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Antique Santas
Cross stitch patterns
(Have 1)
$3.99     #133A-BK
Hard back book "We're Bored!" is a great book!
How many times I have heard my grandchildren say, "I'm bored"!  Beautifully illustrated with the best message.  8-1/4" tall x 11" long.  Pop-up pictures, dial up pictures, places to lift to see illustrations.  Fun book!  
$8.99    #133B-BK
Teddy Bear, Choir boys, cherub Ornaments, Toy Soldiers, Cherub Wreath Pictures for 22 Count Hardanger.  (Have 1)
$4.99     #133C-BK
Bazaar Projects.  #4 Bazaar Bestsellers.  Twenty-eight pages.  Projects made from pine cones, paper ribbon, cinnamon dough, wooden
hoops, hand broom, fabric, pom poms, flocked bear, plastic canvas...
Projects are:  Victorian Christmas tree, Pine cone basket, paper ribbon Santa, Ornaments, Moss Hoops, Bunting Bunny, Broom bib & noteholder, Pom pom bear in hat, Dough art cow - boy -
teacher, plastic canvas critters, MORE..
(Have 1)
    $2.99    #133-BK
Pattern and instructions for: Welcome Sampler; flower motifs on guest towel bands and  padded hangers. Inspiration for designs was B&B's in England, Ireland and Scotland.  (Have 1)
$2.99   #134-BK

mary engelbreit note cards
Set of note cards by Mary
8 cards and envelopes.  
Blank inside.  Each card
measures 5-1/2" x 4".
Girl is skating along
cheerfully even though
 she has bandages and bandaids on her boo-boos.
Saying at bottom of card:  
"Success consists of getting up once oftener than
you fall down"
(Have 1 set)
$2.99   #135-BK
note cards
5 5/8" x 4"
"Folies-Bergere" Vintage Decoupage Poster
Art Collection
10 Notecards with
10 Envelopes.
(1 box is available)
$2.99   #136-BK
Hardback Kate Greenaway
Treasury.  Still has jacket that is in pretty good condition.  Profile of Kate
Greenaway, lots of beautiful illustrations of children and more.  Songs, stories...
Very nice.  1967 copyright.
(Have 1)
$12.99    #137-BK
folies-bergere journal
French Vintage
Folies-Bergere Journal
$2.25   #138-BK
Thick Coloring &
Activity Book
(Have 1)
$2.99     #139-BK
bratz activity book
Lil'Bratz Coloring and
Activity Book
(Have 1)
$2.99   #140-BK
Thick Coloring &
Activity Book
(Have 1)
$2.99    #141-BK
kewpie postcard
Kewpie Postcard
Never written on or drawn on!    (Have 1)
$1.25     #142-BK
Christmas Book
Illustrated by Norman Rockwell and others.  Stories, Carols, Poems, Crafts, Recipes, Over 100 illustrations.  Hardback and measures 9-1/2" wide x
12-3/8".  148 pages. Vintage. (Have 1)
$12.99    #142-BK
Children's Puzzle Fun
Puzzle Book
92 pages.  Size:  8-1/2"  x  11"
Words in hiding, Opposites,
Picture Crossword Puzzles,
Memory Quiz Questions,
Rhyme Time, Numbers in Hiding, What is Wrong with this Picture AND MANY MORE!    (Have 1 book)
$2.99     #143-BK
Happy Birthday Gift Sack
Glossy with gold metallic handles.  Really pretty little sack measures 4-1/2" wide x
5-1/2" tall.   (Have 1)
$0.75    #143A-BK
dolls, toys and childhood.
Hardback 143 page book
full of Wooden, Wax, Alien, Fashion, Fortune Teller,
Paper-mache' Poupards, Creche, China head, Peg Wooden....Dolls!  Dolls, Toys and Childhood.
Book is the culmination
of an almost life-long
search for truths about
dolls, finely sifted to
remove false and unsubstantiated
information published in earlier books and articles.
 This is a book upon
which collectors and researchers can rely for
 years to come, a proper
legacy from the authors
(Ruth E. Mathes and
Robert C. Mathes) to generations yet to come.  
Black and white, and color photography.
$19.95    #144-BK
Little Red Hen Book
Little Golden Book #3
Special miniature version of Golden's best-loved children's stories.  Book
measures 2-3/4" long  x
2-3/4" wide.  Story and color
photos.   (Have 1)
$2.99     #145-BK
144 Pack of Religious
Stickers - Praying Hands
(Have one pack)
$2.25    #146-BK
Elephant Notecards.  Adorable!
8 cards & envelopes.
Card measurement is
5-1/2" x 4".
(Have 1 box)
$2.49   #147-BK
easter stickers
Chick Stickers!  Easter Stickers! Really cute little chicks coming out
of their eggs.  Lots of
sparkles that don't show up
in my photo.  15 chicks and
their eggs.  Each sticker is approximately 3/4" tall.
(Also shown on the Holiday Miniatures web page.)
Have 2 cards of 15 chicks.
$1.25    #148-BK
Patterns to dress premade, poseable Bendi dolls.  Clothing for Autumn Harvest, Jake (Scarecrow), Bonnie Bunny, B.J. Bunny, Tom and Becky.
$4.99      #149-BK
120 Pack "Teacher Stickers"
Five sayings:  "Great Job!,"
"You're a Star!," "Super Star,"
"Way to Go!,"
and "Star Student."
(Have 2 packages)
$2.25    #150-BK
tole painting book
Tole Painting Book.  Lots of wonderful patterns for painting:  Mistletoe Angel,
Jumping Jack Santa, Santa with Candy Canes, Sir Nicholas, Santa Sitter, Angels All Around, Rejoice Banner Angel, Santa with Hearts, Santa Slate, Ho Ho Ho Santa Shirt, Tall Blue Angel, Santas with Packs, Angel Choir,
Blue Santa with Wreath....
$6.99      #151-BK
Forty-one pages of patterns
for cross stitch: Rainbow Brite, Twink, Shy Violet, Saucy, Spark, Romeo, Lucky, Champ, Red Butler, Lala Orange, Buddy Blue....
Patterns, Instructions, Material Lists, Color photos.
Book is 8-1/2" x 12".
(Have 1 book)
$7.99 #152-BK
Basic brush strokes using only 6 brushes, 10 complete step-by-step beginner's projects, 2 full color practice worksheets, Learn to paint flowers, fruit, leaves, borders and much more!
36 pages      (Have 1)
$5.99    #153-BK
soft dolls book
"Funny Faces in Odd Places" Soft Dolls to Make
Instructions and full-size patterns for 17 Projects.  Santa in a Christmas Sack, Emmet the Clown, Tea Cup Ladies, Nurse
in a Basket, Christmas Ornaments.......  
$4.99   #154-BK
crochet book
Country Classic Crochet Motifs, Book No. 4238.
"Mistress Mary Quite Contrary on the front of 8-1/2"  x  11"
book.  Instructions,
photos, illustrations for
treasures from our past.  Destined to become heirlooms.
$5.99     #155-BK
activity book
Coloring and Activity Book
$2.99    #156-BK

