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Ten designs and an alphabet for Rosemont, Schoenfels and Stratford Damask.  Beadwork and Ribbon Rose instructions.       (Have 1)
$2.99     #32A-BK
Candlescreens designed for counted cross stitch:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Welcome
Candlescreen.   (Have 1)
$1.25    #32B-BK
Cross stitch patterns for Doorstops.     (Have 1)
$2.99     #32C-BK
Circus Time.  Pattern Pamplet:  Tie Doll, Little Girl, Hobo, Little Boy, Clown with Flower, Balloon Clown
and Sweetheart Clown.
$6.99     #31A-BK

Hot ideas for cool summer quilts.  Historic quilt exhibitions.  Summer Floral
Quilt, My Heart Belongs to Baby, Shorebirds Scene, Checkered Star Quilt, Sailboats Quilt, Kimona T-Square Quilt, Machine Artist Debra Wagner, Philadelphia Museum Quilts, Machine Embroidery Magic, Hi-Tech at Hearthside...Seventy-nine pages in 7-1/2" tall  x  5-1/8" wide book.
$2.49      #31B-BK
kid craft patterns
Simplicity Kid Crafts
Over 40 wonderful ways to sew and craft for kids!
Full size patterns, plus
quick projects for kids to make
Teddy bears, Cow, Costumes
for kids, Decorated T-shirts,
Crib quilts and pillows, Wall
Hangings, Bibs, Book Bag, Baby Carrier, Hand Puppets,
Pencil case, Tiger, ETC.
Fantastic selection.  Pull-out
pattern sheets.  Sixty-four pages.
$5.99    #31C-BK
plastic canvas ornaments  
Plastic Canvas Dancing Ornaments book.  Twelve
adorable characters!
$6.99   #31-BK
guide to dolls
World guide to DOLLS.  
This hardback book is an excellent source of
reference for new and advanced collectors.  Hundres of beautiful dolls .  Stunning photographs.  Wooden, Wax, Papier Mache', Parian, China, Celluloid, Cloth,
Paper, Dollhouse, Glazed Porcelain, Porcelain Bisque.............
$19.95   #32-BK
old photograph
Old photograph (vintage photograph) of lady in
her nice dress and hat.  Lovely
vase of flowers on lace
$1.49  #33-BK
blackwork embroidery
Black Work Embroidery.  
Blackwork embroidery was very popular in Tudor times, and it is now enjoying a tremendous revival.  A form of counted-thread work, blackwork emphasizes shading contrasts that arae possible working with a single color of thread.  You can use blackwork on towels, tablecloths, sheets, and clothes, and you can make very attractive blackwork designs for wall hangings and pillows.  Over 200 illustrations of embroidery patterns, including simple, filling, and border patterns....115 pages.
$10.00   #34-BK
Whimsical PATTERNS
TraceablePatterns.  Thirty-two patterns for painting on any surface, applique or clip art.  Cats, Bunnies, Bears, Dolls, Angels, Dogs, Elephants,
Sheep, Mice.....
$5.99   #35-BK
drawing the head and figure
Drawing the Head & Figure
A how-to handbook that
makes drawing easy.  Offers simplified techniques and scores of brand-new hints and helps.  Step-by-step procedures.  Hundreds of illustrations.  120 pages.
$10.95   #36-BK

velveteen rabbit
Hardcover copy of "The Velveteen Rabbit."  Forty
pages of one of the best
books ever written
(in my opinion)!
The illustrations are
fantastic!  (Have several)
$3.95    #37-BK
Eight Christmas Money Holder Cards with
eight envelopes.  Includes
Cards Sent Checklist.
Cards are 3-3/4" wide x
7-1/4" long.  
(Have 1 package)
$1.99    #37A-BK
Dolly Dear Dressed Up Dolls
16 dolls to create using
Dolly Dear Iron-On Doll Face Transfers.  Full-size patterns given; simple sewing required.
Instructions and illustrations.
Twenty-one page booklet.
Large color photos of finished dolls.  Transfers not included, but the photos are so clear that you can make your own faces.
For:  Bunny Baby, Li'l Teddy Bear, Dark and Blond Haired Ladies, Black and White Cow, Tabby Cat, Clowns, Rag Doll, Topsy-Turvy Doll, Country Brother and Sister, Victorian
Angel, Mr. & Mrs. Santa.
$8.99      #38-BK

