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better homes and gardens
Better Homes and Gardens
Treasury of Christmas Crafts and Foods.  Hardback book with 380 pages.  Measures:
8-1/2" wide x 11" tall.
Dolls, Ornaments, Folk Art, Christmas Stockings, Manger figures and scenes, Cre'che figures, Pillows, Sleeping bags, Gifts, Angels, Marionettes, Homespun quilts and crafts, Recipes, More...  (Have 1)
$12.99    #07A-BK
The Elves and the Shoemaker.  A Little Golden Book.  6-5/8" wide x
 7-7/8" tall.  Hard back.  (Have 1)
$2.99  #07B-BK
McCall's Christmas Make-It Ideas..301 Items!  This magazine is full of wonderful projects:  Ornaments, Jewelry, Stuffed animals, Elves, Angels, Reindeer, Santas, Mrs. Santa, More..This is an old magazine that has some water marks on edges.  Has a smell.  Still a great magazine.  
$2.49   #04B-BK
Architectural Digest
Academy Awards, Collector's Edition.  
April, 1992.
This is wonderful!  Full of great photos of the stars' and some directors' homes, write-ups about their lives -- movies --et al.  Fantastic pictures are in both black and white; color.  This is a treasure!  Such stars as Myrna Loy, Jane Russell, Joan Crawford, Maurice Chevalier, Sir John Gielgud, Grace Kelly, Ronald Coloman, Sophia Loren, James Dean, Garbo, Monroe...not to mention so many others!  300 pages in this magazine that measures 8-1/4" x 10-3/4".  (Have 1)
$10.99    #04A-BK
Cats and Kittens Giftwrap Paper.  Many designs on four 18" x 24" sheets with four matching gift cards.  Very nice.  Comes in its own folder as shown.  You could get lots of ideas for clothing designs for dolls and stuffed animals! (Have one folder full of designs and cards.)
$3.99   #04B-BK
Advertising Dolls, Identification and value guide.  320 pages.  Book measures:  8-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" wide.  (Have 1)
$7.99    #04C-BK
Easter Card with envelope
Card is 6-3/4" tall x 4-5/8" wide.  Inside:  "Have A Happy Easter"  Background
is eggshell, not as yellow as shown in photo.  
(Have 12)
$0.49 Each
Easter Card with envelope
7" tall x 5" wide.  On front:
"A Happy Easter".  Inside:
...and a joyous Spring.  Everything appearing yellow is actually white.
(Have 12)
$0.49 EACH
Easter Card with envelope
5" tall x 7-1/4" wide.  
Inside:  "Happy Easter".
Everything appearing yellow
is actually white.
(Have 12)
$0.49 each
post cards
Post cards
Mailable Post Cards made
with paper, fabric and floss!
Lots of color photos, instructions, illustrations.  Folk art with fabric and felt.
Special sentiments for family and friends.  Specialty cards for fabric lovers and quilters.  Post
Card quilts.  Cards for holidays....Sixty-seven
Glossy pages.  
$9.99      #03A-BK
Almost Heaven Country Edition Tole Painting Book
Thirty-one pages of instructions and color photos for greenery, stems, blossoms, Sunbonnet Sue
Planters.  Snow Scene and Roses.  Cottage, Barn, Apples, Chicken, Duck, Heart Paddles, Goose and Duck Welcomes, Love Birds, Angels....
  $4.99    #03B-BK
Set of four bookmarks and dog die cut.  "Vintage Masterpiece Collection".
(Have 1 set)
$2.99     #03C-BK
Home Sweet Home
Vintage Text - Book with
selections from The Writings of Frances Ridley Havergal.  
Beautiful color pictures
and quotes from the Bible.
One week's - 7 pages - with back and front cover.  Book is very old and pages are loose.
    $3.99     #02A-BK

