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America's Best Cross Stitch
by Better Homes and Gardens. Hard back book.
192 pages. Beautiful color
photos, patterns, instructions and material lists. Some of the projects: A Treasury of Antique Samplers, A Fairyland Cottage with all the Trimmings, Delightful Designs for Nursery and Playroom, MANY MORE!
Book measures 9-1/2" x
10-1/8". Jacket and book in perfect condition. (Have 1)
$15.99 #64A-BK
bible promises
Hardback "Promises for Little Hearts."  Bible promises that
you and your child can take to heart.  Endearing new art from
Elena Kucharik, artist for Care Bears.  Prayers to thank God for his gifts and promises.
Glossy cover.  Measures:
6-3/4" x 5-3/8".
(Have 4)
$3.99   #64B-BK
farm animals sticker book
Sticker Activity Book
with 50 stickers of  sheep, goats, pigs, horses, chickens, chicks, roosters, cows, calves, geese, ducks, horses, colts, rabbits, dogs, puppies, fun facts and puzzles.  Measures:
 10-5/8" x
8-1/2".  (Have 1)
  $3.99   #64C-BK
 ladies' home journal print
The Ladies' Home Journal Print  March 1910
(Reprinted 1983)
The Spring Fashion Number
(Have 1)
$5.99     #64-BK
cross stitch book
Cross stitch Projects include:  Amish Boy and
Girl, Antiques, Duck, Eggs, "Ewe's Welcome," "Friends
Are Forever," "Joy to the World," "Kiss the Cook," "Welcome," "Welcome Friends," Quilt, Basket of Flowers, Chicken
 on Nest, Stitching
Tips, etc.
$7.00   #65-BK
  rose o'neill   
"Porfolio of Portraits"  
Portraits of Rose O'Neill
 (1874 - 1944)
Limited Edition of 500
This Edition is #331.
$12.99   #66-BK
The Ladies' Home Journal Print  March 1907
(Reprint 1983)
10" x 12"
The Spring Fashion Number
(Have 1)
$5.99     #67-BK

basket embellishments
Counted needlework
 designs to tie on basket handles, or for other.  Even jeweled butterfly.  Aanta
and his toys, a lamb,
 pumpkins, hearts, teddy
bear and eggs.
$5.00   #68-BK
golden book
Golden Book - "Jack and the Beanstalk" special miniature version of Golden's best
loved children's stories.  
Not new, but in good
condition except where
you see the tear and smudges
on the cover.
2  7/8" x 2  3/4".
$2.25  #69-BK
painting book
Painting book of projects (could also be for
embroidery).  Lots of
adorable designs!  Snow
man and woman, Santa,
Teddy bear, Christmas tree, Mrs. Claus, Auntie Bunny, Baby Bunnies, etc...
$6.50   #70-BK
bratz book
Bratz Coloring and
Activity Book
(Have 1)
$2.99   #71-BK
Vintage baby card is 3-7/8" tall x 3" wide.  Comes with its envelope.  Card may be used for boy or girl.  
(Have 1)
$0.99    #71A-BK
bridal fashions
Wedding Wardrobes, Attendants' Costumes,
(Pattern for Doll's 1889
Bridal Gown is missing, but there are instructions), Glossary of fabrics, more
than 270 illustrations of costumes, many
advertisements of the
period, the bride's
trousseau, color plates (beautiful for framing)....
Hair styles of the period,
Bridal veils...This is from
my personal collection.
 The pages are loose from
the spine.
  $12.95   #73-BK
Disney Book, Wonderful World of Knowledge.
Hardback measures:  9" wide x 11-1/2" tall.  126 pages.  Color pictures, color character Disney drawings and published in 1973.  Contents:  In Jungles and Forests, Beasts of the Open Country, With Water, Ice and Snow, A Mountain Peak is Home, Life at the Poles, They Live in Water But Need Air, They Wh See Best in the Dark, The Animals Who Live With Us.    (Have 1)
 $7.99     #74-BK
Old collectible black and
white photograph
postcard.  Would be neat to frame for a reading room!
$2.99   #75-BK
doll quilts
A collection of doll quilts:
Cats & Hearts, Crystal in
 the Window, Drill Team, Great-Grandmother Ida's
Ohio StarLog Cabin Flower Bud, Miniature Basket, Miniature Lily, Miniature Schoolhouse and many more
$14.99   #76-BK
Full size pattern pieces.  Finished size of doll is approximately 17" tall.  Cat is
11" tall.  Heart quilt is
approximately 12" x 12".
$5.99     #77-BK

mary englebreit's cards
Really cute!  Mini Note Cards
Blank inside, but on outside
reads, "I remain affectionately yours".  Mary Englebreit's
design.  Twelve cards and
envelopes.  Measurement:
3" square.  (Have 4 sets)
$2.99   #78-BK
cross stitch patterns
Pitter Patter # 8 by
Jeanette Crews.  
Ten adorable
cross stitch patterns:
 "Babies are Life's most precious gift,"
"Good Night, Sleep Tight,"
"Some Bunny Loves You,"
and more!  Also,
 alphabet chart.  
$5.95   #79-BK
Clowns - Paint with Water.
If you like clowns, this is
loaded with great
drawings of clowns.
(Have 1)
$2.50   #80-BK
Calico Kittens for
Seasons Six designs:"Boo!," "Bouquets of Love," "Dear Santa," "Love,""Just for
You," "Rock-A-Bye."Also
have alternate wording i.e. "Home Sweet Home,"
"Thinking of You,"
"Purr-fect Friends,"
"I love my teacher," "Extra Special," and "For My Teacher."
(Have 1)
$4.99   #81-BK
trade card
Hall's Hair Renewer trade
card (postcard)
(Have 1)
$2.25   #82-BK

