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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

vintage buttons
Three vintage black buttons.  They measure
 1/2" long x 3/8" wide.
$1.99    #228-BT
button mixture
Beautiful Button Mixture
Top left button is 3/4".  Either navy blue or black?
Top right is 5/8".
Middle row - left is 3/4".
Right is 1-1/8" (color is
blue - federal blue?),
Bottom row - left is 3/4".
Right is 1".
   $5.99     #229-BT
Four buttons.  One 1 1/2" black plastic, one 7/8" metal and  two 3/8" plastic.  
$1.99   #230-BT
metal buttons
Collectible old metal buttons
  $6.99   #231-BT

 Twelve  3/8" and 1/2" metal collector buttons.  Black and turquoise colored button is not metal; not is the red.   Old - probably Victorian.
$8.99  #232-BT
Three metals in front.  Other
3 are plastic.
$3.99    #233-BT

old buttons
Old and collectible buttons.  
$5.99   #234-BT

Shanks and others
Eight buttons from
1/2"  -  3/4".
$2.99     #235-BT
Many buttons.  I don't think
that these are collectible
$2.50  #237-BT
plastic buttons
Eight tiny red plastic buttons.
They range in size from 1/4"
to 3/4".
$1.99     #238-BT
Set of six  5/8" Buttons
Black background with
gold tone roses and borders.
Pretty buttons.
(Have this one set)
$3.99      #239-BT
 collectible metal buttons
Seven collectible metal buttons
$4.99    #241-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Several 5/16" and 3/8"mother-of-pearl buttons; old  plastic
and rhinestond buttons
$5.99   #242-BT
faceted buttons
These are 5/16" metal shank buttons.  14 beautiful old purplish-burgundy
 faceted buttons.
$13.99   #243-BT
faceted buttons
Thirteen 5/16" beautiful old purplish-burgundy faceted buttons
$12.99   #244-BT
metal buttons
Unique old/antique metal and mother of pearl buttons
$6.99   #245-BT
collectible metal buttons
Old collectible metal buttons
$6.99   #246-BT
metal buttons
Old collectible metal buttons
$3.99     #247-BT
metal buttons
Old collectible metal buttons
$6.99   #248-BT
metal buttons
Old collectible metals buttons
$5.99   #249-BT
hand painted buttons
Nine hand painted buttons
Cute for that special jacket
or outfit. Size:  7/8".  None
are shanks.
(Have 1 set only)
$3.99    #250-BT
rhinestone buttons
Old rhinestone buttons
$2.25   #251-BT
plastic buttons
Four 5/8"  and eight 1/2"
black plastic buttons
$3.99    #252-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Old mother-of-pearl buttons.  I especially like the oval to
the far right.  It measures
7/8" x 3/8".  The others range from 1 1/8" to 5/8".
 $3.99    #254-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Four 5/8" silver tone metal buttons; Two 1" and two 7/8" mother of pearl buttons.
$3.99   #255-BT
Eight buttons range from
 1/2" to 3/8".
$2.25    #257-BT
Six 1/2" lavender buttons.  
Not collectible.
$1.25   #258-BT

lavender buttons
Twelve 3/8" pretty lavender buttons.  Not collectible
$2.49    #260-BT

Eleven white buttons
measure 1/2".  Not collectible
$0.50  #262-BT
plastic buttons
1 1/4" round plastic, 1 1/8" metal, 7/8" plastic, 5/8" plastic and 1/2" round button.
$2.99    #263-BT
hand painted buttons
Six hand painted buttons
Size:  7/8". No shanks.
(Have this 1 set only)
  $2.99     #264-BT
Miscellaneous buttons. The four matching may be collectible?
$3.99   #265-BT
speckled buttons
Five 1/2" Speckled Buttons
(Have 2 sets of 5 buttons)
 $2.99     #267-BT
Eight 5/8"matching light blue buttons.
$1.99   #269-BT

rhinestone buttons
Two 5/8" buttons.  Clear plastic domed with 8 rhinestones in each.  
$2.99   #270-BT

metal buttons
Seven silver-tone 1/2"
matching cut-out metal buttons, three 5/8" matching mirrored buttons, two 1/2" matching brass- tone with raised cutout leaves with cherries (I think that they are cherries), one 1/2" brass tone raised crest, two rhinestone like buttons measures 3/8" and one rhinestone like button measures 1/4".
$7.99    #271-BT
victorian buttons
Beautiful silver tone and
brass (?) grouping.   I would say that at least 4 of these are Victorian.  The buttons measure from 7/8" to 1/2"
$6.99   #272-BT
metal buttons
Eight metal buttons
 measuring from 3/8" to 3/4".  One mirrored, one filigreed, two domed....
$5.99    #273-BT

metal buttons
Nine metal buttons.  Several have crests on them, three are Victorian....Measure from
 7/8" to 1/2".
$4.99   #274-BT
rhinestone buttons
Seven buttons:  Glass,
metals, rhinestones.
Buttons range from
1/4" to 1/2".
$3.99   #275-BT
black faceted buttons
9  Black faceted 1/2" Glass Buttons.  (Have one set.)
$3.99      #277-BT

mother of pearl buttons
Fifteen mother of pearls,
rhinestone, glass - 1/4" and 5/16" mother of pearl buttons,
one 3/8" rhinestone button and more...
$3.99   #278-BT
clear buttons
Five clear with 2 gold
circles.  Buttons
measure 1/2".  (Match
$1.99   #279-BT
Mixture of plastic buttons
Sizes range from 1/2" to
1-3/8".  (Have this 1 mixture)
$0.99   #280-BT
clear buttons
Fourteen 3/8" clear buttons
with 2 gold circles.
(Match #210-BT.)
$2.99   #281-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Six 1 1/8" Mother-of-Pearl buttons.
$2.99   #282-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Fifteen Mother-of-Pearl buttons.
Eleven measure 7/8".
Four measure 1".
$1.99   #283-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Five 1" Mother-of-Pearl buttons.
$1.99   #284-BT

Set of 9 Beautiful Buttons!
Four 3/4" Round gold shank buttons and 5/8" shank
star buttons.
$4.99    #286-BT
plastic buttons
Six  1" white plastic
$2.99   #285-BT
Vintage Items
 (Have 1 set)
$1.50   #293-BT