 1/8".
(Have 8 packages)
$2.50 each

Sequined bow applique.
Gold sequins with gold beading around edges.
Measures:  3-1/4" tall x
 3-1/4" wide.   (Have 2)
$1.25 Each   #210-CR
wooden spools
1/2" wooden spools
$2.50    #211-CR
boutonniere pins
Two 2-1/8" Boutonniere Pins
$0.25   #212-CR

1/2" Pom Poms
(Have 2)
$1.25    #213-CR
Five Cotton Quilted Hearts
Largest is 4-1/2" tall; Smallest is 2-1/4" tall.
 $1.25     #214-CR
  Rick Rack Lot
Two packages of Medium
width #44 Emerald, one package of Medium width
#76 Scarlet  -  2 1/2 yds in
each package.  One
package Baby width #92
Seal Brown - 6 yards.
(Have 1 lot)
$2.99     #215-CR
Approximately 5" tall adorable pincushion doll with wooden head.  She wears a black felt hat decorated with a ribbon rose.  Lots of detail with beautiful notions, hair, lace, fabric.   (Have 1)
$5.99    #216-CR
5mm  Black pom poms
(Have 1)
$1.25   #217-CR

Christmas Drape
32" x 48"   (Have 1)
$0.50        #218-CR
Wooden Hoop
7-1/2" across.   (Have 1)
     $0.99    #219-CR
3mm Black pom poms
(Have 1)
$1.25   #220-CR
patriotic fabric
1/4 Yard of patriotic
red, white and blue cotton fabric with great stars!  It is 45" wide.  Has a wonderful feel to it!  Very nice.
$2.75   For  1/4 yd.
27" long x  40" wide VIP Mauve with pink flowers and greenery cotton fabric.
$2.99     #222-CR
1/2 Yard of patriotic red, white and blue flag fabric is
45" wide.  Another nice
feeling fabric.  Very nice!
$3.99    #223-CR

pin backs
  Six  Silver tone 1"
pin backs  
$0.45   #224-CR
heart box
Paper Mache heart box.  
Measures 1  1/8" x  1/2".  
Lid measures 1 1/8" x 1/2"
$2.00    #225-CR
doll head
Doll head is 1" long.
Measurement is to the
end of the dolls's neck.  
(Have 2)
 $1.25    #226-CR
pom poms
1/2" Orange Poms Poms
16 pieces   (Have 2)
  $1.25   #227-CR

needle card
Keepsake Needle Card -
21 assorted hand needles & needle threader.  Card
measures 5" x 2  1/2".  Beautiful collectible card celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Prym sew-on snap.  A lovely bit of nostalgia!
$2.25   #228-CR
One package of 10 yds.,  1/16" black plastic  lacing
(Have 2 packages)
$1.89    #229-CR

Wooden stars:  3  1/4",
 2 1/2", 2 1/8", 1 3/4"
 and 1" stars.
(Only have these shown.
You get them all)
$2.25   #230-CR
I think this is a full skein without its paper binding.
Fall colors in this yarn.  Rust, olive green, gold, brown.  Very pretty.
(Have 1)
$1.89    #232A-CR
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 pom poms
Thirty 1/4" Pom Poms
(Have 1)
$1.25    #231-CR
Three feet with connectors, fan pull.  This beaded white chain has many uses and may be easily cut to desired length.  Stong up to 30 pounds.    (Have 2)
$0.99 Each
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Very nice porcelain pin cushion with pins.  Measurement:  Four inches (4") tall x five inches (5") long.  Approximately four and one-half (4-1/2") wide.
(Have 1)
$5.99     #232-CR
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10 Self-threading
hand needles
Have 2 packages (NOTE:  
one package
notes that the needles are ballpoint for knits, lingerie
 & elastic.  Please designate
which package that
you want)
$1.49 Each pkg.  #233-CR
Five Cotton Quilt Blocks.
Top left:  The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.  Top right:
The Tale of Pigling Bland.  Center bottom:  Ginger &
Pickles.  Left bottom:  The Tale of Little Pig Robinson.  Right Bottom:  The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse.
(Have 1 set)
$2.49   #234-CR
heart wreath  
Have several of these
heart wreaths.  They
measure 2".
  $0.75 EA.    #235-CR

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