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Dollmaking, Crafting
and Other Supplies
For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

sewing and knitting gauge  
Blue and white marking
pencils; 6" metal sewing and knitting gauge.
(Have 1 set)
$2.99     #332-CR
Two yards, 28" plus.
Mauve with eggshell designs
44" wide.  Marcus Bros. fabric.  
    $4.99       #333-CR

Wooden quilt rack for a doll's quilt.  Could be used for cross stitch, embroidery or other.  Measures:  From floor to top of sides is 5 1/2".  
Base is 5 1/4" across and 3" deep.  Hoop is 5" x 3 1/4".  
(Have 1)
  $5.99     #334-CR
angel wings
Gold Tone Angel Wings
2-1/2" wide x 1-3/8" tall
Filigree Wings
(Have 10)
$1.99     #335-CR
Beautiful "white" yarn.
Great for knitting, doll boas,
trims..  The width is 1" when
spread.  Unique and wonderful!
$0.49 Per Yd.
VIP Cotton Sunflower Fabric
44" wide x 23" long.
More of a deep burgundy
red than the photo shows.
3/8" Sunflowers and 1/4" navy blue and white squares.  Very nice piece of fabric.  (Have 1)
  $3.99     #337-CR
Lady Pincushion
Very pretty.  Black velveteen, black and old gold tapestry fabric.  
Antique gold metallic fringe, miniature black pom pom cording, sheer black
with antique gold metallic
edging.  Black velveteen hat.  Blond wool hair.  Facial
features.  7-3/4" across front
of cushion; approximately
6" tall.  Made by yours truly.    (Have 1)
$19.99    #338-CR
100% Nylon Yarn.  Beautiful
white and unusual.  If you
would knit with this, you would need to use 5.5mm knitting needles.  I can see
some other uses:  Embellishing adoll dress/embellishing
scrapbook entries.  Perhaps
you see other possibilities.
$0.75 Per Yd.  
Heart pincushion made by
Approximately 5" across  x  4" tall.  Front of pincushion
is made from a beautiful piece of antique velvet piano scarf (tones of taupe and brown).  On top of that is a unique piece of crochet with pink floral
center.  Buttons are mother
of pearl.  Chain is very unique and measures 11" long.  Back of pincushion is brown velvet.    One of a kind.      (Have 1)
$15.99         #340-CR
strung sequins
9 feet of silver strung sequins
(Only have 9 feet shown)
#2.25   #341-CR
 Two shades of gimp.  Picture does not show true colors, especially on the one that looks is a beautiful shade of wine.  1 yard, 34" of it.  The other shade is an antique gold shade.  4 yards, 24".  
You get both.
 $3.99     #342-CR
wooden beads
Package of Four wooden beads
(Have 2 packages)
$1.99  each pkg.        #343-CR
pipe cleaners
Premium Pipe Cleaners.
Bristle and 6" long x 1/8" wide.
(Have 2 packages)
$2.25    #344-CR
Holly Santa transfer    
Holly Santa, with Noel, transfer.  Heat applied images by Daisy Kingdom.  Contains one iron-on transfer and complete application insturctions.  Printed image area approximately 8 1/2" x
11 1/2".  (Have 1)
$2.25   #345-CR
30 Watt Soldering Iron
110-120 volts
Includes tip stand
Heats fast so be careful.
(Have 1)
$2.99    #346-CR
carbone rings
3/4" - 20mm Carbone Rings
(Have 1 package)
$1.49      #347-CR
Bunch of pink roses
Each rose is 5/8"
(Have 2)
$1.49      #348-CR
carbone rings
1" - 25mm Carbone Rings
(Have 2 packages)
$1.49    #349-CR
Bunch of white flowers
(wired and have pearl centers)              (Have 2)
$1.25 each   #350-CR
Bunch of pink flowers
(wired and have pearl centers)          (Have 2)
$1.25 each   #351-CR
3 yards, 29" of 42" wide
cotton fabric.  Eggshell
with blue specks background.  Pinkish mauve roses with blue stems and leaves.  Roses are 1/8".
$6.99     #352-CR
doll heads
18mm Small Doll Heads -
Wooden Beads.  
2" around  x  1/2" tall.  Sold separately.     (Have 36)
$0.35 EA.      #353-CR

