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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping
 is added).  Thank you.

glass buttons
Black glass buttons
Sizes range from 1/2" - 3/4".
(Have 1 set only)
$8.99     #182-BT
glass buttons
Black glass buttons
Sizes range from 1/2" - 3/4"
(Have 1 set only)
$8.99     #183-BT
Set of eight la petite bronze tone 4-hole round buttons.  
Very nice!  
(Have 2 sets - one shown and
another set of 8 buttons)
$4.99 Ea. set of 8      #184-BT
mirrored buttons
Five beautiful buttons!  Mirrored metals
$4.99    #183-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Collection of Mother of
Pearl buttons!  
$6.99     #185-BT
Old buttons!  Very unique!
Actually have 15 (only 14 shown).  Measurement:    1/2".  (Have one set)
$4.99   #186-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Old mother of pearls,
and other collectibles
$4.99   #187-BT
old buttonsbuttons
Old buttons!  Very unique!
You get them all!
$12.99    #188-BT
old buttons
Vintage black buttons
$4.99    #189-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Wonderful small (3/8", 5/16") mother of pearls and 5/16" plastics (or glass?).  One 1/4"
rhinestone button...
$2.99    #190-BT
mirrored metal buttons
Old and collectible.  Three mirrored metal buttons, and more.
$3.99     #192-BT

collectible buttons
Collectible buttons!
$4.99    #193-BT
nautical buttons
Three  1-1/8" nautical metal buttons
$2.99    #194-BT
7/16"  to  9/16" Buttons and
three rhinestones:  
1/8"  to   1/4".
    $2.29       #195-BT
Fifteen buttons
$3.99     #196-BT
faceted buttons
Black plastic faceted
$2.49    #194-BT
Set of eight  5/8" gold tone buttons.
Looks like pieces of broken
glass.  Nice.
(Have two sets of these)
$4.99 EAch set     #196-BT
collectible buttons
Old and collectible buttons.  
Metals and plastics.
$4.99   #198-BT
clear buttons
Clear buttons with
gold tone in clear
$2.49    #125-BT
celluoid buttons
Plastics or celluoid buttons
$2.99     #200-BT
collectible buttons
Collectible buttons!  
$7.99  #201-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Collectible buttons.  Some have mother of pearl centers;
some have rhinestone
$5.99   #203-BT
faceted buttons
Five faceted black buttons
$2.99    #204-BT
collectible metal buttons
Six collectible metal buttons
$3.99   #205-BT
Six 5/8"Rhinestone buttons
that are missing rhinestones.
Three 3/16" round lavender
stones in silver tone settings.
One 3/8" round button with
scoring around edge.
(Have this one set)
  $2.99     #206-BT
Nice buttons, but not vintage.  3/8".
$2.99   #207-BT
Five 3/8" rhinestone centered buttons.  All rhinestones there.
$2.99   #208-BT
shank buttons
5/16" shank buttons.  You get all shown.
$2.99   #209-BT
metal buttons
Metal buttons
$2.99   #210-BT
metal buttons
Metal Buttons
$2.99   #211-BT
glass buttons
Collectible glass and metal buttons
$3.99   #212-BT
mirrored buttons
metal buttons and other 2 with beautiful stones
$4.99   #213-BT
collectible buttons
Collectible mother-of-pearl, and other collectible
$4.99   #214-BT
metal buttons
Two  5/8" white and
gold tone metal buttons, three 1/2" White on silver tone metal and one 3/8" old gold tone button.
$2.75   #216-BT
Four 5/8" black buttons.
$1.00  #217-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Ten 3/4" buttons that look like Mother of Pearl.
$2.00  #218-BT
Set of eight  5/8" gold tone
buttons.  These are beautiful..have an antique flare about them.  Floral center and lots of detail.
(Have this one set)
$4.99     #219-BT
green buttons
Nine green buttons:  Two
1 1/2" plastic, two 1/2"(one metal), four 3/8" (one metal), one 1/2"oval
 $4.99   #220-bt
plastic buttons
Four plastic and one
metal, with a mother of
pearl center, Two are 1/2";
two are 3/8".
$1.99   #224-BT
square buttons
Seven 3/8" red and gold square buttons with gold metal ormetal-like pieces around edges.
 (One set of 7 buttons)
  $4.99     #225-BT
crocheted buttons
Four 3/4" round crocheted buttons.
$1.49     #383-BT
celluloid buttons
Very nice celluloid/plastic buttons.  They measure:  
1 1/8", 1", 7/8", 7/8"
and 3/4".
$4.99     #227-BT