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For Your total order, we have a $10.00 minimum (before shipping is added).  Thank you.
cat buttons
These cats, back of cats,
paws & milk bottles are
really cute!  Two beige cats
are 1" tall x 5/8"; One beige
cat measures 1" x 1".  Backs of black cats - 1 5/8" tall x 1/2".  Paws - 5/8".  Milk Bottles -
3/4" tall x 3/8".
 (Have one package.)
$2.25   #58-BT
Bead  is approximately 1/2" long x 1/4" wide.  Plastic and has 2 holes on each side.
Picture is of Jesus.
$0.25 Each  
Seven 18mm (approximately
11/16") square acrylic emerald mirrors.  
$0.50   #58B-BT
christmas buttons
Christmas Buttons and Flats.
Gingerbread house is a flat and measures 1-1/2" tall  x  1-1/2" wide.  Peppermint lollipop buttons  are 1-3/8" tall (includes stick) x  5/8" wide.  Green and white candy buttons measures 1" long  x  3/8" wide.
3/8" Red gumdrops are flats;  3/8" Green (much prettier shade of green
than photo makes appear)
gumdrops are buttons.  
(Have 1 set)
   $1.75      #59-BT
Package of 145 pieces of 5mm round Fashion Jewels.
Beautiful colors:  Red, gold, pink, burgandy, blue, green...
$1.99     #59AA-BT
cat buttons
Variety of Cats
Shank buttons ranging in size from 1/2" to 1".
$2.25    #60-BT
Dress It Up Color Combos
Mixed Greens
Button Lot
(Have 1 package)
$2.49    #60a-BT
Bead is approximately 1/2" long x 1'4" wide.  Plastic and has 2 holes on each side.  Picture is of Angel protecting children across a bridge.  (Have 1)
$0.25 EACh
easter buttons
Easter  Buttons:  1" x 7/8" Bunny, 7/8" x  1/2" carrots,
5/8" x 3/8" eggs.  Flats:
5/8" x 1/2" Chicks and
 1-3/4" x 1/4" "Egghunt"  
Holiday Buttons!
(Have 2)
$2.25   #061-BT
Jessie James Beads
Shades of green and light blue; some clear, some opaque.  Photo does not do these buttons justice.
They are very pretty.
(Have 2 packages)
$2.49 Each
christmas buttons
Christmas buttons:  1" Candy Canes Button, 5/8" Snowflake Button, 5/8" Gift Box Flat and  5/8" Gingerbread Cookie Buttons.
(Have 1 set)
$2.25   #063-BT

Button Lot
Buttons range in size from:
1/2" - 3/4"
$1.99      #63B-BT
Red, green, white and black
buttons.  Rounds, flowers, stars, hearts...
$4.25   #63A-BT
pearl shank buttons
Package of six  1/4" White Pearl  Shank Buttons.  You
get 6 buttons.
(Have 19 packages)
$0.99   #63D-BT
heart beads
 3/8" x 3/8" faceted
heart beads.  Available colors:  9 crystal, one pink (looks orange in photo), 3 purple.
Sold separately.  Be
sure to indicate which color(s)
you want.  
$0.19 EA HEART
Jessie James Beads
High Tides
Shades of blue, opaque clear, purple pearl.
Various shapes
(Have 1 package)
$2.49      #60B-BT

heart buttons
Only have the twelve blue plastic shank buttons shown.
$1.25 #60C-BT

miniature buttons
1/8" red buttons with 2 holes
for your thread.   You get 6  buttons when you order one package.
$0.50 Per package
shank buttons
Only have the 12 pink plastic shank buttons shown
$1.25   #60E-BT

reflective buttons
Set of beautiful buttons by Streamline.  You get four buttons.  Each button is
3/4".  Has blue, lavender,
torquise,tan colors...
Reflective.  Four holes for
thread.    (Have 2 sets)
$2.49   each set   #60F-BT
shank buttons
Package of six  1/4" White Pearl  Shank Buttons.
Tiny pearl buttons for dollmakers and others.
They are perfect for dressy clothing and hand knit sweaters.
(Have 11 packages)
$0.99  each pkg. #63C-BT
 fashion jewels
Faceted Fashion Jewels
15.5 x 15mm ruby hearts
(5/8" tall  x  5/8" wide).  Very pretty with silver mirrored backing.  
(Have 24 hearts..sold
$0.25 per heart heart
thanksgiving buttons
All of these are seasonal buttons!  Thanksgiving (Fall)
buttons are:
3/4" x 1/2" Pumpkins, 3/4" leaves, 7/8" x 1/2" grapes,
3/4" x 1/2" corn.....
(Have 1 package)
$2.49  #63E-BT