 wooden dolls
19 Quick and Easy Projects!
Whether your project is wood, paper, canvas, metal or glass, these patterns will make you an instant expert.  Fast Faces
require True Expressions rub-on faces and sayings.  Also, faces are given on pattern pieces.  Pattern pieces for:  Cow on Swing, Rag Doll Pin, Bless This Mess Pig,
Canvas Doll on Moon, Canvas Welcome Angel, Bless This Home with Love, Teacher Doll, Bless This Home Santa, Canvas Cat Face, Best Friends are Forever Friends, Always my Sister, Forever my Friend...MORE.
 $8.99     #157-BK
Crossword Puzzles
Big Print Find-A-Word Puzzles.  Pages are not numbered, but the book spine is 1/4" wide.  Lots of
puzzles!   (Have 2)
$2.99 EA.   #158-Bk
Page out of a vintage book for children -- Jack and the Beanstalk.  Page is in poor condition, but photo could be framed.  On a textured page.  The photo is 5-1/8" x
6-7/8".  On the back of page is "Puss in Boots"   (Have 1)
$0.99    #158A-BK
Old New England Splint Baskets and how to make them. Ninety-six page soft
cover book. Information for
selecting a tree, felling a tree, preparation of the splints, preparation of rim and handle stock, carving rims and handles. Baskets to make: Round, rectangular and square.
Information: Marketing for the professional basketmaker basketmaker, sources of basketmaking supplies, newsletters and other publications related to basketry. Lots of beautiful color photos of illustrations......
$14.99    #159-BK
Photos of Norman Rockwell's 332 Magazine Covers with dates of publication.  Photos are wonderful!  In color!  Glossy pages.  Small hard cover book is 4-1/8"  x  4-1/2".
$5.99    #160-BK
activity book
Coloring and Activity Book
$2.99    #161-BK
Cat Stickers
Two sheets acid free
Cats and Kittens. Largest cat is 1-7/8" tall.
(Have this one package of 2 sheets.)
$2.25 #162-BK
fairy stickers
fairy stickers
Set of 75 Fairy Stickers.  Very cute!  Average size:  7/8".  
Some smaller.  (Have 5 sets)
$2.25     #163-BK
Scuffy the Tugboat
Little Golden Book #5
Special miniature version of Golden's best-loved children's stories.  Book
measures 2-3/4" long  x
2-3/4" wide.  Story and color
photos.   (Have 1)
 $2.99       #164-BK

cinderella stickers
cinderella stickers
Set of 55 Stickers of Cinderella, Her Prince, et al.
(Have 5 sets)
$2.25   #165-BK
Glove Angels.  Booklet.
Unique angels made from gardening gloves.  Pattern for head and arms.  Sometimes gloves are transformed into angel wings.  (Have 1)
$3.50   #166-BK

collectors showcase
Collectors' Showcase, America's premiere pictorial magazine for collectors.
November/December 1985,
Volume 5, Number 2.  Features:  A Country Christmas, Personal Profile -- Dave Bausch, Personal Profile -- Yanolkos, Dresden Ornaments, Half-Dolls, Ad Characters.  Beautiful photography in color!  
Also shown in Magazines on this website.  
(Have 1)
$4.99    #167-BK
card making
Card making made easy!
"Handmade Cards"
Book measures:  9" x 9-1/2"
128 pages.  Ideas for every occasion, including birthdays, weddings and holidays.  Learn quick and easy techniques from embossing and collage to copying on acetate.  Find out how to add sparkle and diamante and jewellery wire.  From simple cut-outs to 3-D pop-ups.  Style scrapbook of designs by other leading card-makers for further inspiration.
(Have 1)
$12.95    #168-BK
Patterns for Beardeaux Bears:  
"Billy & Scruffy"  
Billy's finished size - 18"
Scruffy's finished size - 11".
(Have 1)
$3.99   #169-Bk
christmas stocking
Cross-stitch Christmas Stocking.  Pattern is for stocking approximately
 14-1/3" high x 9" wide.
"Stitched with Love."
(Have 1)
$3.99   #170-BK
patriotic cross stitch
June/July,  '91
"Quick & Easy Cross Stitch"
20 projects for Patriots, Dads, Kids, Teachers, Chocolate Lovers and You!  Learn how to mount and frame your stitchery quickly, easily and inexpensively.  What you need to know to begin stitching.   (Have 1)
$3.25   #171-BK
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