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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

Barbie black lace camisole
(Have 1)
$0.50    #172A-DC

Shoe Bag and sheer polka dot leggings with ruffles at waist.  Sewn in underwear.
Bag has lace on plastic backing, plastic divisions for shoes or Barbie handbags.
$2.25   #145B-DC
Barbie white top.  Back goes down low and closes with a white plastic snap.  Very cute.
$0.50     #171A-DC
fashion doll clothing
Fashion doll clothing for
11.5" doll.  Brown and camel
knit slacks and matching top
with yellow fabric.  Cute
green sandle heels.
$2.25     #145-DC
Daddy's Little Girl
Baby Socks
White and pink
$1.25         #148-DC
straw hat
Black straw hat.  4" across brim.  5" head opening.
(Have 1)
$1.49     #149-DC
Mattel's great set of clothing and accessories for Midge and Baby!  Dress, Slacks, Shirt, Shoulder bag and shoes for Midge.  Baby blanket, bottle, shirt, rattles, bib and diaper for Baby.
You get it all!    
 (Have 1  set)
   $3.99  EACH SET
Cute Tweety Bird Baby
Booties (real baby size).  
(Have 1)
$2.25   #150-DC
tommy accessories
Set of Tommy Accessories
Cowboy hat and boots, sandals, tennis shoes, boots.  Five pair of footware and hat!    
     $2.99     #154-DC

straw hat
Black Painted Straw Hat
4-3/8" across brim.  7-1/4" head opening
(Have 2)
$1.49 each     #155-DC
clothes hanger
6" Doll's Clothes Hanger
(Have 21)
$1.99 each    #156-DC
Vinyl Elephant Bib
2" wide  x  1-5/8" tall.
Ties are 3" long.
(Have 1)
    $1.25    #158-DC

Size 4" Black flocked cowgirl/cowboy
hat.   4" long  x  3-1/2" wide.    (Have 2)
$2.99 each   #159-DC
teddy bear clothes
Teddy Bear Clothes fit
11" Bears.    (Have 1)
$2.99 each    #163-DC
Size 3" White flocked
western hat
(Have 3)
$2.99  each  #160-DC

bear clothes
Bear Clothes
Fit 11" Bears
(Have 2)
$2.99 each  #165-DC
teddy bear clothes    

Teddy Bear Clothes
Fit 11" Bears
(Have 2)
$2.99 each
teddy bear clothing
Teddy Bear Clothing
Fit 11" Bears
$2.99   #167-DC
8" long pink doll (child's) tights.  3-1/2" around waist
before stretched.  Prettier
shade of pink than shown...
(2 pair available)
$1.25 Per Pair
  chef clothing
Three piece chef clothing  for doll.  Hat has a 3 1/4" opening for doll's head.Top measures
2 3/8" across - sleeve edge to sleeve edge.  Top is 1 3/4" long from neck to bottom.  Has 4 red beads that represent buttons.  Pants have 4" waist opening, plus have elastic at the back.
Pants are 1 3/8" long.
(Have 1 set)
 $1.25   #168-DC
doll sweater
Doll Sweater.  Total measurement around bottom is 20".  Sleeve opens are  7".    4" long.
$2.25   #170-DC
Poor photo of terry cloth bib.  Baby size.  Water proof bib with ties closure.   (Have 1)
$0.99        #171-DC

Satin banded sheer sleeved
floor length gown.  Beautiful blue with Silver trim down front.  Fine white netting.
Leave or easily removed.
(Have 1)
$2.25     #172-DC

fashion doll clothing
Cute clothes for fashion dolls
Sundress/pants top is a soft jersey print.  Pale pink with cherry color print.  Dress length is 4-1/2".  3-3/8" Long light khaki topstitched, cuffed pants with a neat black braided patent buckled belt.  
Just noticed that it has a
tear near the back cuff.
Very neat pink shoes!  Pants
have a pocket on one
pant leg.  Not will get a pink tennis racket with this set.   (Have 1 set)
$2.99    #173-DC
barbie clothes
Set of Barbie Clothes.  Head scarf, stockings and cute shoulder purse.
$2.49   #174-DC
1-3/4" Victorian Crochet Hat
Measurement taken across brim.   (Have 4)
$0.79 Ea. Hat
1 pair white child's knit stockings.
Measures:  5-1/2" long
$0.99 per pair
miniature hat
Miniature 1 1/8" white lace
hat with lavender trim
(Have one)
$1.25   #177-DC

