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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.

10 pcs. of 11MM nickel nailheads  (Have 1 package)
$1.25    #62B-BT
pearl beads
3MM White Round Pearl Beads.  288 in package.
(Have 1 packages)
$2.25    #62C-BT
12 pcs. 9MM nickel nailheads
(Have 1 package)
$1.25   #62D-BT
8 Crayons.  Measurement:
 1-1/2" long  x  a little less than 1/4" wide.Bought as buttons,
 but I think that they
would also be cute as necklaces
for dolls.  Possibly other uses.
(Have 1 package)
$3.99        #62E-BT
10 Fashion jewel stars.  Mirror-like backs.  Crystal
stars measure 15MM.  Flats.
(Have 3 packages)
$2.25   #62F-BT

pizza buttons
Pizza, fries,mug,coke and pretzel buttons
(Have 1 set)
$3.99   #62G-BT

Dress It Up Color Combo Beads
Sentimental Journey
Colors:  Tortoise, pale olive,
clear that look like cracked glass...-1-1/4" long antique gold look bead with an
attached bale that could be
sewn on or placed on a chain.   (Have 1 package)
 $2.99     #62H-BT
Three dog buttons
(Have one card with 3 dogs)
$1.99    #59D-BT
rainbow beads  
10 Gram Rainbow Mix Beads
Torquise tone.
(Have 1 package)
$3.25      #62I-BT
Six size 1/4" (7mm) pale blue doll buttons, one 1/2" wooden spool of turquoise
thread and one spool of white polyester three (200 yards).  (Have 1 set)
$2.25     #59E-BT
pearl beads
4mm Round Bridal Pearl Beads
150 pieces
(Have 1 package)
$2.25   #62J-BT

pearl beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
200 in package
(Have 2 packages)
$2.25   #61L-BT
Four  1" shank buttons by LaMode.  Look like tiger buttons.  
$2.99     #62K-BT

teddy bear buttons
1" Teddy Bears, Tea Service
( 1" Tea pot and 1/2" cup with
saucer), 3/8" cakes and
1" frilly heart doilies.
(Have 2 packages)
$4.25   #62L-BT
3mm Round Bridal Pearls
162 pieces
(Have 2 packages)
$2.25   #62M-BT

heart buttons
Package of six  1/4"
 yellow/gold heart buttons.
(Have several packages)
$0.99      #62N-BT
heart buttons
Package of six  1/4"
pink heart buttons.
(Have several packages)
$0.99     #62O-BT
heart buttons
Package of six 1/4" heart buttons in the colors shown.
(Have several packages)
$0.99   #62P-BT
heart buttons
Package of six  1/4"
pink,lavender and purple  heart buttons.  
(Have several packages)
$0.99   #62Q-BT
heart buttons
Package of six 1/4"
light torquise heart buttons.
(Have several packages)
$0.99   #62R-BT
heart buttons
Package of six 1/4" dark
pinkish-red heart buttons
(Have several packages)
$0.99    #62S-BT
heart buttons
Package of six 1/4"lavender heart buttons
(Have several packages)
$0.99    #62T-BT
miniature buttons
"Romance" Miniature 1/8" buttons.  Colors:  avacado green, mauvish -lavender, federal blue, butterscotch, dark federal blue,peach. (Have 2)
$4.25     #62U-BT
heart buttons
Package of six 1/4"
purple buttons
(Have several packages)
$0.99    #62V-BT
Button Lot
Five cards -- 22 mixture of
shanks and flats.  
$1.25     #61A-BT
lucide buttons
Package of 6 buttons.  A little larger than 1/8"...is
3/16".  Lucide clear buttons.
$0.99   #62X-BT
Set of four wooden buttons.
Each button has two holes for thread.  Made by La Petite.
Size:  3/4".  
(Have 2 sets)
$2.99       #61B-BT
craft jewels
121 pieces of mirror backed
pink craft jewels.  Beautiful.
Measurement:   7MM.
(Have 2 packages)
$3.99    #61C-BT
wooden buttons
Six wooden buttons.
Size"  5/8".  Two holes in each button for thread.  Made by
La Petite.
$2.99     #61D-BT
Two cards of peach shank buttons
Ones on left are 3/8" (9.5mm). Buttons on right are
7/16" (11mm).  
(Have 1 set of 2 cards)
   $1.25      #61E-BT
miniature gingerbread cookies
Seven Miniature 3/8" Gingerbread Cookies.
Smaller than photo shows.
Have shanks at back.
(Have 1 set)
$3.75    #61F-BT
3/4" (18mm) brown washable buttons made in Italy.  Look
like brown leather.  
(Have 1 card)
$0.75     #61G-BT
cookie cutter