miniature buttons
Package of 1/8" pale blue,green,yellow, pink
miniature buttons.  
(Have 3 packages)
$2.49 each pkg.   #63F-BT
santa  buttons
All are buttons!  Santa
Clothing Buttons.  Santa's jacket is 1" long x 1-1/8" wide (across sleeves).  Santa's pants are 7/8" long x 1" wide.  Hat is 3/4" tall .  Boots are 3/8" tall.  Pipe is 1/2" tall.
(Have 2 packages)
$2.25  EACH Pkg.   #58A-BT
wooden beads
6mm assorted wooden beads
(Have 1 package of 100 beads)
$1.25   #63G-BT

heart buttons
Six red hearts.  
Approximately 1/4".
(Have several packages with 6 buttons each)
$0.79  each pkg.  #63J-BT
Jessie James Beads
Creme Brulee
Beige, Brown and tortoise
Various shapes
(Have 1 package)
$2.49     #63H-BT
heart buttons
Six pink hearts.
Approximately 1/4".
(Have several packages with
6 buttons each)
$0.79 each pkg.   #63K-BT
doll_ buttons
Six 3/16"shank doll buttons are shown, but you get seven of them.  Color: persion melon?  
(Have 3 packages of 7 buttons)
$0.79   each pkg. #63L-BT
Eight 3/16" shank doll buttons.  Color:  Light
olive green.
(Have 3 packages of 8 buttons)
$0.99 each pkg.  #63M-BT

Set of three cards of buttons
Total of 12 buttons.
Each button 7/16" (11.5mm).
Washable -- dry cleanable.
Color is a light cream.  Very nice design on tops.  Shank backs.
  (Have one set of the 3 cards)
$2.99    #63N-BT
stars and heart buttons
Navy blue (kindof a flat-slate
navy blue) set of buttons.
Four 1/4" hearts; five 1/8"
buttons.  (Have 1 set)
$1.25   #63O-BT
wooden beads
Package of 1/4" long wooden
beads.  (Have 3 packages.)
$0.99 each pkg.    #63P-BT
star buttons
Six 3/8" slate navy blue
star buttons.
(Have 1 set)
$0.99   #63Q-BT

animal buttons
So cute!  Group of animal buttons: Lion, Panda, Elephant, Giraffe and leaves.  All buttons
are approximately 1".
$2.49     #63R-BT
The lighting on these buttons
really changed the color.
They are a slate blue.  Two
3/8" stars; three 1/4" hearts.
A little darker than #65-BT
on previous page.
(Have 1 set)
$0.99   #63S-BT
Three dark taupe 1/4" hearts;
Four dark taupe 1/8" buttons
(Have 1 set)
$1.25   #63T-BT

pearl beads
Package of 4MM Pearl Beads
100  White Round Pearls
(Have several packages)
$ 1.49       #63U-BT
Set of really cute little plastic shank buttons.
Three bows, 2 hippos, pig,
2 old time cars, old time bicycle, 3 lions and a dog.
Average size is 1/2".
$1.49    #63V-BT
pink pearls
5MM Round pink pearl beads
144 pcs. in this package.
(Have 3 packages)
$1.25 each pkg.        #63W-BT

miniature buttons
"Flirt"  1/8" miniature buttons.  Colors:  Gold/yellow, light lavender, dark lavender, red, torquise, pink.    (Have 4)
$4.25     #59A-BT

western buttons
Western Buttons
Cowboy hats, boots and stars
5/8"  x  7/8" Silver hats.
 1/4"  x  7/8" Silver boots.
Torquoise stars:  1/4".
(Have 1 pkg)
$2.99    #59B-BT
Rose flats and crystal stars
Stars are 5/8".  Roses are 1-3/8"
(Have 1 set)
$2.25       #59C-BT
Set of one dozen 3/8" (12mm) burgundy plastic flower beads with rhinestone and silver center.  So much prettier than shown.  
 (Have 5 sets)
$1.25 each set

Set of one dozen 3/8" (12mm) clear plastic flower beads with rhinestone and silver center.  So much prettier than shown.  
 (Have 4 sets)
$1.25 each set
Set of one dozen 3/8" (12mm) pink plastic flower beads with rhinestone and silver center.  So much prettier than shown.  
 (Have 4 sets)
$1.25 Each set