Mother's Pride and Joy Book
Photo Album holds 20
3-1/2" x 3-1/2"  photos made
with Kodac Instamatic Cameras.  Made by Hallmark
(Have 1)
$0.99     #39-BK
Christmas Cards
Eighteen in the box.
Eighteen envelopes.
"Hope lots of fun is coming your way!  Merry Christmas"
6-1/2" long x 4-5/8" wide.
(Have 1 box)
$1.99    #39-BK
Set of Nativity animals and Baby Jesus Christmas card.
You get ten cards and their envelopes.  Cards measure:  4-5/8" tall x 6-1/2" wide.
My photography makes it look the opposite of true measurement, but it is 4-5/8" tall x 6-1/2" wide. It reads: "Let the birth of Jesus be at the heart of your Christmas" celebration.
(Only have one set)
  $2.49     #40-BK
teddy bears cross stitch
Teddy Bear Cross Stitch.  Cherished Teddies - The
Spirit of America.  Charts
and instructions for
little boy bear riding his stick horse, a smartly dressed
girl teddy pulling her wagon full of toys, 2 boy teddies
in their canoe fishing, and teddies shown above.
$5.00   #41-BK
rose o'neill
Hardback book, "The Story
of Rose O'Neill" (An Autobiography).  This is out
of my personal library.  It has
some highlighting and notes.
I purchased the book at
Bonniebrook - Home of Rose O'Neill, the famous Kewpie Doll Inventor.  Great book!  
Lots of photos of Rose, her dolls, sister, parents, friends..
$14.99    #42-BK
Beaded Earrings
String Beading
20 pages of illustrations and instructions.   (Have 1)
$3.99      #43-BK

patchwork patterns
Paperback book of 849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns.  A pictorial handbook.  Includes 153 pages.    (Have 1)
$4.99    #44-BK
jordan marsh catalog
An Unabridged Reprint of Jordan, Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891.  Wonderful black and white pages full
of beautiful clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, underclothing, shoes, fringes and dress trimmings, ads,
MORE....118 pages.
(Have 1)
$8.95   #45-BK
Ribbon Embroidery contents:  Introduction, Materials, Starting and Finishing, Stitches, Designs, Transferring Designs, Brooches, Needlecase set, Falling Petals Design, Trellis Design, Round Box, Rose Chain Design, Evening Bag, Knot Flowers and more!  Lots of illustrations and instructions.  Several illustrations in color.  
(Have 1)
$2.99   #46-BK
Maverick Playing Cards
Never opened.
(Have 2 packs)
$1.49 each pack
Crocheted Vintage Doilies
Five designs:  Grape Doily, Pink Pansy Doily, Calla Lily Doily, Small Pansy Doily, Pineapple Doily.
$1.99      #47-BK
On left:  Creative Quilting
January/February 1994
Full size pattern pieces, more than 20 quilted projects, Valentine quilts.
On right:  Creative Quilting
May/June 1994
Stenciling a Quilt, Animal
Quilts for Kids of All Ages..
20 projects.  (Just have
this set of 2 books)
$1.99    #47A-BK
cross stitch patterns
cross stitch patterns
Front and back covers Cross Stitch patterns - "Something for Every Season"
56 Designs!  By Leisure Arts.
Several great patterns for
each of the four seasons.  
Easter bunnies, Spring items, Rocking horse, Samplers, Bookmarks, Halloween Hobgoblins, Scarecrow, Snowmen, Santa and many, many more!
$8.95    #48-BK

Paper Dolls
The Teddy Bear and friends
Really cute clothes!
(Have 1)
$2.99      #49A-BK
Raggedy Ann & Andy Giant Treasury.  4 adventures plus 12 short stories.  Hard back book is 8-5/8" wide x
11-1/4" tall.     (Have 1)
$8.99   #49B-BK
Eliot and The Lost Glove
Hardback.  Lift each flap and find a surprise!  Really cute story.   
$3.99   #48A-BK
Littlest Pet Shop, The Official Collector's Sticker Book, Volume 1.  Over 80 stickers.   (Have 1 book)
$2.99    #49-BK

Glossy cover for this 8-1/2"  x  11" thirty-seven page book.  Alphabet lettering assortments for creative lettering projects!
Nouveau, Parisian, Script, Flare, Varsity, Groovin, Sock-Hop, Collage, Radical and
many more alphabets.
(Only have this one book, but have access to many more.)
$2.99    #50-BK
Fun Scrapbooking Ideas Just for Girls.  Glossy cover and glossy pages for this 8-1/2"  x  11" thirty page book.  Girlfriends, Sleep Overs, Glamour Girls, Party Girls, Boy Crazy, Prom Girls, Varsity Girls, Birthday Girls, Girl's Life, School Girls, Girls Night Out, Family Girls.
$2.99   #51-BK