3/4" Gingerbread Cookie Buttons with shanks at back,
and 1/2" Silver tone Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter
(Have 1 set)
$ 2.49          #61H-BT
Holiday Favorites:
Christmas trees, stars, candy canes, gingerbread men, snowflakes and Christmas stockings.  Range in size from 1/2" to 3/4" tall.
Nice selection!
(Have 1 package)
$2.99      #61I-BT
torquoise beads
Package of 58  4mm
Turquoise Beads.
(Have 1 package)
$2.25     #61J-BT
crystal beads
125 Pink crystal 4mm round
beads  (Have 1 package)
$3.99     #61K-BT
crystal stones

Twenty 5mm (approximately 1/8") Round Crystal Stones.
Have flat mirrored backs.  
(Have 7 packages of 20 stones)
$1.25    #61M-BT
football buttons
Football Buttons and Flats
Football Buttons
Football:  3/4" x 1/2".
Star:  7/8".
Banner:  5/8" x 1-1/4".
#1 Players:  1/4" x 1-1/8"
"Go":  1/2" x 3/4".
(Have 2 sets)
$4.25     #61N-BT
golf buttons
Golf Buttons and Flats
Golf Clubs:  1-7/8" tall  x  1-1/2" wide.
Golf balls on tees:  7/8" tall x
1/2" wide.
Golf balls:  5/8".
Golf green and flag pole:
1-3/8" tall  x  1-1/8" wide.
"Fore":  3/8" x 1".
(Have 1 set)
$4.25    #61 O-BT
Three cards of pink buttons
5 of size 7/16" (12mm),
3 of size 9/16" (14mm) and
3 of size 5/8" (15mm).  Buttons on the left have shank backs.
You get all 3 cards of buttons.   (Have 1 set)
$1.25     #61P-BT
Six Brass-looking shank buttons, made in Italy, measure 5/8" (16mm).
Washable and dry cleanable.
$2.99    #61QQ-BT
holiday flats
Holiday Flats:  Christmas
tree, snowflake and
candy cane
 (Only have what is shown)
#0.79 #61 Q-BT
Two cards of 6 buttons each.
Each of the doll buttons is 1/4" (7mm) Pearl tone.
$2.99    #61RR-BT
holiday flats
Holiday Flats:  Christmas tree,
candy cane, snowflake and
stocking.  Cookie Cutters:
Gingerbread man, star, Christmas tree and heart.
I like these
because they could have
several uses.  One interesting
use would be to use these as
pendants for your dolls  -
just add a necklace or other
(Have this one group.)
$2.99   #61 R-BT
star buttons
1/4" Star and Heart Pastel Buttons
$4.25     #61S-BT
clown button
3/4" Clown, two 3/8" shank hearts, two 3/4" pencils with
2 thread holes and a little more
than 3/8" wide hearts with
2 thread holes
(Only have this set)
$2.25    #61T-BT
button mixture
Button mixture
Sizes range from 3/8" to 5/16"
Some have shank backs.
(Only have this set)
$2.25   #61U-BT

ceramic gingerbread buttons
Four, 1" Ceramic Gingerbread
$2.25   #61V-BT

christmas buttons
Christmas Buttons  -
A Keepsake Christmas
1/4" red, green and white flowers, triangles, hearts, squares.  Also, silver tone
star, hear and gingerbread
cookie cutters.
(Have 1 package as shown)
$4.25      #  61W-BT
Card of four 5/8" (16mm)gold
tone buttons.  Very nice.
(Have 1 card)
$2.50     #61X-BT