Alphonse Mucha Masterworks
New hard cover beautiful book with matching jacket.
Showcases the Art Nouveau masterpieces and charts the life and work of Alphonse Mucha.   This book features over 150 of his most important graphic works.  Contents:  Introduction, Life and Work, Le Style Mucha,
Further Reading, Acknowledgements, Index.
Slick pages, beautiful photography!!  Size:  11-3/4" wide x 11-1/4" tall.  Two hundred  pages   (Have 1)
$24.99     #02B-BK
spool animals
(Back of Booklet cover)
Simplicity Booklet  of Spool Dolls and Animals.
Sixteen pages of instructions, illustrations and full-size pattern pieces insert.
spool dolls
(Back of Booklet)
   $6.99      #02C-BK
Glossy cover and glossy pages for this 8-1/2"  x  11" thirty-two page book. Scrapbook Borders for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, School Days, Vacations, Sports, Baby, Just for Girls, Boys Only!, Teen Scene, Birthday, Floral, Weddings, Just for Fun and Heritage.  
(Have this one book, but can get many more if needed.)
  $2.99       #01A-BK
Miniature book, The Night Before Christmas.  Measures
2-1/4" x 3".  Hardback with color pictures and actual story!   (Have 1)
$0.99   #04G-BK
Hardback book:  Voices of the Ancestors; African Myth.
144 pages.  Myth and Mankind.  Lots of color photography and drawings.
$15.99 #01B-BK
Reindeer post-it notes
Fifty sheets, each 2.9 in x 2.8 in (73,6 mm x 71,1 mm.
(Have 1 package)
$0.79    #04F-BK
Limited Star Edition; Signed  
by Lois Holman.  Produced
by Bob Rantz.  Full of
excellent quality photos and descriptions of Kewpies, Rose O'Neill and her Bonniebrook, of Lois and her family...Information about the National Rose O'Neill Club,
information about Branson -
where Bonniebrook is located,
illustrations and bookcovers
by Ms. O'Neill, information about her travels, her causes...fascinating book!
 This is out of my personal library.  It has some highlighting and notes.
I purchased this book at
Bonniebrook - Home of Rose O'Neill.
$24.99   #01C-BK
Set of nice silver tone gift cards are 3-1/8" x 2-7/8" with removable adhesive so they may be attached to packages.  When folded measure:  3-1/8" x 1-1/2".
You get 57 cards.
(Have 1 set)
$0.50  #05A-BK
David Winter Cottages, The Collectors' Book.  Color photographs and descriptions.  Hard back. (Have 1)
$3.99   #04D-BK
Night Before Christmas
or a Visit from St. Nick.
Beautiful color pictures!
Print is large and beautifully done.  9-1/4" wide x 10-1/2" long.  Glossy cover.
Reproduced from the original Antique Lithograph.
(Have 1)
$2.99    #04E-BK
red hat patterns
Tea Pot Table Runner,
Poinsetta Red Hat Table Runner, Tea Party Quilt,
Red and Purple Hat Pillow
Top,  Garden Club Wall
Quilt, Sampler Quilt and
lots more.  Full size pattern
pieces, instructions and
illustrations.  Good photography.                                         
$9.99   #01-BK
 Teddy Bears Card with envelope.  You get a set of 3 Christmas cards with envelopes.  All 3 are identical to one shown.
Note at top is a gold metallic hanger.  After reading your card, addressee may use to hang on their tree.  Inside
reads, "Have a Beary Happy Holiday!"    Design shown is the same on front and back of card.  Not flimsy!
   (Have 2 sets)
$0.50 for set of 3
Heavenly Angels, Holiday
Quilts, Winter Season Quilts, California Heritage Quilt
Project, Japanese Fans Quilts, Machine Embroidery, The Business of Quilts, Quilter's Marketplace. Seventy-two pages in
 7-1/2" tall  x  5-1/8" wide book.
$2.49       #03-BK
better homes and gardens
Better Homes and Gardens' "Decorating Kids' Rooms" -
Nurseries to teen retreats.
Book measures
8-1/8" x 10-3/4".  Has
112 slick pages.  This has
great ideas!  Beautiful
photography!  Describes
all kinds of techniques and
gives some illustrations on
How-Tos.  Really
professional room ideas.
Learn how to do all kinds
of wall and window
treatments, wallpapering,
stenciling, painting ...
$12.95   #04-BK
Raggedy Ann and Andy
and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees.  
Hardback  book is 6-1/4" wide x 9-1/4" tall.
(Have 1)
$5.99     #05-BK