Santa Christmas Card with envelope. You get a set of 3 Christmas cards with envelopes. All 3 are identical to one shown.
Note at top is a gold metallic hanger. After reading your card, addressee may use to hang on their tree. Inside
reads, "Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays!"
Design shown is the same
on front and back of card.
Not flimsy!
(Have 4 sets)
$0.50 for set of 3

wooden dolls
Happy Hearts
Wooden Dolls and Animals
Made of assorted wood shapes, 19 gauge wire, small wood cut-outs, doll hair, fabric...
Patterns for:  Watermelon Bunny, Spool Angel, Friendship Dolls, Ballerina, Hanging
Bunny Angel, Angel Garland,
Country Critters Garland,
Raggie Girl, Farm Boy, Meow Cat, Roses Sign, Joy Angel, Teacher Doll, Button Lady,
Flower GirlKey Sign, Friendship Heart Dolls, Girl with Bunny Babies, Teacher with Sign.  Many sizes.
Largest dolls are approximately
11" tall.  
 $8.99     #53-BK
cross stitch patterns
"Teddy Bear Buddies." Cross stitch patterns for:  
"Teddy Bear Buddies
Sampler (Complete with Alphabet), "Lots of teddy
bears to be stitched on
afghans, Lots
of teddy bears for sippy
 cups, Teddy bears for
baby booties, Teddy
bearsfor baby mittens,
caps, bibs.......
$5.00   #54-BK
Year Round Crafts mean year around fun!  Glossy cover and glossy pages for this sixty-four
page 8-1/2"  x  11" book.  Finger puppets, Funky Foam, Magnets, Mobiles, Bookmarks,
Bracelets, Frames, T-Shirts, Flip-Flops, Banners, Pencil Holder, Lap Desk, Window Decorations and more.
Crafts for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
(Have 1, but can get many more)
$2.99    #55-BK
"Flowers of Loveliness"
Leather bound vintage book.  
6-1/2" wide x 8" long x
3/4" deep.  Shows wear but
beautiful.  Photo does not do this book justice.  Lots of blank pages; some have hand written poems.  Pages have gold edges; Gold printing on book cover.  Tissue covered color prints...
women dressed in flower adorned clothing
Example of prints.  They are beautiful and unique!  
    $49.00   #56-BK
Hardback book of instructions for making wonderful items i.e. hairpin doilies and other classic doilies, keepsake filet, edgings, vintage toys and dolls, antique gifts and novelties, collectible afghans, timeless wearables, irish crochet, stitch guide, general instructions...AND beautiful color photography!  Exquisite crochet projects that your grandmother made.  More than 75 authentic patterns from before 1950.
 $14.99     #57-BK
Coloring, Story and Alphabet Book
Y otras Historias De La Biblia
English -- Espanol
$2.99     #58-BK

Advanced Pattern Book
for making pine needle raffia Basketry. Techniques: Teneriffe patterns, pine needle knot beginning, shaping basket sides, fitting covers, pine cone knob, sewing needles, Japanese thimble. Advanced techniques: Stitches, caning, 2-part handles. Patterns, Teaching a class,
Other coiling and sewing fibers, soldering wire shapes, supplies and suppliers.
$5.99      #59-BK
Ann Estelle Dress Up Doll Clothes & Accessories by Mary Engelbreit.  Fits 6" Ann Estelle Magnetic Doll.  Doll not included.   
$3.99    #60-BK
alphabet embroidery
Alphabet Embroidery Iron-On Transfer Patterns..Great for embroidery, painting, etc.  
Use your imagination.
$5.00   #61-BK
ladies' home journal print
Ladies' Home Journal Print
February 1912 (Reprint made in 1983).     10" x 12"
(Have 1)
 $5.99      #62-BK
"Basic's of Beading"
24 Romantic Projects
Susanne McNeill Design Originals
(Have 2)
$6.99   #63-BK
Old postcard - a little tear at
bottom right.  Says:  "If yuh giff mevun liddle kiss, I'll giff yuh vun big ride, - vat?
$1.25   #61A-BK
Old postcard - "Laughing it over while waiting for a tenderfoot."
$1.00   #61B-BK
Old postcard.  Says"Go WAY
back and Sit down.
$1.25   #61C-BK

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