2" tall x 2-1/2" wide purse.
Double ribbon handles
add another 1-3/4" in height.    (Have 1)
$0.99   #178-DC
4" Tartan sinamay hat.
Measurement is across brim.
Head opening is 5".  Tartan is green and orange.  
(Have 2)
 $0.79 Each
Really cute cloth book for baby dolls.  Book closed is 4-5/8" long x  4-1/8" wide.
(Have 1)
$2.99     #180-DC
3-3/4" tall Teddy Bear Bottle,
4-1/2" long x 4-3/4" wide fleece bib and 1-3/4" tall x
2-1/2" long rubber duck
(Have 1 set)
$2.99    #181-DC
Baby Doll Toys
4" tall x 2-3/8" wide
fleece with ribbon and
embroidered initial rattle;
5" fleece teddy bear.
(Have 1 set)
$2.99     #182-DC
Poor photo of terry cloth bib.  Baby size.  Water proof bib with tie closure.   Light blue binding.    (Have 1)
$0.99      #183-DC

Two Decorative 5/8" x approximately 1/2" Doll Buckles.  Color is gold.
(Have 5 cards of 2 buckles)
$1.50 each card  #184-DC
Poor picture of a pretty doll's hat.  Ribbon bonnet.  1/4" wide peach ribbon woven through peach knitting/crochet.  5-1/8" around the front brim. 6-1/2" around the back edge.  Picture makes hat look orange, but it is a beautiful shade of peach.  (Have 1)
$3.49    #185-DC
2-1/2" long dress over attached panties will fit Kelly and other dolls of her size.
Waist is 2-7/8" around.
Velcro closure at back.
(Have 2)
$0.99 Each
Red and green knit scarf and hat  Scarf is 3/4" wide x 9" long (4.44 cm).
Hat is 2-3/8" tall and 3-1/4" around.   (Have 2 sets)
$1.99 each set    #187-DC
Knit Hat is 1-1/4" tall x 3-1/4" around.   (Have 1)
$0.50   #188-DC
Helmet and visor for Barbie size doll.  (Have 1 set)
$0.50    #189-DC
clothes_hangers Set of clothes hangers for 18" dolls.  Each hanger has a cut out heart and measures:
3-1/4" tall x 5-3/8" long.
(Have 1 set)
$2.25   #190-DC
patriotic hat
Patriotic Hat
Red, white and blue patriotic
hat.  It is a beautiful shade of blue and sparkles!  Has star
gold sequins and red and white hat band.  1-7/8"wide  x  1-1/8" tall.   (Have 1)
$1.49    #191-DC
Leggings and Pink Heels
Pink leggings are gathered
on one side and are 3-1/4" long.  Backless pink heels
are 3/4" long x 3/8" wide.
New, just not packaged.
(Have 1 set)
$0.79   #192-DC
Red fur coat for 18 inch dolls.   
$6.99  #193-DC
Headband for small doll
such as fashion doll or smaller
Orange bow.
(Have 6)
$0.25  EA.   #194-DC
Ribbon bonnet is 2 1/4" around the front brim; 2 3/8" around back edge.  Ribbon is 1/8" woven through knitting/crochet.  The ribbon is a nice shade of pink.  Lighter than shown in photo.
(Have 1)
$2.49   #194A-DC
st. patrick's day hats
This picture is showing front and back of St. Patrick's Day hats.  Across brim and head opening:  4-1/8" x 4-3/4".  Head opening is approximately 9" around.  Brim is 2" tall.
(Have 5)
$0.79 Each  #195-DC
Ribbon bonnet is 3 5/8" around the front brim; 2 5/8" around back edge.  Ribbon is 1/8" wide, woven through knitting/crochet.  The ribbon is not as dark as shown.  It is a nice shade of mauve.  
$3.25   #196-DC
ribbon bonnet
ribbon bonnet
Ecru ribbon bonnet.  Ribbon is laced between fine crochet or knitting.  Top picture is side view; bottom picture is back view. The gold metallic threads do not show up well in photo.  Beautiful bonnet!  6-1/4" around front brim; 5-1/4" around back of brim. Ribbon is 1/8" wide.   (Have 1)
$3.99   #197-DC
ribbon bonnet
White crochet/knitting bonnet.  Has lavender 1/4"
ribbon woven through the white.  7-3/4" measurement around front brim; 7" around the back opening.  Has same type of back as #197-DC.  
$2.99  #199-DC