wooden balls
Five 1/2" Wooden Balls with
 1/8" holes.  (Have 2 sets of 5 wooden balls/beads).
$0.75 EA SET
Drunkard's Path
Quilting Template
3 sizes on template make
finished squares of 2-3/4" (7cm), 3-1/2" (8.9cm) and 4-1/2" (11.4cm).  The template includes slots for both the sewing and cutting lines on both the concave and convex curves.   Blue
instruction sheet included.
    $2.99     #355-CR
Linaida, Aida 14 Count
1 pc.  12" x 18"
Cross stitch fabric
     $2.49       #356-CR

jingle bells
One hundred - 6mm Gold Tone Jingle Bells.  Not as bright a gold tone as shown.
(Have 1 package)
$5.99    #357-CR
animal nose
Not a good picture, but this
is a black animal nose.  Size:  
20mm (approximately 7/8"
 long  x 5/8" wide.
(Have 6 animal nose sets)
$0.59   #358-CR

cat eyes
Three 12mm sets shown, but sold in seperate sets.
(Have 4 sets)
One Set  $0.99
3-1/8" tall Torquoise, black
and red feather.  
$1.25      #360-CR
Set of two rows of black plastic eyelashes.  
Each row measures
5.75" length  x 3/4" wide.
(Have 16 sets)
$0.79  EACH SET
bears bandana
Pink Bears Bandana
(Have 1)
$1.25        #362-CR
red hat bandana
Red Hat Bandana
(Have 1)
$2.25      #363-CR
Blue Bears Bandana
(Have 1)
$1.25      #364-CR
scrapbook lace
Card of 100 inches of white lace Scrapbook Trim.  Scrapbook lace.  Acid Free.  Self-adhesive.  
(Have 1 card)
$2.49    #365-CR
Floral bandana
(Have 1)
$1.25      #366-CR
Package of Wooden Spools
Ten spools are each
3/4" x 5/8" (19.1 x 15.9mm)
(Have 2 packages)
$2.99 ea package

Fine Point  Sharpei   Permanent Marker.  Not for letter writing or cloth.  Permanent on most surfaces.  Quick drying.  
5-1/4" long.  
(Have 12)
$0.99 EACH  #368-CR
Quality stainless steel  3-1/2" Detail Craft Scissors.  Use for
cross stitch, needlepoint, handwork, embroidery, smocking, knitting, quilting and crochet.
(Have 4)
$2.99 EACH   #369-CR
4 Piece Tweezer Set
Stainless steel.  1 pc.
straight end blunt tip, 1 pc. bent broad tip, 1 pc. 45 degree angle precision tip and 1 pc. reverse action precision tip.
(Have 1 set, but can get more if needed.)
  $3.99   #370-CR
alphabet stickers
You get 353 Assorted alphabet stickers and number stickers in this package.  Peel and stick.   (Have 1 set as shown)
$2.29    #372-CR
scrapbook tags
Scrapbook Tags
Six Handmade Tags
Acid & Lignin Free.  Ideal
for scrapbooking!  These
tags are easily affixed to any surface and will transform your project into a work of art. Some have rhinestone centers.  One has a button.  Butterfly has wire antenna.  
 (Have 2 packages)
$2.99     #371-CR
football medal
Mini Medals for award-worthy projects.  
This one is for
Football.  On medal,
"Football Star"
Ribbon holding medal is
1-3/8" long  x  1" wide.
Medal is 1-1/8".  Other
ribbon is 3-3/4" long  x  
1" wide.       (Have 1)
$2.49      #373-CR

antique santa transfer   
#12101 Antique Santa transfer by Daisy Kingdom.  Contains one iron-on transfer and complete application instructions.  Printed image area approximately 8 1/2" x 11 1/2"  22cm x 29cm.  (Have 1)
$2.25   #372A-CR
Set of Head and neck. Together measure 4" tall.  Hands are 1-1/2" and 2" tall.  Made of rubbery material.  Open head - no back of head.       (Have 1)
  $1.25     #372B-CR
Screwdrivers for hobbies, Jewelry, electronics..
Hardened and tempered rustproof blades and bright plated handle.  Set of 6:
1.4 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.0mm... All are in a case and boxed.    (Have 1 set,
but can get more.)
$3.99     #372C-CR
Light Blue Aida 14 Count
1 pc. 12" x 18"
(Have 1)
$2.99    #372D-CR
Red Hardanger 22 Count
1 pc. 12" x 18"
(Have 1)
$2.99   #372E-CR
Yellow Aida 18 Count
1 pc. 12" x 18"
(Have 1)
$2.99   #372F-CR
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