 gift sacks
Raggedy Ann and Andy  High gloss Gift sack "Things are Sweeter When Shared With a Friend."  Measures
12-1/2' x 10".   Shiney.  Opens wide.   (Have3)
$2.25 EA.   #06-BK
 Ann Estelle Dress Up Doll Clothes & Accessories by Mary Engelbreit.  Fits 6" Ann Estelle Magnetic Doll.  Doll not included.   
$3.99   #07-BK  

word find
Giant Word Find Collection
Incluedes:  Number finds, word twists, word squares, angle finds and much more!
Volume 3       (Have 1)
$3.99      #08-BK

teddy bear encyclopedia
Revised Edition of "The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia"
by Pauline Cockrill.  If
you love teddy bears, this
encyclopedia is a must.
Best-loved bears, from the original "teddy" to
Winnie-the-Pooh, with new features on the latest collectibles such as Beanie Bear, and the Millennium Bears.  An invaluable
resource for collectors
at every level.
Listed is everything from identifying features and materials used, to profiles of the bear designers.  510 pages
$17.95   #09-BK
Booklet of a few pattern pieces, instructions and illustrations for 10 paper ribbon dolls:
Bunnies & Belles.  Bride, graduate, mother bunny with her babies, patriotic bunny, Old Saint Nick, doll necklace, doll with a doily skirt, friendship doll, mother's heart doll, Christmas angel.
$5.99      #10-BK
mary engelbreit
9 Crochet designs by Mary Engelbreit.  The afghans and artwork in the book are
$10.95   #11-BK
"ABCs of Beading."  This book will teach you the
basics of beading.  8 1/2 x 11" glossy covered 19 page book.  Lots of pictures, illustrations and directions for projects.  "Easy-Does-It-Series."
$5.50   #12-BK
doll book
The Ultimate DOLL
BOOK Hardback 160
pages full of a treasury of over 400
dolls - from the peg
woodens of the 18th century
to adorable 19th century
bisque babies and 20th
century cloth cartoon characters, from ethnic
dolls to fashion dolls, from
Pierotti to Barbie.  Every
type of doll - wax, bisque, cloth and plastic - featured clothed, in original or
period costume, and
unclothed, to show
structural details and
special markings.  A
guided tour of the past
200 years in
 the history of dolls.
$24.95   #13-BK
Seven animals for kids to love and hug:  Cuddly Teddy,
Cuddly Piggy, Cuddly Mousey, Cuddly Doggy, Cuddly Kitty, Cuddly ChickyCuddly Bunny.  Easy Quilty Cuddlies.  
$5.99     #14-BK

 Paper Ribbon Elves, Carolers,
Angels, Mrs. Claus and more!
Pattern pieces, instructions
and illustrations.  
  $5.99    #15-BK
Cat Stickers
Four sheets of cats and kittens shown. Largest cat is
1-3/4" tall. (Only have one container of 4 sheets.)
$2.25    #16-BK
   Fantastic book giving a collection of over 25
miniature carpets and rugs
 to make in a variety of
 classic styles:  Regency
Roses, Victorian Squares, Bordered Velvet, Oriental Stair, Arts
and Crafts, Peking, Florentine.....  
$14.99   #17-BK
Muslin Lads and Lassies.  A variety of delightful personalities when you dress and decorate pre-made 18" tall muslin dolls.  Pattern pieces for "Fabulous Flapper", "Matilda", "Louis", "Annette", "Gone Fishin", "Baby Doll" and
"Georgie".  Not all pattern pieces are full size.  Some are mapped on squares of 1 square equals one inch.
 Eight page booklet.
$2.99        #18-BK

