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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

glass buttons
Eight black glass buttons.
Sizes range from 1/2" - 3/4"
(Only have 1 set)
$4.99      #111-BT

rhinestone buttons
These buttons are so neat!
All of the rhinestones are in
the star settings.  Each
star measures 3/4".  Silver
metal backing.  Beautiful.  
Have all stones.
$9.99    #112-BT
Tiny beads, approximately 1/16".  I don't know if they are metal or glass?  They are bronze/copper in color.
You get a lot!  Trying to measure, I came up with:
Packed beads in plastic bag measure 3-1/4" tall x
3-1/4" wide.  There is a sticker on front that says,
"250 GM".  (Have one bag)
$2.99    #113-BT
Five matching 1/2" black plastic shank buttons made to look jeweled; two matching 1/4" black buttons.  Very pretty.   
(Have 1 set)
$2.99   #114-BT

diamond cut buttons
I think these four are metal...3/8" black and
silver diamond cut.  Old plastics:
 One  3/8" faceted black
oval; one 3/8" faceted
silver oval.  1/2" black,
with diagonal
 silver stripe, faceted oval.  Three 1/4" black with
lots of detail.
$4.99   #115-BT
plastic buttons
Large clear plastic button, with golden glitter within, measures 1 1/8".  Dark
button, with golden
glitter within, measures
3/4".  Clear floral shaped button measures 1/2".
$2.00   #116-BT

 celluloid buttons
Six plastic and celluloid buttons:  7/8", two 5/8",
two 1/2" and one 1/2" oval.  
$2.99    #117-BT
Button Lot
Eleven buttons:  Mother of pearl shanks, more shanks, metals and plastics.
  $1.99    #118-BT
metal buttons
Five metal buttons:  1 1/2", 3/4", 1/2" and two 5/8".
$2.49    #119-BT

Ten 5/8" brushed gold tone buttons.  Excellent condition.
$2.25   #120-BT
black buttons
$2.99     #122-BT
black buttons
Five old  1/2" black buttons
$3.99     #124-BT

Six 3/4" royal blue buttons.
Brassy - Bronz edges.
 $3.99     #126-BT

plastic buttons
Five plastic buttons.  One 3/4" rose shaped yellowish, two 7/8" buttons - one curved and one domed, 1/2" flat and one 3/8"yellowish plastic.  
$3.50   #127-BT
plastic buttons
Clear 5/8" buttons with gold tone rings.  Eight in all!
$2.50   #128-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Fourteen unique mother of pearl buttons:  Three 7/8", two 3/4", three 5/8", four 1/2" and two 3/8"
$4.99     #130-BT
Ten buttons.  One is 3/4" metal with a turquoise center.  Three 1/2" wonderful old buttons.  Six 3/8" newer dark silver
$6.99  #131-BT
Six  5/8" Gold tone metal buttons.  
(Have 5 sets of 6 buttons)
$1.99  each set
metal buttons
1/2" metal buttons.  The 2 in the front have Indian heads
on them.
  $3.99   #134-BT
pearl buttons
Pearl buttons.  Two largest  are 7/8".  Three are 5/8".  
One 3/4".  Two are 1/2".  
Two are 3/8".  One is 1/4".    
$2.99    #135-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Nine 5/8" mother of
pearl buttons
$3.99   #136-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Seven mother of pearl
buttons:  The darkest
measures 1 1/8", three
are 7/8", two are 3/4"
 and one is 1/2".   
$1.99     #138-BT

rhinestone buttons
Three matching buttons -
 black with silver metal edges and rhinestone centers
measure 3/4".  Black plastic star measures 3/4"
$1.49    #141-BT
antique buttons
Beautiful Antique/Vintage Buttons.  Excellent condition.
All Metal except bottom button that has black plastic/celluloid outer rim.
Top button is gold tone.
Others are silver.  Top and
bottom are shank buttons.
Top is 1-3/8" wide, two center
buttons are 1-1/4" x 1-3/8"
and bottom 1-1/4".  
$7.99    #143-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Mother of pearl buttons:
 1 3/8",  1 1/4", 1  1/8", 1"
and  two 1/2".
$1.49      #145-BT
plastic buttons
Five black plastic buttons:
 1 3/8", 7/8" domed,
two 1/2" -diamond cut
in one; white floral
bead-look in the center of
the other.  3/8" black
with red (has star cut).
 $2.99    #147-BT

rhinestone buttons
Three matching tortoise
shell color round buttons
with 7 rhinestones each, measure 5/8".
The heart shaped button
is wonderful - old silver
metal holding heart shaped
rhinestone that
measures 1/2".  The other button is between
1/4 and 3/8".  It is
 silver metal with
rhinestone center.  
The back is broken off,
so it would need to be
glued to a project.
$2.99     #148-BT
metal buttons
Eight unique metal and
plastic buttons:  Black 7/8" concave beaded look.  
Three silver 5/8" beaded
look.  Three 1/2"
 silver - one has "Poor
Girl Diamond" cuts.  One 3/8"black diamond cut.   $2.99   #150-BT
Nineteen Vintage Buttons
Sizes:  3/8" to  5/8"
  $4.99     #151-BT