precious moments
Front cover of Precious Moments' Pretty as a Princess.
precious moments
Back cover
8-1/2" x 11" cross stitch book
with 22 designs, color photos,
instructions...34 pages!
$5.99   #83-BK
Pears' Soap trade card
$2.25  #84-BK
Cute reindeer confetti.  Design is on both sides.  Each head is 1-1/2" tall x 1-3/4" wide.  1/2 ounce package.  (Have 1 package)
$0.99   #84A-BK
trade card
Hoyt's Cologne Trade Card
$2.25   #85-BK
Seven hang tags.
2-3/4" tall x 2" wide.  Each has red flocking on the front.  Opens for addressing.
Ties are red metallic.
(Have 1 set)
$0.79   #84B-BK
crochet book
 "Learn to Crochet in Just
One Day" with very clear instructions and illustrations.
Teaches how and you have
projects to complete i.e. Afghans, doll clothing, hats, baby bonnets, potholders,
 a vest.... Right-handed version.
  $14.99    #86-BK
wild animals
Wild Animals Sticker Activity Book with over 50 stickers, plus fun facts and puzzles.
Book measures 10-5/8" x
8-1/2".  (Have 1)
$3.99     #87-BK
trade card
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Trade
$2.25    #88-BK
Cat Puzzle "Bathing with Kitty".  50 piece mini puzzle.
(Have 1)
   $1.25    #89-BK
Package of two Paper Dolls (paper dolls are 5-3/4" tall), 20 count paper components
 ( boots, skirt, pants,briefcase bag, tops, shoes..),  6 mini clothes hangers (Measure 1-5/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall), 1 mini clothes stand, 42 silver sequins and 42 double adhesive foam stickers.
(Have one package)
$2.99   #89A-BK
trade card
Boni-Ton Shoe Polish Trade Card(postcard)
$2.25    #90-BK
Package of two Paper Dolls (paper dolls are 5-1/2" tall), 21 count paper components
 ( boots, skirt, pants,briefcase bag, tops, shoes..),  6 mini clothes hangers (Measure 1-5/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall), 1 mini clothes stand, 42 silver sequins and 42 double adhesive foam stickers.
(Have one package)
$2.99   #90A-BK
Package of two Paper Dolls (paper dolls (one in dress is 5-3/4"; other is 5-3/8" tall), 20 count paper components (boots, dresses,sunglasses, shoes, tops..),  6 mini clothes hangers (Measure 1-5/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall), 1 mini clothes stand, 42 silver sequins and 42 double adhesive foam stickers.
(Have one package)
$2.99    #91-BK
american flag stickers
Old-Time American Flag Stickers
$2.25   #92-BK
Floral designs
and motifs
for Artists, Needleworkers and Crafts People.
Every flower imaginable
illustrated!  Seventy-seven
$5.99  #93-BK
selena paper doll
Selena from Mexico Sticker Paper Doll
$2.25  #94-BK
kitten stickers
Little Kittens Stickers
$2.25   #95-BK
china paper doll
Mei-Mei from China Sticker Paper Doll
$2.25   #96-BK
 Teddy Bears Card with envelope.  You get a set of 3 Christmas cards with envelopes.  All 3 are identical to one shown.
Note at top is a gold metallic hanger.  After reading your card, addressee may use to hang on their tree.  Inside
reads, "Have a Beary Happy Holiday!"   On t-shirts, "Snowmen melt my heart".
   Design shown is the same
on front and back of card.  
Not flimsy!     (Have 1 set)
$0.50 for set of 3
tea time stickers
Tea Time Stickers
$2.25   #98-BK
bear puzzle
 Wooden bear puzzle
pieces in a wooden box!  Changes of
clothes.  Very cute.  Bear
measures 4 1/2" tall.  Box
is 5 1/2" x 5".
$4.99    #99-BK
hallmark animal stickers
Hallmark animal stickers - "Ambassador" Stickers.  These are so cute!  (Have 2 packages  - each package has 4 sheets of
stickers.)  These would
also make great miniature
book covers.
Measurement:  1-7/8" x 1-5/16"
(Pigs, Roosters,
Rabbits, Cows)
  $2.50 Ea package  #100-BK
cats and kittens
Sticker Activity Book
with 50 stickers of cats and kittens with fun facts and puzzles.   Measures:
 10-5/8" x 8-1/2".  (Have 1)
    $3.99   #101-BK

sugar and spice
3" x 2" card that says,
"I thank My God for You"
and "Sugar and Spice and everything nice".  On
the back of card -
"Apples of gold in settings
of silver" Proverbs 25:11
$1.25   #102-BK
Little Golden Book #2
Fire Engines
Special miniature version of Golden's best-loved children's stories.  Book
measures 2-3/4" long  x
2-3/4" wide.  Story and color
photos.   (Have 1)
$2.99    #102A-BK
Mary Engelbreit Gift Boxes
8" tall.  You need to fold into place.  Very cute!  
$0.50 Each
5-3/4" tall x 4-3/8" wide Gift Sack.  Glossy.  Cord handles with hang tag.    (Have 1)
$0.75     #102C-BK
Gift Sack is 8" wide x 10" long.  Has a sheer ribbon flower edged with solid 1/8" ribbin.  Sheer ribbon handles with hang tag.  Glossy.   (Have 1)
$0.99      #102D-BK
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