paper projects
"Passion for Paper" -
Suzanne McNeill Design Originals.Instructions, illustrations, photos,
patterns of many beautiful projects for you to make. Make your own cards, envelopes, fold-up
packets, jewelry,
stationery boxes, pins/ornaments, slip
covers for books and checkbooks.   
 Instructions, illustrations, photos and  patterns for piercing and perforating paper.   More!
$6.99   #19-BK
Easter Stickers
$2.99      #20-BK
Vintage baby card and envelope.  Never used!  Can be used for boy or girl.  
(Have 1)
$0.99    #20A-BK
stamping patterns
"Bravissimo" Fabulous projects & cards with decorative and vellum papers.  Instructions, illustrations, photos, patterns for stamping, weaving, texturing. using eyelets,
bows, paper punching,
lacing, overlaping, making mosaicsand collages,
fabulous faces made from polymer clay...
Projects created with
alcohol inks, leafing pens
and glossy paper.  More!  
Very interesting book!
$6.99   #21-BK
  sticker book
Animal Stickers and with
a colorful story and places
where to add over 50
full-color stickers
(Have 1 book)
 $2.49   #22-BK

Paper Ribbon Country Dolls.
Seven dolls made from twisted paper ribbon.  Garden, Bow,
French, Victorian, Country
Apple, Wreath and Florist Dolls.  Pattern pieces,
photographs, illustrations and instructions.  
$5.99     #23-BK
cross stitch patterns
Cross Stitch patterns -
Stoney Creek Collection.  
Book 326.  "Classic Travel."
$9.99   #24-BK
Baby Bears, Bunnies and Other Little Critters -
Iron on transfer patterns.
176 Designs for Workable Projects. Besides critters, patterns for Raggedy Ann and Andy, Clowns, Teddy Bears, Flowers... Frogs, Teddy Bears, Mice, Birds, Pigs, Lions, Turtles, Fox, Ducks, Dogs, MORE...
(Have 1)
$3.99 #25-BK
cross stitch teddy bears
roly poly teddies
Front and back -
Cross stitch patterns &
instructions for cute little
roly poly teddies.
$4.99   #26-BK
beardeaux bear patterns
Beardeaux Bears presents: "Aimee & Betsey"  by Linda Johnson.  Pattern for "Betsey," The Bunny
(Finished Size - 9").
Pattern for "Aimee,"
The Bear
Finished size - 16".
(Have 1)
$3.99     #27-BK
Hawaiian Quilts, Quilted
Memories from the Past, Amish Quilts, Winter Wildlife Quilts, Machine Embroidery Magic, Victorian Elegance Quilt, Star in the East Quilt, Twinkling Star Atop the Pines, Sun in the Winter Woods Quilt....Seventy-eight pages in 7-1/2" tall  x  5-1/8" wide book.
$2.49    #28-BK
felt creations
Felt Creations.  Lots of Pictures, illustrations, pattern pieces and instructions for:  Partridge-In-A-Pear Tree Plaque, Floral Wreath, Saucy Santa, Holiday Angel, Ideas for more Santas, Mondonna Wall Hanging, Boutiqued Ornaments, Christmas Pixies, Wisemen and Napkin Holders,
Wisemen Holiday Wall Plaque,
Peasant Christmas Caroler....
$5.99    #29-BK
cross stitch patterns
Not new, but in very good condition..only a few
notations. Lots of cross
stitch graphs, knitted
projects, sewing
projects - even beading!
I especially like the knitted dolls, the alphabets, the patterns for animals,
cute cloth doll with
adorable dress and smock.
$14.99   #30-BK
 animal stickers
Animal Stickers and with
a colorful story and places
where to add over 50
full-color stickers
(Have 1 book)
 $2.49   #30A-BK
tiger note cards
Tiger Kitten Note cards.  Adorable!  8 cards &
envelopes.  Card measurement
is 5-1/2" x 4".
(Have 1 box)
$2.75   #30B-BK
humpty dumpty pattern
Soft Sculpture Play Things
Easy-to-make stuffed toys.  Full-size patterns and instructions for:  Buddy Bear,
Humpty Dumpty, Happy Bunny, Sweet Sue and Missy Mouse.  Full size pattern pieces, instructions, illustrations and color photographs.  23 pages!
$6.99    #30C-BK
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