metal buttons
Old metal buttons:  
5/8" with floral design.
 Nine unusual 1/2" buttons.
$4.99   #152-BT

poor girl diamond buttons
Four metals:  1/2" Beautiful silver "Poor Girl Diamonds"
cut with floral and leaves center, two 3/8" - one very unique silver star-like aged with turquise on it - the
other brass-tone
intrique-cut button.  
Plastics:  1/2" diameter of colorful beads, 3/8"
oval with gold tone
stripes and 3/8" round
celluloid with domed
gold tone plastic center.
$3.99     #153-BT
mother of pearl buttons
Two metals:  1/2" mirrored with a center of mother of pearl, and 1/2" brass look
with poor girl diamond
stones.  Three plastics:  
5/8" round black(for some reason the camera makes it look green) and two royal
blue 1/2" round with
1/4" silver centers .
$2.99     #154-BT

Metals:  Three 7/8" rounds;
5/8" round.
   $1.99    #157-BT

mother of pearl buttons
Nine 1/2" mother of pearl buttons.      
$1.99    #158-BT
brass button
Heavy metal 1" brass looking button.  Old I think.  Nice.
$2.99    #160-BT
Photo does not depict the rhinestones to be clear and sparkling, but this is the case.  Very nice.  1/2 inch rhinestone pin.  Button
at back is mirrored metal button.  Button lot.
 $2.99    #161-BT
victorian buttons
Metals and one black unusual button with gold, green and lavender colors.  On one 1/2" button reads, "Head Light."
  On one 5/8" button is an indian head.  Victorian
metals.  Measurements
range from 7/8" to 3/8".
$6.49   #163-BT
horse button
Old metals range from 3/4"
to 1/2".  On one reads,
 "Powell St. Joseph."  One button has a horse head
on it.  Two have anchors
on them.  Another has
"Depose Paris".  One is Victorian and has some
 type of raised design on it.
$4.99   #164-BT
silver buttons
Silver tone old metals.  The
one at the bottom left is especiallybeautiful, but does not show up well in the photo.  It is filigree, mirrored and has a raised floral center.  These buttons range from 1 1/8" to 1/2"
$4.99   #165-BT
victorian buttons
Victorian metals.  The bottom left appears to be mirrored,
but it is mother-of-pearl
or abalone.  The button sizes
range from 7/8" to 3/8".
$4.99   #166-BT
victorian metals
Metals - some Victorian.
Sizes range from 7/8" to 1/2"
$5.99  #167-BT

brass button  
Beautiful brass looking textured button!
$2.99      #168-BT

painted buttons
Set of 12 Hand painted
Sizes range from
 7/8" - 1-1/8"
(Only have 1 set)
$4.99   #169-BT
Three old gold tone metal centers with green plastic rimmed buttons measure
7/8"; single gold tone metal
button measures 3/4".
(Have 1 set)
$1.99    #170-BT
mother of pearl
Fifteen 5/8" Mother of Pearl
Beads with 2 holes at top.
(Have one set)
  $4.99    #171-BT

Three cards of different 5/8" la petite shank buttons.  All
have an vintage or antique
flare about them.  The
photo doesn't show their
beauty.  Top left are three
with black bacgrounds and gold roses with gold rims.  Next to them, top right, are
four gold tone buttons with floral centers and lots of
detail.  Bottom four buttons look like chunks of gold metal.  All very nice.
(Have 1 set of 3 cards shown
$5.99    #172-BT
button sampler
Button Sampler
Ruffled pink ribbon,
metallic ribbon, gimp and
19 buttons.  Velvet cording
$6.99   #173-BT
vintage buttons
Collectible, vintage metal buttons.  Victorian, I think
(Have 1 set)
$4.99    #174-BT

faceted buttons
One beautiful  1" metal
with faceted black stone,
3/4" faceted square, two 1/2" black plastics and
three 3/8" black plastics.
(Have 1 set)
$5.99     #175-BT
plastic buttons
1/2" round black plastic,
three 3/8" round black
plastics and one 1/4"
 square black plastic
 button.  Old.
$2.99      #177-BT
Eight 7/16" plastic orange and cream buttons
(Have this one set)
$2.99     #178-BT
black buttons
One oblong black with
antique gold tone designs,
three 1/2" buttons -
one looks like black
beadery, one plain flat
black, and one is metal
with a black center.  
Other two black
buttons measure 3/8".
$3.99   #179-BT
plastic buttons
   Two 1 1/8" round black plastic buttons with
unusual thread holes.  
One 5/8" flat black
plastic button.  One 1/2"
black plastic button.
$1.25  #180-BT

hand painted buttons  
Six hand painted plastic buttons  Size:  1-1/8"
(Only have this 1 set)
$2.99      #181-BT

"For I know the Plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
and a future"  (Jer. 29:11)